6 Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience and Boost Your Reputation


Whether your ultimate goal is to blog full-time, or you are happy to keep your blog as a casual, creative project, the more people you have visiting your site, engaging with your content and singing your praises, the better! If you'd love to live with an internet “where everybody knows your name,” heed these ideas and commit to implementing at least one of them this month.

Write for The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post has a ton of different verticals and a non-stop need for content. Well-written, timely pieces by bloggers get published all the time, you simply have to know the secret sauce to getting published. Follow the guidelines for submission (hint: avoid the submission box and find the editor's contact information), and your sartorial thought leadership could be clogging up a Facebook newsfeed near you in days! You can also try your hand at Buzz Feed, Medium, Elite Daily, and Mind Body Green.

Join a Community for Internet Entrepreneurs

Reading IFB is a great way to connect with other fashion & style bloggers, but there are a host of other communities out there with like-minded participants looking to connect and support one another. As an example, I belong to a private Facebook group run by Michelle Ward, the When I Grow up Coach which is filled with other women trying to grow their businesses online. It's a great place to get ideas and support, but it also gives me an opportunity to get in front of different audiences. As a quick example, another member (a copywriter with a lovely blog), asked those of us who identify as introverts to be interviewed about introversion for a blog series she is running.  I jumped at the chance to answer questions about something other than who my style icons are (!) and when my interview goes up in the next several weeks I'll be virtually introduced to her community of small business owners. Neat.

Sign up for HARO

When a journalist or editor is working on a story, he/she will often need a variety of sources to complete a well-rounded piece. Help a Reporter Out is a free service that connects journalists with sources. You can sign up to get a digest of PR opportunities each day, in several different verticals. There isn't one specifically for fashion or style, but the Lifestyle & Fitness category is probably your best bet. Review the opportunities and pitch yourself for stories that sound like a possible fit!

Create a Visual Brandifesto

The web is being dominated by pictures, and one way to build brand awareness is by creating image-based content, or a series of quotes, or quote image combos that people can't help but repin, reblog and repost. With great apps like Wordswag and the Beautiful Mess app, there's no excuse not to take your branded style mantra out into the world and leverage visual content to drive traffic to your blog.

Offer to Guest Post

Identify several sites that you believe have a similar audience to yours and connect with the editor of that site and offer to contribute a guest article. The trick is to come up with a few different article ideas and to bring something new to the table that she isn't currently offering her readers. Perhaps you can contribute an international perspective and pen a shopping guide to your city, or you can offer a DIY tutorial to create a skirt similar to her favorite NYFW look.


If you've been primarily sticking to the written word, try a 10-session podcast. If you've never done a YouTube tutorial, put something together. If you're something of an amateur fashion photographer, submit your photos to My Modern Metropolis. If you spent a ton of time on Twitter, try investing more effort into Instagram. The more places you can be found, and the more you create content in a variety of mediums, the more you increase your chances of being just what the doctor ordered for a new reader.

What have been the most impactful strategies you've implemented to grow your blog traffic and get your name out there?

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  1. Roxanne D'souza

    These sound like great ideas.

    Recently I’ve been getting a number of requests from people who want to do a guest post on my blog. I have never really allowed it before, so I confused as to whether I should or should not. What’s in it for me, I mean I know I will get more traffic when they share their work, however, how can I monitor and make sure that the post is up to the standards and norms that my blog usually follows, without being rude to anyone? Anyone has any opinions on this?

    • Mary King

      I haven’t had guest posts on my own blog, but I was the style contributor for another blog for about a year. The owner of that blog wanted all contributors (there were a handful, but I was the only regular one) to submit posts to her via word document. She made it clear that she would edit any posts as necessary, and reserved the right not to put it up at all. I was fine with that because I understood it was her blog, not mine, and they needed to match with what she was going for.
      I wound up leaving the blog simply because she stopped really “caring.” One post was submitted almost 3 months before a specific event’s date…but she wasn’t getting to the emails being sent to her and posted it a month after the event, so over half my post was edited out because it was discussing the “upcoming” event and the date. And although she required a weekly submission, maybe only around 10 of my posts ever went up. It grew frustrating to continue to write, knowing that she wasn’t going to do anything with it anyway. And it wasn’t that she didn’t feel it was right for the blog…she just wasn’t getting around to posting anything other than her own stuff. Hey, it’s her blog…she can make it all her posts if that’s what she wants. I just think she shouldn’t have put these expectations on me when she wasn’t going to follow through on her end. So I would say that on top of letting the potential posters know that you will edit and post as necessary, that you also need to show the same commitment to your contributors as they are showing to you.

