4 Ways to Make Your Next Getaway Great for Your Blog

Traveling Blogger

Traveling Blogger

If you're anything like me, the holiday coma is slowly lifting and you're taking a look at the end-of-year plans from 2013, and entering a fury of implementation-ville. Likely, your plans also involve taking a few trips, whether to a fashion industry conference, romantic getaway with your special someone, or a client trip for your day job. And while it is certainly paramount that you schedule time to play and fully experience the benefits of a digital detox, getting out of your normal routine is also a great way to grow relationships and get the word out about your blog. Below are 4 ways to incorporate a bit of blog business in your next big adventure:

1. Make appointments with local boutiques, designers and influencers

Every city, no matter how small, has it's own fashion community. Before you leave, reach out to local boutique owners and see if you can schedule an appointment to be shown around by a sales associate. Find local fashion, jewelry and accessory designers (hint: search Etsy by location) and invite your favorites to coffee, tea or ask them to take you on a shopping tour of their city. Meeting like-minded locals is a great way to grow your network while also gaining great new content for your blog.

2. Host a meet up with readers

The last time I was in San Francisco speaking at a beauty blogger conference, I reached out through social media and put together a quick happy hour invite at the wine bar around the corner from where I was staying. A few people were able to stop by and I had a great time not only getting better acquainted with my bay area readers, but connecting them to one another. Don't forget to invite your new best friends – those boutique owners, designers and local bloggers who are now your new BFFs.

3.  Let the city inspire your style

Of course it's rather straightforward if say, you are off to Paris or Austin, but no matter what – every city has some bit of unique history to prove as inspiration for a location-specific new look. A series of outfit posts inspired by local monuments, famous citizens or a city motto can be just the thing to get you out of a clothing rut and into a fun blog series readers are sure to appreciate.

4. Promote local business

It's easy enough to get distracted by room service and surprise elementary school carnivals and forget to take advantage of new vistas for your blog, but you can draw new eyeballs to your blog by geotagging your social media posts and using the right hashtags. Do your research ahead of time and ask around to find the coolest haunts and plan to stop by and shoot!

The biggest opportunity in a new place is the opportunity to create face-time with new friends in the industry. Plus, inspiration abounds when you are out of your comfort zone. Next time you hit the road or board that plane, have a plan in mind for how to bring your blogger game to the table.


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  1. The Fashion Reformation

    Perfect timing! Every time I travel, I tend to get into a blogging slump. This article is going to help me a lot with this. Can’t wait to put the advice to good use for my next trip 🙂


  2. Tiana Hood

    Great article. I’m planning a trip to Mexico City in the Spring and was hoping to incorporate our trip into a couple of blog posts so this article is perfect for a little inspiration!