Do Bloggers Live the Trends or Set the Trends?


I think when weighing in on the value that bloggers lend to the fashion industry, it's good to extrapolate the gist of what's going on, and really think about what we are doing and its effects — which can translate to readers and retailers.

Who are we influencing and how are we doing it? Looking at the bigger picture, how do we fit in and by and large, what is our role?

Taken with the notion of “do bloggers live the trends or set the trends” as the starting point for this conversation, I spoke with a few well-respected professionals — a  blogger, a brand's social media coordinator, and a PR firm's head of digital, to garner some great insight and perspective on the subject from different vantage points. See below what they had to say, and please share your thoughts in the comments:

Jordan Reid, Blogger,  Ramshackle Glam

“While magazines are definitely the ones plucking the trends from runways, celebrities, etc., and labeling them as such (“Hottest Trends For Fall!”), I'd say it's the bloggers who are doing more of the influencing in terms of how these trends actually translate into the real world (which is what translates to sales), simply because they're picking and choosing the ones that work in life as opposed to on the runway and then making them accessible. If a “trend” can be quantified by the extent to which it actually enters the mainstream and drives sales, I'd say it's definitely the online community that has the biggest hand in creating them…

In my case, honestly, it's much more about incorporating trends into my site in a way that makes sense in “real life” – or at least in my real life…

I just pick and choose the pieces – and the trends – that fit my style and my lifestyle, and those are the ones I share with my readers.”

Jenni Adishian, Social Media Coordinator, Paige Denim

“Fashion bloggers and street style show us how to take a trend and interpret it into our own individual style.  With working with so many fashion influencers, I love seeing the range and versatility a pair of our jeans can possess by seeing how two different bloggers accessorize it. For example, our famed Edgemont Ultra Skinny with double zippers is at first glance perfect for an edgy, rock and roll style, but I have seen bloggers work it into their more classic style seamlessly and it has a totally different vibe.

The styling trends they (bloggers) create are why I feel working with them is so valuable.”

Tanya Brown, Senior Account Manager, Digital Division, Bollare Communications

“While trends certainly have lifespans that cross press platforms – digital and otherwise, I believe the readers of blogs as well as the fashion community appreciates the fashion blog for its unique perspective on interpreting trends to real life. For example, we've partnered the fashion shopping resource and iPad app StyleWhile with bloggers in the community, such as Could I Have That, Style Me Grasie, and Kendi Everyday, to showcase how to utilize the app for creating on-trend ensembles via retailers such as Saks. As the bloggers put their personal spin on unique ensembles, it creates an approachability and accessibility to the app and the trends it's showcasing…

While we recommend a multi-layered press plan including online editorial and print publications, the immediate traction from brand mentions within the blogger community is always especially valuable for our brand partners.”

What do you believe: do bloggers create the trends, or do they bring the trends to life?


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34 Responses

  1. Dayle Gabriella Pereira

    I think bloggers play a crucial role in bringing trends to life. While magazines and designers tend to dictate what is ‘in’ for the upcoming season, bloggers play the opinion leaders and influencer role to translate those runway trends to more realistic sizes, fit and wearability.

  2. Sarah Boyd

    I think they set the trends! We always include bloggers on our trendsetter panels alongside editors, designers and stylists because they have such influence to dictate trends. Of course there are bloggers that follow suit but the top bloggers have their own style.

  3. andreea

    I believe bloggers help create the trends, together with other players in the industry. They influence the trend by giving it new meanings and by making it evolve and spread. Is like they say in fashion: two is a look; three is a trend. And designers know that. When they launch a collection it’s just a vision materialised in multiple looks. It’s up to bloggers, fashion magazines, stylists, buyers etc to turn it into a trend or not.

  4. Monika Faulkner

    I believe it’s a combination of both “living” and “setting” trends…bloggers will certainly take inspiration from the runway (how can you not, if you’re a lover of fashion?!) but I think the way they interpret designers’ ideas, and re-work them for everyday life, is what creates “real world” trends!!

  5. Roxanne D'souza

    Bloggers definitely set trends. They not only re-invent old bygone trends and club them with the new ones (because let’s face it, most of us cannot have a new wardrobe change to match every season’s new trends!) but they also make it wearable in daily life. What we see in magazines are stick skinny models who look good in everything. Bloggers (most of them) are regular people with their flaws going about their lives. If I was not a blogger, I would choose to look at bloggers to see how they interpret and wear trends, instead of following magazines blindly.


  6. Berta Milan

    I think fashion bloggers set the trends once they have a big audience and start enjoying their role of a big fashion blogger. When they start blogging, they are too focused to gain an audience and post in a regular basis.

  7. Juliana

    Yes definitely they are the part of trend setting team; if they have really big audience. I agree with Ms Milan they should post on regular basis which can help them and industry too. Bloggers are the only one who can team up different outfits and accessories in a nice way and can make them stand out.

