5 Ways to Take your Fashion Blog to the Next Level


So, you've set a blogging goal and achieved it. Now what? Don't stop there…once you reach one milestone, keep working towards the next! Whether you think you've reached the pinnacle of your success, or you're just starting out, there's always something more you can do to take you blog to the next level:


Now: You're taking your outfit pictures in front of the mirror, or inside your house. Your photos get the point across, but are un-interesting (this is where I am right now!).
Next Level: find a photographer who will work with you for exposure (maybe trade social media consulting for photographing your outfits?), get a tripod and set it up outside, or in an interesting location, create a studio (with lighting and a backdrop) in your office. Work with Photoshop (or Pixelmator for a cheaper alternative) on brightening and sharpening your photos. Take a photography class or invest in a new camera to make your photos even better.

Now: You just use basic product images on shopping posts
Next Level: Create collages of product images using graphics software and add design elements. Make your images pin-worth and get more exposure by making them visually appealing and fun. Side note: Vertical images look better on Pinterest, so maybe start creating separate images just for pinning if you use wide images on your blog mostly. I've started doing this.


Now: You're still on Blogger!
Next Level: Take the plunge and move over to self-hosted WordPress. It's much easier than it used to be, and you'll be in complete control over design, monetization, everything, really.

Now: You use a basic theme and don't know how to tweak it
Next Level: learn html and/or css so you can make your blog truly your own and a reflection of your design aesthetic.


Now: You're getting some comments and have a growing number of regular readers
Next Level: Reward your readers and attract new ones with an enticing giveaway. Make sure you're always interacting with readers in the comments; try to reply to every meaningful comment. Ask questions in your posts to inspire even more conversation.

Now: You keep the conversation always on your blog
Next Level: Branch out in to social media. See below 🙂


Now: You mostly stick to Facebook, or just one social media platform
Next Level: Try sharing your posts on twitter, or google+ – create a goal for your social media shares and participation. Stick to it for a month or so, then analyze your stats, etc., to determine where your time is best spent. Figure out where your readers spend most of their social media time, and go there to interact with them.


Now: You're only using affiliate links in your posts
Next Level: Reach out to potential partners and brands you'd like to work with. Send your media kit along with ideas on how you can work together.

Now: You monetize only with advertising and/or affiliate links
Next Level: Start freelancing for other blogs/websites and looking for other sources of income. Do you have a product or service you can sell? Diversification is key if you want to stay in it for the long haul; advertising/affiliate income won't be able to sustain you. Start collaborating with brands on posts or projects or join a group for access to sponsored post opportunities.

What are some ways you've taken your blog to the next level?


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34 Responses

  1. Dilek

    I actually just started my blog (after years of “I’m not ready yet” “I don’t have a good enough camera”), and right now I am just slowly trying to find my blogging style. Financially, I am still not strong enough to invest in a good camera, but I’ll take your advice on finding a photographer who would work with me. As for your question, the thing I did to move my blog to the next level was to learn HTML (I already knew a bit of CSS) and I created my own template (amateur, but mine nonetheless). I’m still learning about the blogging world and monetizing, so I’m hoping that in the future when I know a lot more I can utilize all these advice better. Thank you!

  2. Natalie Gray

    In addition to social, you should be looking out for opportunities to guest post, or for apps/sites that help to distribute your content and help you build a following. Great examples of this are Stylekick, Pose, and Lookbook.

    • Christine Buzan

      Natalie–awesome point. I’ve been starting to use communities like SocialBliss and Lucky Contributors to get my “word” out there too!


  3. Joyce-Lynn

    These are very good tips! They will be put ti use very soon! Thanks!

    Follow Your Intuition

  4. Lyn

    Hi Gretchen, great post with very useful tips!
    I’ve got a pretty important question : now I’m still with Blogger and my plan was/is to buy my own domainname etc. But in the post you said to move to WordPress.. What do you think is the best option? (I want to change because I want my blog to be more professional, I want my lay-out the way exactly the way I want it, etc.)
    If you find it easier to answer in mail, here is mine : [email protected]
    Thanks in advance! x Lyn

  5. Oriana

    These tips are very helpful, now I should put them in place, that is the hardest part, but I´ll do my best. Great to know about the vertical images on Pinterest!

  6. ankita

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  7. Christina`

    Great read! I just recently started my blog this year. I’m currently posting my outfits and shooting in different locations. I’m using blogger for now but I eventually want to move over to wordpress. Thanks for all the wonderful tips! I will be using them soon 🙂


  8. Kenneth Jacobs

    I’m definitely in the area of trying to monetize my site. Definitely wanna take it up a notch and branch out to brands and collaborating. Thanks for these tips!

  9. Eva

    A very helpfull and interesting article. ( Just like all the other articles on ifb! ) I Always love the images with the post by the way!


  10. Tiana

    Great tips and so timely. My best friend and I started our blog a couple of months ago and have gotten pretty good at producing content consistently but now it’s time to get more organized and strategic so this is perfect!



  11. Samia

    Very helpful tips! My best friend is actually partnering with me on my blog and is the brains behind the operation. She knows everything HTML, CSS etc. and helped me design my site the way I want it and I’m on Blogger! If you can’t do everything by yourself, get some help! It makes a world of difference and I love working with my friend on something I’m passionate about!

    Please check out my fashion/beauty/music/advice blog http://www.caughtredbottomed.com – The Real Girl’s Guide To EVERYTHING!


  12. Juliana

    I’m still so new to this blogging thing, so this post really helped! Spring Break is coming up, so hopefully I’ll be able to section off some time to devote to taking my blog to the next level and organising myself to do so.

  13. Jeannie

    This ia very useful. Sometimes i feel like i am stuck because i have a goal but not too sure what to do next. Thanks!

  14. XO Style Stalker

    I took my blog to WordPress.org and I have to say I love everything about it. As a teen blogger, I would love to have a smaller price, but for any adults, it’s no big deal. I also love I can ad some advertisements without giving commission to WordPress.com and having 10,000 page views.
    After that I bought myself a tripod, and found a pretty good camera. It’s a high quality digital, but for Christmas I’m hoping for a DSLR, but I’ll have to figure out how to use that over the break.
    And finally, I’d love to download Photoshop. I want to design my own theme, so that’d be really helpful, and I hate having to use the online templates like PicMonkey for collages and things. And even with those I never seem to get the design I was truly looking for.