It’s the Little Things That Make Up Your Big Goal


To be quite honest, as I'm sitting down to write this, I still don't know exactly what I'm going to write about (I'm a procrastinator, remember?). Some big things have thrown my life into upheaval the last two weeks, and something I'm trying to do better is “sit” with things and listen to what they're telling me.

I'm pretty good at (over)analyzing, but not so great at letting the lessons really sink in – I'm quick to move on. But I've been forced to stop and sit still the last couple of days and something that started to hit home in a big way is that life (and blogging) is really just about the little things.

Big things are important; setting goals, measuring success, tracking your progress. But it's the baby steps that get us there, and it's the little things keep us going when life/work gets tough.

That one amazing comment on a recent post, an email from a reader who just wanted to thank you, the sunrise in the morning, a quiet walk with your dog, watching the cat bat a toy around – those are the things that help us get where we're going and remind us what we're working towards.

Enjoying the little things and moments throughout the day keep us grounded, and are the things we most miss when they're gone. And what I've also found recently, is that routine, and the little things you do every day without thinking much about them sustain you, and pick you up when you're down.

Getting discouraged on the way to a Big Goal happens to all of us, way more often than we'd like, and the only way to keep going is to set your eyes firmly on the goal ahead and take the tiny steps needed to reach it.

So, while you're focusing on setting goals for your blog this year, think big (but be realistic), and add in a few little things here and there too…

Big Goal:

Attract x number of new readers/commenters

Little thing:

Appreciate the one person who makes an effort to leave a comment every day, send her an email, or mention her blog in a post. Never take ANY traffic for granted; traffic is made up of people – of individual readers – and each one is important.

Big Goal:

Partner with a brand you love

Little thing:

Even while your eyes are set on the big fish, build your portfolio with smaller designers or boutiques that REALLY need your help and exposure on your blog.

Big Goal:

Earn enough money to break even/go shopping/quit your job

Little thing:

Start monetizing your blog by reaching out to brands or companies you already mention in your posts. Offer to work with them at a discount, building your portfolio and references. As you start to make money, re-invest it, or save it, building up enough money over time to break even/go shopping/quit your job…

On the flip side, it's possible to get too focused on little things, forgetting the big picture. What's most important to you? Your family & friends? Becoming financially secure? Owning your own successful business? As you move towards those goals, don't get stuck along the bumps in the road: negative comments, a deal falling through, comparing yourself to other bloggers. Keep your eye on the end goal, always moving forward and taking each thing a step at a time. And you'll get there. Eventually. Success doesn't happen overnight, or in one fell swoop. Time, and the little things, are your friend.

What are some little things you do to work towards your goals? What “little things” keep you going?

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21 Responses

  1. Asia Mays

    Beautiful and you honestly just described my exact thought and emotion when it came to “that one commenter” a few days ago…
    That ONE comment lending itself to possibly other viewers and later comments means alot in the blogging business.

    Great read Grechen!

  2. Amanda

    These are all goals that I am looking to attain! I am a new blogger and these pretty much sum up what I am looking to achieve.

    I would also say that a Big goal of mine would be to attract lots of responses, LIKES, RT’s on my social media platforms so that I can engage with others. But it is important no matter what scale it is on (similar to the statement you made about comment), any interaction, retweet or like should be acknowledged and appreciated.

    Great post, refreshing. 🙂

  3. Debra Barretta

    Great article! So often we set our sights so high that we don’t take time to notice the little, & most important, things. One of my approaches to blogging has always been to build community. I would love to grow my blog. But to be honest, I really value my readers. I love to hear from them. I make it a point to answer each comment. That person took the time to visit my little blog. I also check out their blogs & leave my own comments. A blog is not a popularity contest. We should all just learn to enjoy ourselves. 🙂

    [email protected]

  4. Joy Styles

    loved this post cause i am way too caught up in the big stuff…. n failed to realize it takes little stuff to get to the bigger stuff… thanks

  5. Taila

    This was just what I needed before sitting down to make my vision board for my blog. Recently I have been on a similar train of thought and find myself being grateful for the readers that comment or like my Pinterest/FB/IG. I also am thankful for the connections I have made with designers and other bloggers. The relationships and conversations are so motivating . Being inspired on a daily basis through blogging is why I do it , and is the same fire that fuels my desire to one day soon take my blog to a new level. Success is a journey, not a destination and your post help remind me of that.

