IFB Project Roundup #125: Holiday Gift Guide

Can I say, “OH MY GOD!”

This week's IFB Project Roundup was beyond impressive… 110 Gift Guides to browse through, it's way, way better than braving the crowds at the mall.

**Check out the 110 Gift Guides here**

Ok, there… in case you were wondering, I think it's well worth a trip to last week's roundup! So just do it already.


It goes without saying, it was hard to pick my favorites, but these I thought were particularly great. Stylist Diva has over 80 pages in her gift guide! Incredible!

IFB Project Roundup #125: Holiday Gift Guide

Stylist Diva:

Had over 80 pages in her magazine like gift guide

stylistdiva 2013 ultimate holiday gift guide cyber monday bree cooley

Dazzling Diva: 

Took inspiration from celebrities.


Morpha Life:

Supports local business by featuring this boutique for “Gifts for Him” guide.

Kentucky Gent:

Take it from him… this is what your guy wants.


Ok, we're all bloggers here… so what DO bloggers want for Christmas?


Venti Fashion:

Stocking stuffers galore! Coffee is VERY important Christmas morning.


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8 Responses

  1. The Kentucky Gent

    Aw – guys. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words on the gift guide. I think it turned out great, and I got the idea from you guys to do one.

  2. Chelsey

    I’m going Christmas shopping one final time this weekend, so I’ll definitely spend the night reading through these guides. Thanks so much for picking my stocking stuffer post! Happy Holidays!