6 Email Newsletters I Always Read (That Might Surprise You)


It's easy to get fashion & style mono focus when it comes to how we spend time online, but I often find that getting outside of my industry is one of the best ways to gain some much-needed perspective and inspiration. As an entrepreneur and blogger, I've made it a habit to subscribe to email newsletters from life coaches, copywriters, astrologists – you name it. Below are six email newsletters I always open and read. I hope you find some new goodies to help you on your path!

Mara Glatzel, Intuitive Coach & Writer

I love the way Mara captures the great adventure that is becoming a grown up women confident and cozy in her skin. Her recent newsletter series, Hello Wonderful, is filled with honest reflection, warm-hearted support and insights like , “The difficult truth is this: If you don’t let others know you, they cannot possibly love you for who you truly are. And, when we hide pieces of ourselves away, we are sacrificing our ability to belong to ourselves, as well.” Now that's real.

Brainpickings Weekly

I love learning new things – it sometimes doesn't really even matter what it is, I just love the process of ingesting new tidbits of information, and Brainpickings does this in spades. From famous writers sleeping habits, to the best books on creativity, to philosophers answering little kid's questions about life, Brainpickings is amazing. In their weekly digest, I get a host of new articles and thought provoking insights that are perfect for taking a break from my inbox, or helping me feel like I am doing something more valuable with my internets than buzzfeed.

Susan Piver, Meditation Coach

I have a habit of confusing meditation with falling asleep. I love listening to stories and guided meditations to help me calm down and get sleepy. The fact that I have listened to Susan's short, video meditations in the middle of the day should be an indicator of how much I enjoy her straightforward, get right to it approach, like when she says “With each breath we remember who we really are: decent, kind, sane, and utterly open hearted.” Yum. As part of her Open Heart Project, Susan sends 10 minute daily meditations your way via email.

Hannah Brencher, Writer & TED Speaker

Hannah just slays me. Slays me like when you discover your new perfect breakup song. Slays me like the most decadent dark chocolate-filled puffed pastry you didn't even know you loved. Her emails, which are just an easier way for me to get her blog posts, sometimes go unread for weeks because, like an episode of Parenthood, I have to be ready to go there. You may know Hannah as the creator of MoreLoveLetters.com, and if the idea of leaving love notes for strangers makes your heart a gooey marshmallowy mess like it does mine, please consider adding her voice to your inbox. You'll get gems like  “The dotted lines are the silent, unspoken victories of this lifetime,” and “Babe, if you’ve got struggles then let’s start raging. Your tiny fingers were prepped and created for battle.”

Top 5 Longreads

Sometimes you just want to settle in and read some good old-fashioned long-form editorial. Screw you Facebook and Twitter feeds, visual inspiration-fest Pinterest and Tumblr! Longreads pulls together exactly that, longer-form articles from around the web, and sends you five really good things to read each week. Emails are sent out on Fridays, making it the perfect Sunday morning treat.

Adultury Saturdays, TMF

Yes, I do a lot of my intense email reading on the weekends (I have a habit of waking up way earlier than is prudent and then waiting around for my friends to be ready enough for brunch(which inevitable becomes second breakfast but I digress). And there's nothing more fun that spitting mimosa out of one's nose while waiting for your ladies to rise from their respective bedchambers, which happens often when reading anything from the ladies at The Middle Finger Project. If you are looking for a bit of validation that you aren't crazy mixed with some profound business advice, sign up and get schooled. To whit: “…let’s a make a pact… A pact to always make the more interesting choice. To choose the higher heels instead of your normal flats. To let the woman in front of you buy your morning coffee instead of shyly declining. To vacation in Egypt, instead of spending yet another two weeks in Disney World.”

And there you are, six emails that alway get an open in my book. Now I want to know, what emails do you always read?

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4 Responses

  1. Ashley Taylor

    I freaking love Adultery Saturdays 🙂 She’s so funny and real.

    xo Ashley

  2. Monika Faulkner

    I am so wrapped up with getting my fledgling blog off the ground…I haven’t had time to do ANY reading outside of blog-related stuff!! Not particularly balanced, I know, but I’m trying to treat it like a business – and it takes a LOT of time (especially because I already have a 9-to-5 job!)


  3. Eve G

    Honestly, I almlst never take the time to sit down and read anything not related to my niche. It is quite sad, especially since I currently have literally nothing to do all day when I am done writing.

    Though, I personally never receive any e-mails except for junk, on my personal one… but I so don’t mind because I prefer going back to my favorite blogs to catch up what I’ve missed!