    Thanks! 🙂


  6. Kate

    Thank you, this is such a great read, especially since I’m trying to work up the traffic on my blog. Thank you very much!

  7. Maggie A

    Thank you for sharing this. Not sure if it is my laptop but I love the new font being used. I need to worker harder towards being brave enough to monetize my blog and approach various brands about working together.

    Maggie A

  8. Danielle

    Im so glad I read this post. Even though I just started, it’s very discouraging to make a post and not have people comment. Im always sooo thankful when i get a comment or a new follower. It’s so slow that I can always notice when I get a follower. I have big dreams but getting there is not easy. Its good to read something like this; that reminds me that I have to be thankful for the little things and keep focused on the big goal. Im gonna get there! Thank you Grechen!

  9. Ellen Keating

    You are so right when you say that time and the little things are important. Only over time and with practice can you improve your blog and gain followers. There is nothing more encouraging than someone leaving a lovely comment on a post you have worked hard on and it is these little things which keep me motivated.
    Xx Elle

  10. Robin Taney

    I must have needed to read this today, because it was perfect timing. I have a PR business and work exclusively with entrepreneurs. One of the things I’m always preaching is the importance of having a blog. It can be hard to motivate clients when my own blog is growing so slowly, but making the difference in the way one reader thinks/approaches her business means something. If I can reach one, I can reach many, many more. Thank you for reminding me that it’s all in the little things.

  11. The Working Girl's Shoe Closet

    These are the exact things that seem to be sometimes so hard to do, procrastinator or not. I think bloggers have the hardest of jobs to stay on top of things 24/7, especially those that are trying to build their blog up still. I start to daydream about what its like when you have thousands of followers and magazines are featuring you in blogger conferences and articles in the latest month’s issue… ah to dream. But like you have outlined, starting with the fundamentals of the smaller things, is how you build to get to the goal. *hearts*

    The Working Girl’s Shoe Closet

  12. Sara

    i really agree with the fact that the little things have a major role to get us to what we want to achieve and after all its the journey that counts not the destination .


  13. Monika Faulkner

    Thank you for this inspirational post!! You are so right – it IS very easy to lose sight of the importance of “little things” under the shadow of big goals and dreams!! I’ve been making a conscious effort lately to appreciate the smaller moments and achievements; as you said, success (in anything!) rarely comes all at once, but rather in the tiniest increments!!

  14. Plami

    Thank you so much for this inspirational article. I have been feeling really frustrated as I cannot seem to achieve the big (borderline unrealistic) goals I set for my blog. Reading this reminded me what I really love about it. It is not really about the numbers, not even the money, it’s mainly about those people, those interesting individuals who read my blog, leave interesting comments and keep me going!


  15. Casey

    I love this post because I can get so caught up in the big things or being perfect that I forget the long road to get there can have bumps in it. I dont have to be perfect and it may take a while to see results but that doesnt mean that it isnt working. xx

  16. Kenneth Jacobs

    I LOVE that you wrote this post because it’s how I’ve been feeling this past holiday season. I had to take a pause and actually focus on the little things. We live in a fast paced environment that we forget to appreciate the journey. Thanks for this post!


  17. Theboxqueen

    This is a great read for me as I can % 100 relate to appreciating the little things. For me the most important part of blogging is the relationships we make and the positive community environment we try to build. As a new blogger it truly means a lot to me when somebody takes their time to visit my posts and leave nice comments; makes my day:) My goal will be to hold onto this feeling as I am growing my blog and hopefully pay it forward. Small things snowball into achieving the big goals:)

  18. Mary Uiese

    Great Post! I’ve just started out with my blog and I’ve had some great feedback, it’s always the same few people that either retweet my new posts tweets or comment to continue doing what I’m doing. These are the little things that keep me going and not lose sight of why I started my blog.