4 Ways to Unclutter for the New Year


Happy new year! Hope you celebrated fittingly and are enjoying all that 2014 has to offer thus far. The new year is a perfect chance to clear the slate on so many levels. After all, you've got to make space in your life for those new year's resolutions you're going to accomplish! As we ease into the new year, I'd like to offer four ways for you to clean out the clutter in your life and get 2014 off on the right foot:

On the blog

It's a great time to take a good look at every possible thing on (and related to) your blog. What needs updating? What should you add? What should be deleted altogether? Make sure to look at your header, bio, blogroll, alt tags, analytics, media kit – you know the drill. If not, here are 8 ways to refresh your blog for the season.

In your inbox

If you're anything like me, your email inbox can pile up and look a hot mess over time. Give yourself the time to clean it up and organize a bit. Respond to all those emails waiting for one. Delete all those emails and folders that don't require any action from you anymore. Edit and create new folders as needed. Use a mass unsubscribe service like Unroll.me to take yourself off of all of those email lists you've found yourself on. Update your email signature as needed.

On social media

I write a lot about organizing and navigating through social media, but I also spend a ton of time in it (personally and professionally!) I struggle with information overload and way too much time spent on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Thus, I'm always working to make the most of my time on social media by staying focused and organized. Take the time to evaluate your social media presence. If there's a site you're not spending time on, maybe it's time to delete that profile. Or maybe it's time to unfriend and unfollow others who aren't contributing positively to your timelines. Cut out the negativity and the time-wasters, and you'll have a much better online experience every time!

In real life

My fellow fashion bloggers, now is a great time to clean out your closets (and other parts of the house) of things that don't fit your style or just aren't in rotation anymore. Have you heard of the reverse hanger method? It's an easy way to organize your closet and see what pieces you don't end up wearing over time. Make sure to look up your local thrift stores for places to donate, or consider reselling clothes on Poshmark. And just as you did with social media, time to take a look at who you're spending time with, and what you're spending time on. If they're not contributing to or supporting your goals, it might be time for some changes!


Wishing you lots of blog love and prosperity in 2014!


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11 Responses

  1. Nancy

    This is a great idea. I’m going to be starting off the new year right by looking for guest bloggers to freshen up my content.

  2. Juliana

    I’ve found that uncluttering has really helped me, especially at the start of the New Year. I was trying to get myself, my room, and the areas in the house that are deemed “mine” clean for 2014. After reading this post, I’ve discovered some other areas to organise, so I better get to it!

  3. Anthea Lau

    Cool tips on tidying up things in life – new year, fresh start. Unroll.me is definitely something that I will look up – need a major clean up in my email inbox! 🙂

    RASSP blog

  4. Fashion

    This is the main skeleton of the frame in the virtual world of the internet of course create different channels, with different characteristics brought about a new media order. Everyone set up their own media as the greatest strength of this new media order, of course, is a matter of feedback.

  5. Plamena

    Great article. Very helpful! I definitely need to unclutter most aspects of my life! 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Monika Faulkner

    I’ve read that some people follow up to a hundred blogs on a regular basis!! Add to that the constant draw of social media like Instagram…and I wonder how they get anything else done in their lives!! I’m determined not to fall into the same trap, and refuse to “follow” just for the sake of following and/or hoping to get a follow in return. I’d rather be able to leave meaningful comments on fewer blogs, than barely be able to keep up with so many!!


  7. Letitia Elizabeth

    This is great, but also uncluttering the closet and curbing shopping addictions is a big one for many bloggers, at least that’s what most of my readers have been asking for advice on. I have done social media detoxes every year now thought too!