  8. Loretta Falciani

    I feel designers get inspiration from different places and personal experience, but are definitely influenced by the world around them. This includes those folks we see everyday at work, on the street, out on the town etc. Back in the 80s in high school…before blogging and the like, girls with style in school were setting the trends for the masses. I remember a girl in school…started wearing her hair tied with a colorful knee high…within weeks girls were following her lead! And guess what, it was cute!

    • julia

      Hi Loretta,
      I love this example; it truly makes you think of the power of influentials, word of mouth, and great styling intuition!

  9. Ana and Diana

    I think bloggers help set trends by adapting what is seen in the runway to everyday life. It is so because we are more aware of whats is coming out every year before it hits the stores. Also most of us don’t have the money to buy luxury products and because we love clothes and like to try different styles and outfits, we can help or inspire people to dress and look great without having to spend too much.

  10. Lyn

    Both I think. Some items are a huge trend, the Zara skort for example (I have it as well so no offense), but I don’t know if all bloggers wear what they really like or “just go with the crowd” because they know it is popular under the readers. However, I definitely also do believe that bloggers set trends!
    It is a bit of both in my opinion; depends on the item, the wear-ability in real life, the way the blogger wears it, if it is really the blogger’s style (which only the blogger itself will know), ..
    x Lyn

  11. Zamri A.

    There could be many categories when it comes to blogger-trend relationship. Some may follow the trends if it looks okay and cool to play along with the season. Some tweak the trend, to suit the weather, the ambient of their own culture/country and stuff, some may even set the trend. But whatever it is, fashion bloggers are definitely the one knows about trend and style – hands down.

  12. shaz Ali

    i hardly remember i bought anything prompt by new arrivals or ads or watching celebrity as in talking about clothes, i make dresses for myself to fit my comfort and style and personal choices , so i definately go with the trending colours and adapt them into my personal style.

  13. La Gamine

    I think it’s a mix of both. There are some bloggers who are genuine influencers who do set trends not only in their community but in the greater fashion community at large. Then there are the bloggers who simply interpret the trends, taking runway looks and making them wearable for the masses. Then there are a large portion of bloggers who follow the trends and all seemingly wear the same “uniform.” I think it depends on what kind of blogger you are. Are you doing trendy posts to get views or are you really expressing your own take on fashion and style?

  14. Laura O.

    I think both are true! There are so many people expressing themselves out there throuh blogs! Some lead to the trends and some follow them. The kind of person you are defines the kind of blogger you are. Some are more creative than others. Some have more of an experimental approach when some tend to express themselves by replicating on others. Whatever is great anyway as everybody gets to express their love of fasion however and to who ever they want to.

  15. Franki

    This is such an interesting article, I’m loving reading everyone’s opinions. I really think it’s a mixture of both. Personally, it’s other bloggers who give me much of my confidence and inspiration to wear new trends! They really do bring them to life.

  16. Chaudie

    I think that fashion bloggers stabilize the trends that come out on the runway and into the magazines. Anything that isn’t utilized by the public to a certain extent becomes a fad that we sometimes cringe at later on. However, you can see that fad become a trend with the help of bloggers displaying it better than their predecessors.

  17. Jessie

    I think these days there are no “Fashion bloggers”. Someone who post a photo of themselves wearing outfits is not a fashion blogger, maybe it should be changed to “personnel style blog” No one writes about fashion at all. No one acknowledges true skill and craftmenship. All these bloggers just want to post photos of themselves wearing the same things. I honestly think “bloggers” live the trends that are created by those who were called to design. Bloggers wear what the designers send them. So in reality the designers are still “telling” the bloggers what to wear. Anyone can wear a Dior top their own way, to make it their “own style”, but the real powerful fashion players are still in control of what they wear. I think fashion blogging is over rated at times.

  18. Divanda Gitadesiani

    I think, bloggers bring the trends with their personality to their life and be an inspiration to the reader. By that means, bloggers create trends too.. For my self, I create blog just for give an inspiration to reader that fashion is wide. You can make the personality just from anything you wear.

  19. Maeva

    Such a great and interesting topic. I agree, bloggers interpret trends to reality. I also think that some bloggers can have a huge influence and set the trends… Love this topic!

  20. Hayfa

    I think that fashion bloggers follow the trends but personalize it in a more inspirational and attractive way than what fashion magazines feature.
    In other words they set the best of what to follow from current trends. However, sometimes I do feel like big bloggers are becoming copycats that I often see the same style, bags, shoes worn by most of them at one. Some of them are shifting from personalization and following trends or wearing the same free gifts distributed for them by fashion companies.

  21. kary

    I think fashion bloggers don’t just set the trends, but they also apply it on themselves. How can they say something about a certain thing if they haven’t tried it yet. Maybe they could say something but not as wide as other bloggers who have lived with it.

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  22. Fashionur

    It is so because we are more aware of whats is coming out every year before it hits the stores. I think bloggers help set trends by adapting what is seen in the runway to everyday life.