Bloggers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions


As I mentioned last week, I love New Year's Resolutions.

If I were to share mine, it'd sound something along the lines of “Scale back, and take that much deserved break.  Find your focus, cut out time wastes, and learn to love blogging, my topics, and the process again. Figure out what your ‘end game' is, and stop doing things that don't help you get ahead.”

Since I love hearing what others have to say, I reached out to some of my favorite bloggers (and IFB contributors!) to find out what their resolutions were for 2014.  They run the gamut… and I hope they inspire the way you look at your site when planning your own blogging resolutions!

Sally, Already Pretty

I want to be funny again. When I first started blogging, I was cracking jokes left and right and my readers loved it. In an attempt to please everyone and avoid offense, I gradually filtered out the funny. I never want to offend anyone so it may be challenging to find a balance, but I definitely want to make people laugh with my writing again.

Julia, Fashion Pulse Daily

For 2014, my general goal is to cut the fat out of my site, streamline, and specialize as much as I can to make it more of an organized, consistent guide for myself, and most importantly, my readers. Now that I've been blogging for some time, I think narrowing my focus is in order!

Cora, The Lingerie Addict

My goal for 2014 is to publish my very first e-book! It's been on my to-do list for ages, but I haven't been able to find the time. Now I know I need to *make* the time and get it done. I also want to hire a couple of new columnists. Diversity is an on-going goal of The Lingerie Addict, and I'm always pushing myself to make the voices and perspectives we show on TLA more representative.

Alison, Wardrobe Oxygen

My goal for is to not get caught up in monetization.  In 2013, I lost my way for the almighty dollar.  While blogging is a business and one should be compensated for good work, I don’t want to lose my soul or original message through monetization.  I learned it’s better to say no to iffy partnerships; a bad choice can be quick money now but ruin your reputation in the long run.

Marie, The Curvy Fashionista

I plan on creating more structure around my business, planning out writing ideas, proposals, and operational organization! Also quite important, I need to add video… I am working on this! Also, I am working on building community. I want my readers to know that they can engage and support their fellow Curvy Fashionistas, and I have a few ways I will be making this happen!

How about you all? Since New Year's Day is just a few days away, we'd love to hear what you're resolving to do this upcoming year!

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15 Responses

  1. Emily Jayne Lewis

    My new years resolution is to chill out a bit about the content of my blog. I got the categories so narrow that I didn’t have fun, couldn’t experiment and show my true self. The aim of my blog was to show people what’s happening in my life, like a sort of public diary, and what I like, from advertising to music, fashion, and events and travel. I lost that. This year I need to relax.

    Good luck bloggers and Happy New Year!

    Emily Lewis x

  2. Donna

    My goals are in many ways the opposite of most of the bloggers here. I need to do more this year. Last year I didn’t write as much as usual. This year I aim to post more often, pay more attention to the ads that I put on my blog, along with my personal goals of losing weight, going out more, sewing again, and going back to school. The more that I do in my personal life, the more I’ll have to write about.
    I love reading other people’s resolutions!

  3. Chelsey

    My goals for 2014 focus around growth as a blogger in general. I want to increase my knowledge of behind the scenes things like coding and photography, all in an effort to cut down the time spent on things to achieve the post or photo I’m looking for. I also want to attend a blogging conference and pick up reading business books again. Streamlining your focus seems to be a blogger resolution trend, and that’s definitely included on my list.

  4. cortne

    My new years resolution is to get over my fear of driving, and to stop being so afraid of things. take a lot of chances and put myself out there. Attend events, concerts, parties. kiss strangers and dress up every single day.

    happy holidays!

  5. Amanda

    My goals for 2014 as a blogger is to become more tech savvy and get more familiar with all that wordpress has to offer. I would like to create a posting schedule and stick to it, along with not being afraid to step outside of my comfort zone.

  6. Lee-Anne

    Normally I make a list of resolutions as long as my arm and never stick to them. This year I have kept it short and sweet

  7. Danielle

    My goals are to: Step out of the box, try different styles, gain more followers, learn the business of blogging and to be be more consistent with my posts. Let’s do this!

  8. Elle

    Loving the comments everyone! I would have to say that my blogging resolution is to blog more frequently. I fall in and out of love with my blog, but I want to publish something everyday – even if it’s just an image.

    Elle x

  9. Sophie Thomason

    I have heaps! Some of my main ones include:

    1. To blog waay more and to make my content more beauty-focused, as I’ve previously been blogging on a more personal level and not enjoying it as much as I know I’ll enjoy blogging about beauty products.
    2. Be nice and consider other people’s feelings before making decisions that could affect them
    3. Save money for my Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services course in July
    4. Stop biting my nails (I know, gross)
    5. To read more books! I know it may be weird but at the moment I’m reading some of Charles Dickens’ books.

    I also have a post with more resolutions on my blog!