How to Find & Work Within Your Passion


Passion is everything, right? As I wrote last week, the key to success as a fashion blogger is having passion for your niche, and ultimately that passion, that need to share, has to be enough for you to start a fashion blog (not dreams of stardom and rolling in free stuff), and want to keep it going. Maybe someday you'll be able to turn your passion in to a full-time career, but maybe not.

What exactly IS your passion?

Some of us are lucky to know what we want to do – what our passion is – from a very early age, and others of us have to figure it out over time. I had no interest in fashion or style until I was working a relatively un-fulfilling job, finishing up my master's degree and started getting involved in a message board online and the new phenomenon that was online shopping (at the time!). I sort of stumbled upon my passion for shopping and helping others find what they were looking for, and the rest is history.

I've worked very hard over the years to make my passion into something that I can now call a career. But I didn't start out that way.

Finding your Passion:

Start big

What's your area of interest? Fashion? Shopping? Personal style? If you have just a general interest so far, explore all the little things about it and see which one really piques your interest. Maybe it's a specific decade in fashion, or a specific style of dressing, maybe it's the design process, or ethics in fashion. Stop and explore different subjects without the “bigger picture” until you find something that makes you WANT to learn more.

Narrow it down

Once you've found that “thing” that you have a special interest in, start exploring that in more detail. Is there something even more specific you can focus on? Within ethics in fashion, maybe you narrow your interest down to the modeling industry, or clothing production.

Narrow it down more

You could stop at the step above, but I tend to think that the narrower the niche the better – at least for longevity. I focus on a specific subset of women's online shopping and even specific designers most of the time, and don't tend to go outside of that. If I did broaden it a bit, I could perhaps have more reach, or a wider audience, but that's not where my passion is; I can't speak about The Gap like I can about James Perse. Figure out exactly what it is that makes your heart jump and focus on that. THAT is your passion.

Create content

Finally, start writing, photographing, and/or creating content about your passion. Does it MOVE you just to create content and hit “publish”? Do you feel satisfied after you've created something? That doesn't mean it's not hard actually doing the creating, or that sometimes you don't want to do it, but at the end of the day, doing what you love should bring a deep sense of fulfillment and comfort.

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  1. Shaz

    It’s an absolute treat to read your post today . It is full of facts and it is hard to face reality , but you are right they we should keep exploring in order to find out passion. And mine is sewing !!!!!! Creating dresses .

  2. Abbe Elizabeth

    I really love this post you’ve done, and it is arguably my favorite post I’ve seen on IFB to date. I grew up wearing boy clothes until I was 11, so I totally understand about people having to search for that passion, and truthfully I haven’t found mine quite yet. Anyways thank you for the article, it was helpful:)

    Abbe Elizabeth
    Instagram: abbeelizabeth

  3. Geri Mandow handbags

    I love your post of today, you´re so right! I can summarize it in one basic idea, your sentence “doing what you love should bring a deep sense of fulfillment and comfort” will help me to decide whether I should keep working on my project or not, thanks a lot!

  4. Jeanine Marie

    My passion is photography but I have let it slide lately, so I am trying to get back into it again and incorporate it in my blog.

    I do not know if this qualifies as a passion, but I like meeting other bloggers, share ideas and make some new friends.

    Very good article. IFB has been hitting them out of the park, lately.
    Jeanine Marie

  5. Zuma A.

    As a lifestyle blogger, I have such a hard time to narrow down the content. I feel that my niche is to simplify life and find beautiful moments in everything we do, whether it is baking, traveling, dressing up, hanging out with friends… I am passionate about so many things I do! Any suggestions on narrowing down? Thank you!

  6. zeina

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  7. B Q"ute"

    You really touched home when you mentioned the un-fulfilling job, finishing up your master’s degree, online shopping and how you sort of stumbled upon your passion for shopping and helping others find what they were looking for. I felt like you were watching me. Lol! This article is so realistic for me because I’ve been there and I’ve just began the life of fashion blogging. I’m in the process of designing my web page now but I thought I’d stop, take a breather, and find some good info on blogging. Looks like I’ve stumbled into the right place… IFB ROCKS!!!!