We All Need Routine : How Discipline can Help your Fashion Blog


I've been sitting at my desk for an hour and a half checking emails, drinking coffee, browsing shopping sites and flipping through blogs. I should have been writing this article. But at least my butt is in my chair and my eyes are on my computer screen. That counts for something right?

Why, yes. Yes it does! I've read countless articles, blog posts, and books about productivity, for writers specifically (this is a great recent one at CopyBlogger), and the one thing they ALL have in common is that

the discipline to at least SIT DOWN at your computer, or with a pad and pencil (however you like to write), is the most important step to getting that blog post up, book written or article typed

It's the first step, definitely, but often times the first step on the road to anything is the hardest, especially if you're in a creative field.

I've spent my life rebelling against routine and discipline only to now realize how important it REALLY is. I'm usually sitting down at my desk at the same time every morning, and take a break at the same time every afternoon. I have self-imposed deadlines for everything I do – which doesn't mean I don't procrastinate, but at least I know where I need to be at certain times of the day.

Whether you're a full-time blogger or working full-time on something else and part-time on your blog, you need to manage your time, and set a routine that works for you, allowing you to balance everything that needs to be balanced. It will take time if you're used to having other people imposing schedules on you and telling you when you must do what, but believe me, you will be glad for the routine, and miss it when you stray. (I always do!!)

Here's how having a routine and more discipline in your life can help YOUR fashion blog:

You can get more done in less time

I don't know about you but when I get in the mindset that I have to sit down and accomplish a certain task at a certain time, I get it done, and usually in less time than I think I'll need. It's all about getting into “work mode” and once you're there, milking it for all it's worth! It doesn't always happen that way, sometimes you'll sit down and be un-inspired, or procrastinate, but those things are also okay, if you can keep them in check.

You will reap unexpected benefits

From just sitting down to work – even if you're not actually doing the work, you're at least sitting down in your chair and in the right mindset. Staring out into space or “wasting time” browsing Pinterest can be inspiring, and may lead you in a different direction than you were expecting, which can sometimes be a good thing! And even if you're feeling uninspired or like NOT working, having the discipline to at least sit down at your desk will always lead somewhere interesting…

You will know what to expect

Instead of worrying about when you're going to get the blog post done, or pictures taken, if you have a routine and schedule in place, you won't have to think about it; you'll just do it when it's time. And once you have your routine in place, you'll know what to expect in terms of how long it will take you to do certain things, which things take more time, etc., This always leads to more productivity and less time-suck.

Do you have a routine you follow for working on your blog? Do you feel like it helps you be MORE productive?

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15 Responses

    • Kelly

      Ha! Yes…Reddit. I had to stop using it because it didn’t fit with my routine, at all.

  1. Elisa B

    Man I don’t even have enough focus and discipline to get to the end of this post! My curse is Instapaper. I click on the evil “Read Later” button all the time, and now it’s got to the point I have tons of pages, articles and whatnot to read. And I’m afraid I won’t.
    Btw, when it’s about blogging, sitting at the computer is not enough. Sitting at the computer can mean lots of things: watching streaming tv series, lurking blogs, browsing tumblr, watching funny videos on youtube, lazy email checking, online shopping, facebook (60% of the time XD), chatting and so on. One way to check and correct your habits could be this: RescueTime. I find it amazing, I wasn’t aware of how much time I was spending doings this and that, and now I know and it helps me understand my routine and habits!

  2. Corinne

    I don’t have a routine at all. I work shifts so my hours change every week, I could start at 7am on one Tuesday, 1pm the next, 9 or 10 the week after. My days off even change. Which makes it REALLY hard to plan how to discipline myself for my blog when I also have to think about planning other stuff in my week when I get my rota, such as when I’m going to wash my hair (I can finish at 10:30 one night, and be in at 7am the next morning – plus a 30 min commute each way – over an hour in rush hour!), washing my uniform, cleaning, then blog posts.

    I try to schedule my posts ahead of time, even if it’s just the outfit side of things and then just talk a bit about what I’ve been up to later on. I did go from posting every day to every two days, now I post every 2-4 days, averaging at 3 depending on what time I have.

    It’s not the posting that I have an issue with, though, it’s the responding to comments, visiting other peoples blogs which is the most time consuming, I work really hard at networking and building a solid relationship with other bloggers, which can only come from spending time at other blogs too. It’s hard to balance the importance between writing a post, commenting on replies and reaching out to new bloggers to expand my audience.. then there is the whole blog design, managing e-mails and keeping up with the other social networks that my blog is connected to.

    So, to summarise, I have no routine, but a lot to do. I just squeeze in whatever I can and try to get a balance between each one as they are all as important as each other. Content is as key as social networking is as key as reaching out to new reader is as maintaining network with current readers as is maintaining network with companies.

    Corinne x

  3. Courtney

    Love these tips, as a full time student and blogger this helps with both aspects. I’m in architecture so a lot of times getting started on projects is the hardest part. I always procrastinate because I don’t have any ideas but it’s totally true about the mindset, same for blogging and I agree: applicable to any creative fields.


  4. Erika Nagode

    I`ve got no problem with discipline and routine but my boyfriend does. We both work from home where this is very important. Now I convinced him to wake up 6 in the morning and work till 8am. Only 2h for the most important things he has to do. You wouldn`t believe the progress he made!

    Erika Nagode

  5. Linsay

    Really helpful post. I really need find more time to work on my blog but it’s so hard when you work full time. I admire people who manage to blog daily.

  6. Kelly

    I naturally fall into a routine, but something that is helpful for me when I have a long list of things to do is literally just right them down. There’s something about having a to do list in writing that keeps you on track and helps you focus on doing things than worrying and thinking about all the things you have to do (since they’re right there in front of you).

  7. Sue

    I’m new at blogging and enjoying it a lot. I was a paralegal and in real estate for a number of years and one thing I learned about discipline and using time to my best advantage is: Plan your work and Work your plan. Simple and it works.

  8. JMarieDirect

    My routine is pretty simple. I sit at my desk and I barely get up. I have a to do list in my planner. I sincerely get a cheap thrill out of crossing out things I completed! DOH!