4 Ways Bloggers Can Help Their Local Communities

I've written in the past about blogging and the neighborhood/town/city/country where you live, and considering moving to a new one, discussing the significance of where you live having an influence on your blogging success, but what about the impact that your blogging can have on your community? There's plenty of positive outcomes you can elicit by supporting and promoting your community, so if you love where you live, why not let everyone know it, with your blog as the vehicle to do so?

I've put together four things you can try to support your local community:

Join or Start a Group

There are small business associations, women's groups for women (or men) in fashion, tech, journalism, etc, that you can join, and if your city doesn't have one…maybe it's high time you got one started! Start with looking on meetup.com or in the

local business journal, newspaper, or magazine for chapters, organizations, and groups that may be of interest, and/or people that may want to join! Be sure to have business cards on hand with your blog url and social media tags at events, and

muster up all of those socializing skills your so good at from behind the computer, and put them to use in person in order to meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

Get to Know the Shop Owners in Your City

With smaller stores and boutiques, it really can make a difference to know the sales associates and owners on a personal level. You can of course feature their goods on your site, but also can keep tabs on them via social media. Follow the ones you love on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and if they don't have account(s) yet, encourage them to do so, or even help them to get the ball rolling with a quick social media tutorial.  Every time you enter the shop, check in on Foursquare, Instagram a pic of something you love there, or Tweet/Facebook a sale or unique activity they have going on or coming up. Chances are, it will take very little effort from you, and they will be ever so appreciative for your social media support!

Combine Powers to Create a Blockbuster Event!

Volunteer your time to emcee events, like a charity auction or fashion show, or offer to host an event at your favorite local boutique, spreading the news to your interested followers. Get involved on a higher level and petition for a fashion exhibit to travel to your local museum (or help to curate one), or organize a panel of local fashion and/or blogging related talent at a local boutique. You may even be able to leverage your influence by helping to get items or money donated to a local charity from brands and designers that you work with (I recently did this for a Phillipines relief fund raising event, and for the Animal Rescue League in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA).

Take Photos in Areas with a Story to Tell

If you do the occasional outfit pic or are a style blogger, create a bit of a strategy with taking them in places that you find to be extremely interesting — and let your readers know all about it! For example, if your town has an amazing antiques market every Sunday that is under the radar, do your shoot there, and mention details about the market, like when it runs, where it can be found, if it has a website, and a personal anecdote about a particular vendor or something amazing that you once bought there. If you've been born and raised and still live in the same city, then surely it's bursting at the seams with options! If you're relatively new to city, now may be a great time to kill two birds with one stone by checking out a place you've been wanted to visit, and featuring it on the blog!
As a blogger, how have you helped your community?
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12 Responses

  1. Monika Faulkner

    I’m a “freshman” blogger…so I’ve not yet really thought about how my posts could help my community; I don’t think I have enough regular readers at this point for that sort of influence!! But I guess it’s never too early to start; I like the idea of Instagram-ing a photo from a shop I visit, and mentioning my favourite photoshoot locations by name!! Thanks for the ideas!!


  2. Miss Elisa K.

    This is great advice. My New Years Resolution is to utilize all the great advice I get here on IFB!!! Thanks so much!!!

    • Julia

      Maggie, You must use your town! I went there not too long away for the day, and can think of so many great spots; the waterfront area, antique shops, of course the cemetery…how great!

  3. Aily

    This is a great post. We often focus on what a town has to offer instead of the contrary. Me and couple of other local bloggers started a platform called Team Curacao Blogger. It’s a platform for all bloggers from Curacao (a small island in the Caribbean) and it has been very successful so far, tough we still have a long way too go still. Lot’s of friendships were created, we worked with different local stores, and more and more blogs are joining the team. http://www.facebook.com/teamcuracaobloggers

  4. Lotta

    Thanks for the tips! I’m attending my first neighborhood chamber of commerce networking event tonight. Excited to meet the local business owners!