How The Secrets of Successful People…Can Translate to Blogging


What do successful business people do, and what you can do to adopt some of these methods to your lifestyle and blogging, like getting up early,

I think I've read enough self-help books, productivity, entrepreneurial, and secrets to success books, along with biographies of successful people to practically write a one of my own! The thing that I've noticed consistently, however, is that there are  a few commonalities in the traits and routines discussed. Since most of us at IFB are continually trying a way to do it all — get organized,  multi-task,  grow our blogs, and of course, have a social life, it couldn't hurt to take the lead, learn, and execute like these case of studies of what incredibly successful people do!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Honestly, there really IS something to it, especially if you are able to get enough sleep. Most of the subjects I've read about get up around 5am — which is EARLY! I'm extremely nocturnal, so it's difficult for me to get on this schedule, but on the rare occasion that I do get enough sleep and wake up a little on the early side, I feel most productive, and notice that the clock hasn't even hit 10am yet!  Test this out in realistic increments, setting off for bed 10-15 minutes earlier than usual, and setting the alarm for the same shift. Bring in items that may help you to nod off, like spritzing lavender on the pillows, using an eye mask or ear plugs, a humidifier, or a white noise app.

Since you are starting the routine of waking up earlier than usual, take a few moments in the morning to do something that would make your day a total gem. From a blogging perspective, you may want to use this extra time to start or edit a post, upload some images from your camera, check your social media feeds, or get organized for an upcoming post. Sometimes just having an extra 10 minutes when you are awake and fresh can set your day off in the right direction!

Unhinge from the Digital World

Most of the successful businesswomen and businessmen who share their routines tout a lean, healthy breakfast in the morning, followed by a rigorous workout. So in other words, they aren't immediately rushing to turn on their computers and glue themselves to them, but rather are feeding their bodies and minds instead. If this sounds like a great way to start the day for you, terrific! But one bigpiece of advice — don't be “plugged in” while doing so. Leave your phone in another room, don't email, tweet, or text while on the elliptical, so that you can devout your time entirely to this fulfilling activity.

Once you've gotten into the swing of the waking up/eating/exercising thing  and can figure out what works best for you, try to consistently stick to the routine as much as possible. There will always be more emails and posts to write, but you've only got one body to tend to, and now's the time to nurture it as much as you want to nurture your blog. Trust me, being in a better mental and physical state WILL translate over to your blog!

Automation= Liberation

There are blog-related tasks that take time and are tedious, but aren't the best use of your brain power and creativity. Can you condense and possible outsource them? You may want to abbreviate the days that you respond to email, so that you can have a chunk of purely productive, writing time. Some highly successful people I know compose and respond to emails only once per day, or even every other day. That way you have more uninterrupted time to dedicate to major projects and writing. It may also be worth it to schedule your social media in bulk; there are sites such as ViralTag and Hootsuite that can be as little as $5 per month, in which you can schedule Tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest pins in advance, instead of constantly heading to the social media platforms to post. It may save a lot of time in the long run, and the price would be totally worth it.

As far as outsourcing goes: who can help you with tasks that may require some time, but not necessarily you to do them? An intern, virtual assistant, or even family member may be able to lend a hand, and it could also be an excellent way to practice delegating and teaching others. Think about some long-standing projects in which you may be able to have someone else help with; I'm sure you've got a few! It could range from updating your blog to the latest platform and theme version, to helping you to create new business cards, edit, crop, and upload pics,  or even do some research for an upcoming post or new blog design. When someone else is working on a project with or for you, the chances are much higher that they will actually be seen all the way through completion.

 What secrets of successful people have you applied to your blogging?

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7 Responses

  1. Amanda

    Early to Bed, Early to Rise – I always wanted to be able to get a workout in and do some blogging in the morning. This is something I am hoping to get into the habit of soon. 🙂

    I also imply the theory of putting first things first. Know the importance of priorities and doing them before anything else!

  2. Monika Faulkner

    My biggest challenge – even before I started my blog – is getting that early start to the day!! I am a confirmed “night owl” (like you!); and it just somehow feels more natural to me to stay up late and finish my projects before I go to bed, rather than get up earlier the next day and do them then!!

  3. Abbe Elizabeth

    I agree with the fact that I’ve read WAY too many self-help, motivation books in my short 17 years of living, and I can’t wait to read more!! I agree with the going to bed early and wake up early, as I have noticed the later start to my day the more groggy I feel.
    Wonderful article, glad to know I’m not the only one obsessed with self help books!!:)
    -Abbe Elizabeth

  4. Lina

    Writing this post late and I should be asleep again. I agree with you. Trying to discipline myself to get plenty of sleep has been a slight challege.

    Love your blog!