Can Taking Classes About Blogging Help You?


Now that blogging has gotten to be a big category, there's no shortage of  workshops, academies, and classes, both online and in-person, that cater to the budding blogger. But are these courses truly worth your time and money? Without being able to see into the future, it can hard to know if you're going to learn a new set of skills, gain valuable advice, and be able to practice what has been preached to you during the class or workshop, let alone execute what you learned afterward, if it is at all even applicable to you and your site. Here's a few ways to measure what you may get out of it, and make the most of it, regardless.

If  You're a Beginner, You Might as Well Start From the Ground, Up

Us old biddies that starting blogging years ago and had to learn the hard way (writing in code, anyone?), are secretly a bit jealous on how far the technology and automation has come. You really don't have to be very tech-savvy start and successfully operate a blog, however, it still would be nice to pick up tips, tricks, and troubleshooting at the get-go, instead of having to figure it out on your own, via trial-and-error, possibly losing a lot of your valuable time and resources to troubleshooting.

If you haven't started a blog yet or are a newbie to the scene, you really don' t have much to lose by taking part in one of these sessions.

At the very least, you will come out of it with some contacts, and possible even fellow-newbie blogger friends, starting your own peer network of support and community. Chances are though, there's plenty to learn and there may be aspects of being a fashion blogger that you haven't even considered/didn't know existed!

Be Sure to Get Some One-on-One Time with the Instructor

So let's say you're not a novice blogger but still think you could benefit/want to take the course: in this instance, make sure you can get some personal consultation and advice from the instructor. You've already established your online presence and surely have questions at this point, so albeit, during a “break-out session,” designated time for one-on-ones (this would be ideal), or even before, during a break, or at the end of class, ask your teacher for some help.  Of course be alert and ask questions during the course, but remember that class time is everyone's time, so being overly zealous and asking a slew of questions related specifically to your blog may be too much shameless self-promotion, detracting from the learning experience of your fellow classmates.

If the info is available to you, you may want to try contacting the instructor in advance of the class or in-between sessions to ask she/he to look over your site and give you some feedback.

From a teacher's perspective, I can usually give the best advice when I've had time to look over everything in advance and respond thoughtfully, opposed to seeing a line of students waiting to talk to me after class while the next class starts to come into the room (and I need to leave to catch a train!).

Apply What You Learned – Immediately

Definitely take notes, and do your best to process all of the data you were just given to the best of your availability, applying it to the perspective of what you want to develop with your blog. There's nothing quite like gaining experience from doing, so if class doesn't allot time for you to work on these learned items on your blog, don't wait too long to try them for yourself!

I've taken plenty of classes and have written clear, organized notes, placed carefully within folder, that I put on the top of my desk, but then somehow made its way to the back of the drawer without being applied.

The best way to make the most out of these kind of courses is to do, do, do, try, try, try!  If you can complete a course, having learned to do one solid thing that you find useful, then it was time and money well-spent.


What Have You Found Useful From Taking Blog Workshops, Courses, Seminars?

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9 Responses

  1. Abbe Elizabeth

    This sounds absolutely amazing, and I would love the opportunity to get advice from someone who has mastered their craft. Nowadays with blogging becoming so popular, I feel that poorly lit, phone taken pictures just don’t suffice, along with blog layouts, content and just about everything. I’d love to know if anyone knows of any blog workshops, courses or seminars available? I am based in Texas, but I’d love to know about any:)

  2. Diane

    I think there is so much information online (IFB being the main resource!) that taking a blogging class would be unnecessary. However, I would advise taking individual classes in graphic design, business, communication or writing if you want to make blogging a full-time job.

  3. Onianwah

    Hmmm, I have never been to a blogging class and have definitely had to learn on my own. However, if blogging classes are availble, by all means I’d advise a newbie to attend (especially as I am not inclined to coach someone about the basics of blogging for free, lol).
    I learnt most of what I know online and believe that since this information is free, people should be able to invest their time properly and read the info up.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  4. CynthiaCM

    I’ve never been to a blogging class either, but have attended conferences. None of the conferences were that great – they seemed to target newbies, not people who’ve been blogging for more than six years. I would love to see more conferences for seasoned people. And I don’t know if blogging classes really work – many seem to have a “you have to do this, or else” philosophy. I’m kind of a free spirit (though this could be why I don’t get the opportunities that most seasoned blogs get nor do OTHER bloggers treat me like a seasoned blogger). Annoying (to the point that I wrote a post about it recently), yeah, but I survive.

  5. Naza Chukwumam

    Well..i definite open to online blogging classes. I haven’t taken one before and i will like to attend one. If you guys know of any classes or conferences please let me know. I am based in Lagos Nigeria and they are not available in my Country(that i know of!).

  6. Roxanne D'souza

    Blogging classes sound like a great idea.
    I started my blog in 2010, and all this while I never knew the potential my blog had and never monetised it at all. It took me 3 years to get there. All this wasted time could have been avoided if I took my blog seriously and knew how to do it.

    Also I think it’s essential for young budding bloggers to learn a thing or two about designs and aesthetics in particular because a blog has to entice it’s readers and not hurt someone’s eyes, which many newbies fail to understand!
    After switching my template 6-7 times, I finally found the one I loved and showed the best of my work.

  7. Zuma Ayriyan

    Thank you IFB for great posts. I learn so much from you!
    I am thinking of taking a blog makeover and photoshop class – I feel it’s time. Will report back soon. xx