Getting out of your Blogger Bubble


Are you in a bubble? I am! If you feel like sometimes you live in your own little world, then you probably are too. Because of what I do, I'm not only isolated in my office a lot of the time, I'm also WAY more obsessed with shopping than most normal people, which is also a little isolating. In fact, I'm more obsessed with shopping than ANYONE I know. Except my readers.

When I get out into the real world, I'm confused that people don't know they can get something cheaper online with a coupon code, or they aren't familiar with Gilt Groupe or Net-a-Porter. It literally shocks me. And then I remember that I live and work in a little bubble that I've created for myself where everyone looks at What's New at Shopbop first thing in the morning while drinking their coffee 😉

Maybe you have the same feeling sometimes?

As a fashion blogger, you're clearly much more “into” fashion than many other people, and perhaps you're more knowledgeable as well.

This can be both a curse and an opportunity; a curse in that you feel isolated and like you have no one to relate to “in real life”, but it can also present an opportunity for you to take your knowledge to a whole other audience offline.

Lots of bloggers recently have taken their expertise offline by breaking out into personal styling, photography, design, or even by opening their own boutiques. If you've already established yourself as an “expert” in your niche online, taking it to the streets, as it were, is a great next step! Here are some ideas for how to do that:

Use your friends/local readers as guinea pigs

Start small – enlist friends or local readers to be your first clients; offer your services for free or a significant discount in exchange for using them as references to attract new clients.

Do an event with a local boutique

If you'd like to try your hand at personal styling or wardrobe consulting, partner with a local boutique you love for a private shopping/styling party. Offer to get sponsors for food/beverages and then help guests style outfits in the store and hand out your business card to follow-up with them later to do a closet redux or shopping trip.

Partner with your exercise studio

I've seen this done before and it's brilliant, and usually a win-win for both parties. If you're friendly with the owner of your yoga studio or gym, offer to do a runway show with a local boutique or workshop on dressing for your body type in the studio in the evening. It'll expose the studio to potential new business, and provide a perk for current members, plus give you an opportunity to share your expertise with the women you exercise with!

You can also start to freelance for local publications, teach a seminar, or offer your photography skills up for a local charity. Living in your own little world is okay sometimes, but it's only a small part of reality – wouldn't you like to expand it a little?

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  1. Miche

    Love this! I definitely haven’t gotten out of my bubble at all lately and it’s put me in kinda a blogging funk, the yoga fashion show sounds awesome and partnering with a local boutique sounds fun too..I’ve always wanted to try my hand at personal shopping

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. Ana

    Yeah, it happends and i don´t like it. The problem is that my job is fashion related and my friends are people involved with fashion as well but after a while I prefer to talk about something else, even when you definitly got to talk about the awful painted birkin that Kanye gifted to Kim and the sales at net a porter.

    I think we should keep the balance, get out of our bubble like you said.


  3. Jessica Lauren L. Lambert

    I am currently on hiatus from my website (December 1, 2013- January 7, 2014) in order to establish more content rich publications and contacts that write and participate in activities that are outside of my comfort zone. Isn’t that what fashion/blogging is all about? Pushing the limits while discovering a deeper understanding of your own personal style.

  4. Flora Z

    Great article. It happens to me too, I like the idea that partner with the local boutique. I think go outside of the bubble is hard at first, but once I did it, it should be easier than what I thought before!

    Canvas June

  5. Donna

    I am SO in my own world! I’m so glad to hear that I’m not alone in that respect. I really need to broaden my world this year. I’m looking into going back to school to get my Masters, or some kind of freelance work. Just today I did realize what great shopping skills I have. I was helping my sister look for a certain style of boots, and I had lots of information for her. Maybe I can be a shopping research assistant.

  6. Corinne

    I’m totally in my own bubble, although I do not want to get out of it in the sense you are talking about in this post. I’m not very clued up on the latest trends or anything like that, but I would like to be able to climb out of it enough to at least start exercising again, which seems to have come to a halt over the past 2 months!!! I feel like I’m just wasting time if I’m not doing something blog related!

    Corinne x

  7. Karen Uttley

    I too have been in this bubble for a long time way before I even knew what a blog was! I decided to take the big leap and open my own boutique and online boutique, despite having no formal qualifications.A year or so on I have decided to close the store and concentrate on the online due to it’s great success. I feel like I am even more so in a bubble than ever before, but at least I’m putting it to great use!

  8. Sheryl Blasnik

    I think I might be able to give you some fierce competition in the realm of online shopping. I must spend well over an hour or two per day filling up the shopping carts at my favorite online sites.. It is more of a fantasy than a reality as I am not one of the “Real Housewives of NY”.

    I do feel like a walking fashion Wikipedia as I spend the other hours scouring all my favorite fashion blogs and magazines. I should be out doing things but it is just so much easier to get hooked into Pinterest surfing and endless fashion social media to like and follow.

    I need another 24 hours in my day so I can leave my bubble…..


  9. Helen

    Fashion and flowers (and trees). I love to wear boutique fashion treasures after the weeding is done. Some folks think it is quite charming….

  10. Eva Fydrych

    Excellent article! Yes, I agree that we tend to spend a lot of time in the office and we are so absorbed with fashion that it is easy to forget about ‘the real life’. I really like your tips; it’s always good to expand one’s horizons.

    I would also add to your list:
    1) attending workshops and seminars (you never know what skills you may need in the future and it’s a great way to meet people too!)
    2) arranging regular meetings – at least once a week (you can do an interview with a boutique owner or a fashion designer, have lunch with someone who runs a successful business and is willing to share some tips with you etc.)

    Happy New Year 2014!

  11. The Dazzling Diva

    I actually did this is in reverse – being a personal shopper and giving wardrobe makeovers inspired me to start my personal style blog (which is much harder). The issue I have with personal shopping is not being comfortable with what to charge people, too much to them might be too little to me. AND a bigger thing is having friends and co-workers take advantage of my skills for free :-/

  12. Amanda

    Great article. I think with the launch of my new blog and having more “areas” of content such as Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle & Decor (I was already stepping out of my comfort zone / bubble). Due to my blog being fairly new, I am looking to launch my first “Fashion” post in January 2014 and I am using one of my fashionista friend’s as an “interviewee”. That is until I can fully be comfortable with posting fashion forward content of myself on the website. Seems odd, but baby steps 🙂

  13. Hamza

    New fashion blog, just started yesterday and need feedback advice and support thanks you so much in advance.

  14. Shelby

    I loved this post, and just like most fashion bloggers, I can definitely relate. I’m rather new to the world of blogging, but having a break from classes, really gave me a chance to focus on my blog, and in turn, I created my own blogger bubble. I’m hooked, and no one, besides fellow bloggers, really understand the lifestyle and thought process of a fashion blogger.

    My new fashion blog is titled Female Addicted to Retail, and I would love love love any and all feedback that anyone has to offer! Thanks in advance!