6 Ways to Embrace JOMO (The Joy of Missing Out)


JOMO and FOMO. Does this sound like a foreign language to you? Maybe, but if you've ever felt pangs of want or jealousy, you might be all too familiar with the “fear of missing out.” Events, conferences, festivals, the latest “It” bag or shoe you can't afford – you name it. If you're not there, the FOMO might be unavoidable – especially if it seems all of your social media feeds are full of updates and Instagrams from said event.

I bring this up because there will never be a shortage of FOMO, especially in the fashion blogging world. How many times have you gotten (or said) “So jealous!” in a comment on a social media feed? We've all been there. There will always be bloggers out there who we admire for their style, their closet and their travel itineraries. What happens when following them takes up more of our thoughts that we'd like to admit? We lose our focus on what makes us and our own blogs truly unique.

There's a ‘movement' out there to counteract that fear.  JOMO (the joy of missing out) is finding happiness in where and who you are in that moment, not in wishing you were at that event instead. While it might be hard to jump on board the JOMO train when you're in sweats at home scrolling through endless Fashion Week or SXSW Instagrams, I hope you'll consider some of the ways to embrace JOMO instead:


Dust off the ol' editorial calendar and give it a good update with some new ideas for future blog posts. A good Pinterest session, flipping through magazines or journaling can help jog the brain on outfits and other things on your mind. Catching up on your favorite blogs is good to – for inspiration, not to fuel those FOMO feelings!

Do some spring cleaning

Now's a great a time as ever to clean out your closet. You might also give your blog and social media communities a thorough cleaning – editing bios, updating photos or links, and deleting what/who are no longer necessary. (More tips on that here.)

Stay off of social media

This almost goes without mention, but social media is probably the #1 cause of FOMO. Sometimes it helps to just stay off of it for a few hours, days or even weeks. It's amazing how much more focused you become on ‘you' when there aren't hundreds of others to mindlessly check up on! Find the JOMO and be present in the moments that matter to you – offline.

Take some time for yourself

What better way to revel in the joy of missing out than treating yourself to a much-needed indulgence? For me, that might mean a bubble bath or a day without anything scheduled; for you that might mean catching up with your favorite TV show or a day at the spa. In any case, taking care of ourselves is so important and yet among the first things we let slide.

Be proactive

Is there a conference, event or festival you can't shake those feelings of FOMO about? Do some research and budgeting to make sure you can attend the next time it happens. If it's not a recurring event, maybe take the PR rep or event host out for coffee to talk about ways you can work with a brand in the future.

Make your own

I've seen bloggers all over the world create their own fun events and communities in lieu of spending the big bucks to attend something far away. Why not take the lead and bring some fellow bloggers together for a meet up, clothing swap or (dreaming big) a local conference?

What other ways do you revel in the joy of missing out?

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12 Responses

  1. Dilek

    This article is what I needed! I revel in the joy of missing out by making clothes. I love sewing (my dream is to be a designer although I am far from that now), and when I feel down, I just take out my fabrics and patterns and start making something new for myself. That is how I forget and enjoy myself.

  2. Jeanine Marie

    For the longest time, I never gave a hoot what others have or where they go. Then one day a certain blogger caught my attention. Everything I ever wanted was c/o to her. From fashion, electronic or perfume, there was an Instagram of her c/o loot.

    I finally stopped following her. Then I realized that instead of being jealous, I should look around and see the good things I have in life. Then I found a way to make some extra income so I could earn the things I wanted. It is a good feeling.

    Jeanine Marie

  3. Miss Monet

    What a wonderful article! I’m so glad I read this. I too have suffered from FOMO, especially during Fashion Week. Sometimes it’s so hard to see other bloggers going to events, shows and traveling; doing everything that I hope to someday do. Staying off social media for a while works for me, but I am also learning to be patient and appreciate my blog for what it is. Life is all about timing, and my time is coming!
    Oh and thanks for the tip of spring cleaning, my closet could definitely use it! 😉


  4. Monika Faulkner

    I must be really satisfied with my own life, because FOMO is a totally foreign concept to me!! I enjoy reading blogs and seeing what my fellow styleophiles are up to (and I drool over fabulous pieces as much as the next girl!) but it’s never left me wanting to trade places with anyone. I think true happiness comes from making peace with your own circumstance!!


  5. Raivyn dK

    I’ve never really had FOMO problems. I never really cared too much about Fashion Week, etc, honestly. As an entertainer, I know it is my job to make things happen for myself- there is no use sitting around at your computer, coveting things other people have. That’s not reality, that’s living in a fantasy world. Get creative and host your own events! FOMO is just a cop-out.