4 Ways to Amp up Your Bio or About Me Page on Your Blog


One of the biggest requests I get when working with clients who are fashion bloggers is to help them rewrite their bio or about page. And I totally get it. I'm amazed at how quickly my own about page and bio starts to feel stale or out-of-date, and how hard it is to capture where I've been and where I'm headed in just a few sentences. But beyond just making sure the information is up-to-date, how can you actually go above and beyond the expected – this is who I am and this is what I do around here – and truly delight your readers?

Write Several Different Versions

One challenge is to figure out who you are writing your bio for. Is it intended to be for your readers, publicists and brands, publishing houses, conference coordinators? One solution I have come up with is to include a two different bios on a single page. The first one is written to my readers, in my signature (so they tell me) quirky, funny style. It focuses more on telling short stories that give you an immediate sense of my personality. It's also written in first person. Below that I have a more traditional, third-person bio that illustrates my experience, awards and accolades. This bio is intended for anyone that might want to hire me or invite me to be a part of something – like an event, speaking opportunity, or a publicist who needs a traditional bio in order to pitch me to her boss.

Create a Visual Timeline

There is no reason that your bio has to be in paragraph form. How can you tell the story of you, in a mix of words and images? As a fashion or style blogger, I'm sure that you either have photographic evidence (or mental memory) of what you were wearing at most of the significant moments in your life. Take a cue from the timelines you had to create in history class, and create a visual auto-biography of who you are. You might include what color of lipstick you were wearing at the time, your favorite shoes, or what embarrassing trend you were adopting at that point in time. If you prefer to keep things more in the present tense, what about an illustrated info graphic of the people, places, products, and yes, pets, that make up your world?

Only use Testimonials

Oftentimes our friends and blog readers pick up on the very best things about us – and are more than eager to share how awesome we are.  I know my friends are always good at reminding me of all that I have accomplished, and helping me to accurately describe what it is that I do. What about a bio made up entirely of third-party accolades? Extra points if you also include video testimonials.

Make a Video

I've talked about the benefits of an about video for your blog, but one of the great benefits of doing this as a bio is that you get to demonstrate not only your fashion sense, but your creative or art direction skills. You can create an animated video, a mini documentary using footage from your youth, or a simple day in the life.

No matter which approach you take, it's still important to have some sort of text-based bio for the search engines to crawl. This can be done within the html of your page, your SEO plugin, or in a small paragraph at the bottom of your totally tricked-out, creative approach to a bio.

What have been some of the more creative examples of bios or about pages that you have seen? What types of bios are you drawn to on the other blogs that you read?

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14 Responses

  1. Jeanine Marie

    I just added a about me page or I should say added content to the page. For the longest time I just used my tag line, but I realized that wasn’t cutting it. However with these ideas suggested above, I might make another change. Maybe a video.

    Jeanine Marie

  2. Courtney

    I just recently updated my “About Me” page to include a few more facts about myself that my readers would like to know! I never thought about adding third party testimonials! I’m always looking for new ways to make it more interesting and fun.

  3. debbie

    This is so helpful, I haven’t check my bio for sometime now, I will definitely go and re -write and do the video i’ve been planning for sometime now
    Thanks for the article.

  4. Ema

    One blogger (girl) from Slovakia has in the profile “i do not like gold diggers” :))) , another, native czech has in profile her name, age and her home country Czech republic with small “r”…. This kind of informations says actually a lot! ;))

  5. Aidaq

    I’ve been thinking about my About Me part for such a long time! Some people’s are really amazing, especially when you see the amount of things they’ve been involved in. I’ve always felt like I have to wait do “achieve” something before I can make a really good bio or About me. Hmm, maybe I should just get on it. Great advice! 🙂


  6. Anne the SpyGirl

    Great suggestions! Writing About pages are not easy. These ideas get the creative juices flowing. Liking the Timeline idea! Might do that for my art website as well.

  7. Alexandria Adair Vasquez

    I especially like the idea of an about me video. I’m actually learning how to edit video soon in one of my classes, so maybe that’s a goal to work toward this summer.