    • Corinne

      I’ve been getting a lot of these too, is it a recent thing?

      It seems like it is companies/businesses that are wanting to write, or people that sell content to blog and are offering to guest post on my blog probably so they can get some backlinks/boost their audience.

      I think guest posting is great for other bloggers, I personally wouldn’t let anyone other than a blogger guest post though. I’d rather write a sponsored review myself rather than get paid to post a whole post, I don’t like the idea of submitting something that isn’t written by me!

    • Lyn

      I recently got an e-mail out of the blue, from a blogger i’ve never heard of before, with the question if she could write a guest post on my blog. On one hand I was quite flattered, on the other hand I found it a bit rude “hey, can I write a post on your blog?”
      I thought exactly the same thing as you ‘what’s in it for me (except for maybe a bit more traffic)?’
      I think it is a good idea to use guest bloggers when you don’t have time yourself (just delivered a baby or another huge thing in your life) but for now..no thank you.. Unless I write a post for her and she for me or another collab but definitely something that has more in it for me than just a guest post right now while I have the time to write myself..

      • Noemi

        Same for me, I’ve been asked by somebody if I wanted him to write a post for my blog, but I didn’t exactly understood the reason. Famous bloggers (who probably have their own collaborators) don’t do this, so why should I accept a post written by a stranger?

  2. Monika Faulkner

    Now, this is EXACTLY what I needed, Crosby…some very specific steps I can take to increase my audience numbers!! The apps you mention sound intriguing…I think I might start there. And I recently became a member of the IFB, so I’m glad I’m able to take advantage of all that this wonderful community has to offer!! Thank you so much!!


  3. Christina Casado

    VERY useful information. I already love the Huffington Post and would love to write for them one day in the style section, but these other websites are great as well, and some who I’ve never heard of. I will def check those out! :-).

  4. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    I have been working with all these wonderful tipps this network has to offer in addition to joining another network last summer which has totally changed blogging. So will see where I am gonna go from here now. Thanks for sharing! Sabina OceanblueStyle

  5. Mericia

    Hi, this strategies are really useful. Thank you very much. I’m a Fashion Marketing student at SCAD Savannah and I just started writing on a blog for my Design I class. Our teacher encourage us to post every week our projects and research on our sites and this week asked us to find other blog writers specialized in our study field for advice on how to improve the quality of our blogs and your strategies look very helpful.

    I hope you have some time to visit my blog :


    Thank You very much !!!

  6. Maggie A

    Definitely a very helpful post. HARO is a bit confusing for me or maybe I need to spend more time with it. :/ The description makes it sound like it is directed more towards companies looking for publicity in the media (Am I wrong?)

    Maggie A

    • Crosby Noricks

      Hi Maggie,

      HARO is essentially journalists looking for sources for stories. They are looking for experts to interview, provide quotes etc. You can also use HARO as a blogger if you are looking for people to contribute to a post. It’s not always super relevant for fashion, but there are people looking for style experts, budget shopping experts etc, and you can pitch yourself as an expert.


  7. Stephanie Pernas

    Great tips, Crosby! Will definitely be implementing all of these ideas into A Sparkle Factor!

  8. Kabyashree Saikia

    Great tips. I have just started off as a fashion blogger although I have been blogging since ages now, but it was mostly lifestyle blogging. I would actually love to write for the Huffington Post. But I mostly look out for collaborating with blogs and zines. But definitely some great tips!


  9. Elena

    Wow, awesome tips! I’ve heard a lot about guest blogging but there are some of what you mentioned have never occurred to me to guest blog for. Well, kind of to guest blg for Huffington Post, though. But thank you for sharing!

  10. payal jain

    Great tips. I have just started off as a fashion blogger although I have been blogging since ages now, but it was mostly lifestyle blogging.but there are some of what you mentioned have never occurred to me to guest blog for. Well, kind of to guest blg for Huffington Post, though. But thank you for sharing!

  11. payal jain

    Great tips. I have just started off as a fashion blogger although I have been blogging since ages now, but it was mostly lifestyle blogging.but there are some of what you mentioned have never occurred to me to guest blog for. Well, kind of to guest blg for Huffington Post, though. But thank you for sharing!