Go Big! 52 Blogging “To Dos” in 2014


I LOVE New Year's Resolutions (or mottos, or themes, or ideas). I love, love, love them.  There's just something nice about the clocking flipping into a new year, and saying, “I'm going to make this year about X, Y, and Z.” Or saying “This year I'm going to work on this.”

It can be hard to share blog resolutions, especially when IFB represents such a wide and diverse group of bloggers. Some just started their site; others have been blogging for years. Many are hobbyists, and many make their living off their site.

Regardless of where your blog may be at, here are 52 Blogging “To Dos” for the New Year – a new task for each week of the year!

1. Start leaving MORE blog comments
2. … and start responding to your own blog comments.
3. Share your point of view and opinion in your posts regularly –  even if they're unpopular. It's okay to be controversial on your blog!
4. Put away the point and shoot camera, and pick up a DSLR.
5. Attend a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog conference.
6. Attend NYFW, LAFW, or any other fashion week your heart desires.
7. Make friends with a local fashion designer.
8. Reach out to a local brand and pitch a fashion related event.
9. Take the first step… contact a brand you love about getting on their press list, working together, or send them a recent feature.
10. Check your blog analytics, and understand what they mean.
11.  Learn how to build your media kit. (Already got one? UPDATE IT!)
12. Email a blogger you respect next time you have a question about blogging.
13. Learn the basics of SEO – what does it mean? How does it work?
14. Start using the IMG ALT tag to boost your search engine traffic.
15. Decide which social media tools are actually beneficial to your site… set them up and get posting! (Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Beaucoo… or something entirely else!)
16. Learn the basics of great photography (and learn what NOT to do to your photos).
17. Pick up photo editing software, and learn the basics to make your photos clear, crisp, and bright!
18. Email a regular reader and commentor and thank them for their support.
19. Write a mission statement for your site.
20. Figure out what your blog's niche is.
21. Set up an editorial calendar.
22. Commit yourself to a realistic blogging schedule.
23. Write a guest post for another blogger…
24. And seek out guest posts for your own site! (This is especially great if you're traveling, moving, or have big life changes happening.)
25. Take a course, a Skillshare class, or utilize other opportunities to learn a new skill.
26. Pick up a ProBlogger workbook to get your brain going & hop over that plateau you've been stuck on.
27. Send a thank you card to the brand who recently sent you items for review.
28. Set attainable, incremental goals for your site (ie. receive 5 comments on this post. Reach 100 visitors a day regularly.)
29. Once you've reached those goals? Set new ones. Rinse & repeat!
30. Pick up a few good books about blogging, writing and fashion!
31. Participate in a Blog Hop.
32. Submit your best post to Links a la Mode.
33. Write a post around the IFB Project's Theme of the week!
34. Revitalize your site! Add in a new logo or background, change out your blog colors. Consolidate from 2 sidebars to 1, or expand.
35. Reach out to 10 new people on Twitter each week – retweet a post, ask them a question, or engage in conversation in some way!
36. Start posting a weekly roundup of articles and links you've loved online. Share OTHER bloggers' posts!
37. Experiment with content – create a list post (like this one!), a how-to, a DIY.
38. Develop a routine… maybe you only get on Twitter at lunch. You blog after dinner. Figure out your best natural rhythm and work it to your advantage!
39. Learn some basics of code: start with basics – learn to hand code a link, the code for bold, italics, and underline. Learn to hand code your images.  Starting with these basics will help you learn to code larger pieces… and fix any errors that may occur on your site!
40. Learn the basics of graphic design: what makes for good design? How many fonts should you use?
41. Dive into some fashion history – find out the characteristics of each decade's fashion! Read the biography of your favorite designer. There are tons of options!
42. Practice makes perfect – learn how to write bold, attention-catching post titles!
43. Gorge on amazing films with fantastic fashion in them – go ahead… it's research!
44. Cut out the “extra” from your life. Hate Pinterest and Facebook, and they don't deliver traffic? Get rid of them! Find tweeting tedious? Dump it! Focus on what WORKS for you and what you enjoy doing.
45. Recruit help. Hate blog design? Hire someone to do it. Using mirror selfies to show your outfit of the day? Enlist a friend to help.
46. Make (or update) your business cards!
47. Diversify your blog reading! We aren't one-dimensional bloggers. Add non-fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs to your reading list… whether your other loves include films, food, or baby animals! It's a great change of scenery.
48. Prevent hackers & spam! Dedicate time to making your site secure (like these WordPress Security Tips)!
49. Make your personality shine online – in your blog and all of your social media!
50. Make and update the pages on your blog: be sure your “About” page reflects who you are today (not last year), that your “Advertising” page reflects current rates, and that your “Contact” page…. well, actually has ways to contact you!
51. Learn to say “No.” To that opportunity that isn't just right, to money, to requests for a link on your site. Learn to say “No” politely and gracefully.
52. And remember to take a break or vacation from it all!

