IFB Project #126: Celebration Style


Chances are…. you've been or will be going to some holiday parties. Or even if you like to skip out on the festivities, dressing up for the season is always fun for the fashionably inclined. Do you go all out in glitter and gold? Do you play up the plaids? Or are you more of a winter white… or basic black type of holiday dresser? I personally have been feeling the winter whites this season, and with good reason, it's easy, I already have most of it and it's incredibly on trend. But I've also been dabbling in the dressing up of the causal attire, jeans, festive plaids and chunky knits galore. So much fun!

IFB Project #126: Share Your Celebratory Style

What do you like to wear for the holidays? What do you wear to a holiday party? No matter what your style, share it with us for this week's project!

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9 Responses

  1. Wheelingalong24

    I really want to do this, cause I have a stunning Christmas outfit planned, but I don’t know if it’s going to arrive in time. It’d be fun to share the outfit though…x

  2. Amanda Teague

    Was there a round up for this post? I think I totally missed it… Thanks!