5 Tools to Enhance Your Digital Life

Happy February! Many bloggers are in the midst of school, work, and/or NYFW prep. If you're in Seattle like me, you are probably gearing up to cheer on our Seahawks in the Super Bowl parade today! Now that we're back in the grind, how are your resolutions coming along? One that I'm continuing to work on is being more efficient with my time on the computer – so I can spend that time enjoying life away from the digital world. On the never-ending quest to be more organized and productive, here are a few tools I use regularly that help me get the job done efficiently, whether that's note-taking, reading all the articles I find, and clearing out the digital clutter.

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This beautiful app is a brand-spankin' new way to sift through your Facebook feed. Friends' status updates and top stories from various news websites and blogs are shown in Flipboard-style format, with easy navigation between updates and the articles linked to them. If you're one who likes to check into Facebook as briefly as possible – this just might be the game-changer for you. From a blogger perspective, it's also helpful to see how your posts look in Paper versus the main Facebook site. Check out the Paper app trailer here.

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Do you ever catch yourself with 50 tabs open in your browser, 40 of which are articles you clicked on to read? Welcome to every day of my life! I adore Pocket, because it gives me a place to keep all of those random articles I see online but don't have time to read at the moment. I also make regular use of Pocket's Chrome integration that allows for one-click save and tagging. Pocket is a desktop & mobile app that's also available via the web at GetPocket.com. Use it to help you keep track of blog post research, inspiring stories and one-off articles from sites you don't normally subscribe to.



For the blogs and sites you do subscribe to, Feedly is still my favorite RSS reader since Google Reader ceased early last year. Feedly's got an easy-to-navigate interface, tags for organizing your favorite sites, and a super clean, seamless reading experience. Don't want to read the latest articles from one of your favorite blogs? Just ‘Mark all as read' and move on. More on Feedly here.

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I don't take nearly enough advantage of all the ways in which to use Evernote – because the options are endless. I use it primarily as a place to take & keep random notes, quotes and screen shots neatly organized. I also write all of my blog posts (and IFB articles) in Evernote before transferring them over to the blog platform. There's a special Moleskine notebook line that syncs with your Evernote app, so that what you scribble into your notebook is saved digitally as well. Take a look at just some of the creative ways Evernote can work for you.

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I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but it's so worth mentioning again. Unroll.me is a service that goes through your inbox, culls all of your newsletter subscriptions into a neat list, then allows you to go through ALL of them and unsubscribe, keep in your inbox or “roll up” into one daily email roundup from the Unroll.me team. For anyone whose inbox is a disaster, this is such a great service to help you clear up that email clutter and finally see the ones that are important to you!

Are there any apps or tools making your digital life easier? Let us know!

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12 Responses

  1. Juliana

    I’ve been using Evernote for a while now because of your recommendation, of course, and the ideas of Pocket and Unroll.me sound really cool, so I’m definitely going to be trying those out soon! Oh, and Paper, too! So many lovely suggestions, I’m so stoked about trying them out!

  2. Sarah-Louise

    These are great tools! I think I’ll try pocket (and Feedly FINALLY) as I’ve been looking for something that is mobile and desktop, I use Zite which I love – which isn’t bookmarking but instead brings you articles based on your chosen interests which you can always add to. It’s great but it is only a mobile app which puts me off a little as I like to switch between my ipad and laptop. Thanks for sharing these!


  3. Lust For Leather

    I use Pocket and Unroll.me and they are absolutely awesome! I think everyone should have them! My pocket is mostly filled with IFB articles haha. Unroll.me is great for unsubscribing from unwanted spam mail and keeping your inbox organized. Highly Recommend!

    I also suggest Buffer as another great App to help you out! Check them out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. 🙂


    • Sarah-Louise

      Yes! I have also joined buffer recently! Mostly for scheduling tweets of articles I read, rather than lots of tweeting followed by lots of no-tweeting ha. it’s great! Thank you 🙂

  4. DatsMaStyle

    I have Android, so Paper is a no-no for me. I think Flipboard is a great app as well.

  5. JMarieDirect

    It’s funny because I just clicked five tabs for articles from IFB and so POCKET if perfect right now. Just installed on Chrome. Thanks!