And if, for some reason… that's not enough for you?  Here are two handfuls of great IFB posts to get you ready to tackled those new goals!

Feeling inspired? Feeling motivated? Feeling ready to kick your blog's ass in 2014?

 What are you planning to do with your blog in 2014?

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40 Responses

  1. Biki

    Really enjoyed reading this article, thanks for all the great ideas. I have been blogging for just over 2 years now and my blog definitely needs to be revamped. I particularly liked ideas like Reblogging a fav. post, thanking loyal supporters and the pro-active brand management-type tips!

  2. Sandy Nene

    This is amazing. There’s so much that I’ve been planning for all my sites next year, I’m excited about the challenges as well.

  3. Fraquoh & Franchomme

    Does anybody know any (fashion) blogging conferences in Europe (or near)? There seem to be some, but way to little, compared to what you find in the USA.

  4. Jade Reed

    This is an absolutely fantastic post. It summarises everything that I’ve been considering doing with regards to my blog next year. Completely agree with loving the idea of a new start, I can’t wait to get on top of everything again (as if that’s ever going to happen!).

  5. Lyn

    Hell yeah, loving this article!
    When I saw the title, my first thought was “52 to do’s?! 52? Really?!” But I read them all and they are all very helpful and interesting.
    I am already busy with doing some of these to do’s or they are on my list but I’m def going to do one of your list RIGHT NOW : SHARE THIS BLOGPOST! It’s great and every blogger can learn from it 🙂
    Thank you very much! xx Lyn

  6. Maliha Rao

    Funny enough done a lot of those when I become more active on the blog this year but still some missing pieces which you helped fill 🙂 Thanks!

  7. The Glamorous Housewife

    Last year I printed out this list and then checked off each one as I accomplished it. Plan on doing the same thing this year. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife


    FANTASTIC post! Wish we could print all 52 goals on the sleeve of our “I will” All Year Resolution tops. I need to see these 52 tips everyday!!!
    Thanks IFB and cheers to a very Lucky 2014

  9. Amanda

    Very good tips. I’m going to create a schedule for next year, so that my blogging is finished ahead of time and planned according to season. I’d love to start offering DIY projects once a month! Plan, plan, plan! That’s my goal for 2014!

    The Wise Brunette

  10. Mariya Dondonyan

    Great post, thank you so much for sharing! I just started my blog in October this year and these are great tips to help it continue to grow! One of my goals is to buy my domain and officially just be the Gracious Lady!

  11. tiffany

    This entire site is super loaded with knowledge! Thank you so much for this, starting my blog 2014 and I am so nervous!

  12. Jeanelly Concepcion

    This article is wonderful. I’ve been blogging for about a year and didn’t know so many of these strategies. I got the DSLR for Chistmas, decided to revamp the the entire blog and now that I’m taking it to the next level, these tips are a great help!

  13. Danielle

    Thank you for sharing all these great tips with us. I just started with blogging and everything seems to be somewhat a mystery and a little overwhelming. I started because I LOVE FASHION and I want to make it my career. Looking at this list of tips I can say Im doing a few of those things and thinking about doing others. May 2014 be THE year for me and all of us!

  14. Sarah

    This is a great post! Even though I don’t blog about fashion, your tips were super helpful for any blog niche. Your SEO articles are to the point and very useful. Thank you!

  15. Rena A Thompson

    Lots of really great ideas here. I’ve been on-and-off blogging for about a year now, and I’m now looking to to take my blog to the next level. Thanks for gathering my pre-made list! I’ve already printed it out for future reference!!
    xo, Rena @ TheStyleGospel.com

  16. Bethany Durst

    Im a brand new blogger and this was exactly what i needed to give me a little push in the right direction!! thank you!!

  17. JulisaNicole

    Great post! I have been falling behind and becoming unmotivated at times but this is something I started for a reason. This post has really got me thinking about what it is that I need to do to take the next steps. I feel like I’ve been at a stand still for way too long! Thanks for sharing this!


  18. Natasha

    Although I’m not a blogger. This list is also great for a new business. Do you have any suggestions on how to get into NYFW for a business?