5 Ways Yoga Can Help Your Blogging


Don't worry, this post is not about making you do impossibly crazy stretches or dropping any new age buzzwords on you. Yoga is one way I like to unwind and unplug, and during the holidays I'm doing as much relaxing as I can possibly manage! As I've been trying to incorporate more yoga into my life, I realize there are a lot of things we do in practice that can be beneficial for blogging, too.

Ashley's article on your blog becoming a prison really hit home with me. I feel like this second half of the year has been a roller coaster ride of consulting client up and downs that have taken precious time and energy from my blog. For the first time ever, I've found myself questioning why I'm blogging – what is it all for? Something I do know is that I love what I've created so far, and that this is a time for me to re-evaluate and change up what I'm doing with my blog.

In yoga, we're not just taught how to do a proper warrior pose. Guided by our teachers, yoga is all about quieting your mind, focusing on what your body is telling you it needs and doing poses that work out the body while finding a sense of stillness. I'm on vacation right now and taking this time to do some serious thinking about my blog and my freelance career – while getting a little yoga practice in here and there. Whether you're looking for some inspiration to write your next blog post, take those outfit photos or tackle a total re-evaluation of your blog (like me), here are some yoga essentials that can help with your blogging, too:

Create space

We make time and space to go to yoga class, and there we're encouraged to create space in our minds to focus on stretching and breathing. Why not take that same mindset to create space in writing your next blog post, or rethink your blog strategy? So often, our days are spent paying attention to too much at once, trying to check as much as possible off of our to-do lists before we even get to blogging. Create space in your life not just to blog, but to allow yourself the creative freedom to think.

Set intention

Yogis often start a session setting their intention for their yoga practice. I like to also use this practice when I'm tackling almost any big task or project. It's especially helpful when writing blog posts. To set my intention, I'll ask myself, “What do I want my readers to take away from this? How do I want them to feel?”


I feel like I've mentioned this a lot in past articles, but focusing on your breathing really is a game changer. It's crazy how taking that time to just breathe deeply for a few breaths can help center you. It's like taking a little time out in the midst of all of your daily chaos – and they're perfect for those moments right before you dive into a deep blog post writing or strategy brainstorming session.


During yoga stretching, breathing and meditation we are often encouraged to visualize calming images, or envision ourselves achieving perfect posture for that one yoga pose that seems impossible. In blogging, it also helps to visualize your outcome. Envisioning a blog post that garners a ton of conversation and page views, or imagining yourself as a successful blogger who worked hard at sharpening her strategy is powerful in motivating you to make those visualizations come to life.

Challenge yourself

Yoga's all about contorting your body in ways that will help and heal it. And those contortions are hard. Yogis are always encouraging you to challenge yourself to master these poses. Stay in that pose a little longer, stretch a little deeper, ignore the opposing voices in your head that only seem to be getting louder. We are our own worst critics. Why not challenge yourself to do things a little differently or put in the steps necessary to take your blog to the next level?

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  1. The Kentucky Gent

    Great article – definitely think this is true. I miss doing Yoga, for most of these exact reasons. It’s so easy to go in and turn off life for an hour when going into a session, no phones, no distractions, just focusing on you.

  2. Kelly

    I firmly believe the world would be a better place if everyone would commit to doing yoga at least one time a week. Nothing centers me more. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, on edge, angry, etc….I turn to a deep session of yoga and come out of it feeling energized and focused. I think it has the power to definitely make you a better blogger…as well as a better person. It’s all about learning to work with and love yourself.


  3. JR John

    The last one – Challenge – is something I couldn’t agree with more.

    If you never challenge yourself, you’ll never make it. If you never set a high goal, you’ll never even reach the lowest of lows.

    Thanks for these insightful tips!

    JR John

  4. Mahadeva

    Yes, it’s easy to get stuck at your desk and have the world shrink to the size of a computer screen.

    As well as being a blogger I am also a yoga and meditation teacher and know that having a regular practice keeps me sane as well as creative.

    The ultimate goal of yoga is to become self-aware. As that experience grows within us it enriches every area of our lives.

    I have found that when I get creative blocks it’s because I am “trying” or “thinking” my way through a situation. As I relax and let go of the mental tightness I am freed up and ideas can flow again.

    Another positive from meditation is that it allows us to have a wider perspective on life, and to see the wood, not just the trees. I have found that this has allowed me to see opportunities that would have been missed if I was too focused on the detail.

    So for us bloggers it may well be that the yoga mat has as an important part in our daily lives as the mouse mat 😉

  5. Anna

    I actually missed that post back in December and found it know as I had an idea about yoga can teach us about blogging. Will share my post here when I have it polished up and published!