6 Tips to Set Your Blog Goals – Then Achieve Them


“What are your blog goals?”

For any blogger looking to work with brands, this is a question that's commonly asked by brands when vetting bloggers to potentially work with. Not only are they curious to see what kinds of traffic numbers you're aspiring to get (and where you're at now), but they're also getting a feel for your vision for the blog itself. What milestones are you reaching for? Which ones have you reached that you're most proud of? Setting clear, specific goals help you answer these questions confidently, and act as the stepping stones to help you get your blog to that next level.

Goal-setting is fun in the brainstorming process, but often falls to the wayside if there's no clear action plan to follow through to fruition. How can we be the best bloggers we know we can be, if we don't know how we're going to do it?

I spend a ton of time trying to improve my own goal-setting processes, for my blog and everything else in life. I've found that the following tips are a great way to see a goal from “That's an amazing idea” to “I'm so proud I did that, I almost can't believe I did!” Try these tips on your next goals, whether they're as grandiose as creating products and services for your blog or as simple as working your way through writer's block for your next post.

Write 'em down

I'm a big believer in manifest destiny. Speak what you want into existence. Better yet, write your goals down, and keep them somewhere you can be reminded of your goals every day. I keep my vision board in my closet so I can stew on it while I'm choosing my next outfit. My vision board is full of images and short quotes that tie back to various goals I set for myself for the year. I've also got a beautiful notebook where I can keep all of my goals and ideas, and scribble notes or mind-map as needed.

Break 'em down

This is an essential part of the process that can breathe life into the big goals we set and actually bring them to realization. It is SO helpful to break down your goals into smaller steps that can then be added to your to-do list and calendar. Break them down into smaller, manageable steps, then work through as many of the steps as you can until all's said and done.

Put them on your calendar

Once you've got your blog goals written and broken down, jot notes next to each task of how long you think it'll take to complete it. Then, you can plug these tasks into your calendar and voila! they're a part of your day in an achievable way. I recommend taking notes on how long it actually takes to complete these tasks, so you can fine-tune how much time they take up on your calendar in the future.

Find an accountability buddy

Asking for help and being vulnerable is so crucial, yet so, so hard to do. Step outside of your comfort zone and find an accountability buddy who you can tell your goals to. Fellow bloggers and close friends are great resources for this! Holding yourself accountable to someone else is quite the motivator to get things done. They are your personal cheerleaders in the big game of achieving your goals, and fabulous sounding boards for guidance and feedback.


After working through a few steps towards your goal, take a look at what you've done and how you can improve. Then do it again after a few more steps are done. When you achieve a goal, it's crucial to take a look at what worked and what didn't. If you find yourself stuck nowhere near your goal, look at your process and make tweaks accordingly.

Set rewards

It's a common practice to celebrate or set other rewards for a fab job in reaching a goal, but don't forget to reward yourself along the way too. It's all about the journey, not just the destination, right?  Whenever I'm on a deadline, I like to work for 90 minutes before taking a break from the computer. I'll stretch, refill water, or just get some fresh air for a few minutes. That in itself, while small, is motivation to keep going!

If you've got other goal-setting tips, I'd love to hear them below!

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10 Responses

  1. Abbe Elizabeth

    I really love this post, but I’d also like to hear about what your goals might be and how to break them down into smaller steps?
    I agree with your tips and think they help a great deal. I specifically like the idea of posting your goals where you will be reminded of them daily. Whether that be in your car, bathroom, etc.
    I’ve got a post I did similarly in the past about achieving goals and resolutions here at: http://abbeelizabeth.com/2013/12/31/2013/

  2. Monika Faulkner

    My biggest goal right now is to expand my readership and number of page views…500 a day sounds amazing to me!! There, it’s written down!! But what can I do – besides sharing my very best effort for each and every post – to achieve that goal?! Tenacity and consistency are big factors, I’m sure…but am I missing anything important?! I don’t have a roster of Facebook friends to call on for support…how do I get myself “out there?!”


  3. Tiana

    I’m a huge fan of brainstorming as part of the goal setting process. Once I’ve narrowed down my goals I like to brainstorm on all my ideas on how to go about achieving my goals. Then I narrow down my brainstorming ideas into a plan with smaller tasks to complete over a certain time frame to accomplish my overall goal.

    We published a post on Morpha Life a couple months ago with more tips for getting those goals girl!