10 Free Resources to Help You Become an Even Better Blogger


There are a ton of free resources out there to help make life a bit easier and inspirational but my goodness is there a lot of clutter out there. Below are 10 of my recent favorites freebies:

#1 – Danielle LaPorte announced on Wednesday that her formally paid weekly subscription to #desiremap is now FREE! Even if you haven't gone through The Desire Map and charted out your Core Desired Feelings, this component of Ms. LaPorte's empire of feels is sure to provide excellent food for thought.

#2 – Sign up by Friday to gain access to the The Product Publicity Summit and get a host of tips and freebies from top brand marketing folks to help you promote your blog (and get a peek into the PR aside of things!)

#3 –  Your blog can be the platform that launch your creative career. Sign up for Grown Up Gigs and learn how 10 successful women carved out their own creative careers.

#4 – Stop using Google Images for blog posts and choose Flickr’s Creative Commons search – add a credit and link back to the source and you are in the clear.

#5 – If design isn't your forte, use this paint picker (yes, really) to instantly find out which colors are complementary to your outfit, or which colors go with the new orchid banner you want to create.

#6 – Desperate to add that Pinterest hover button to your images? Here's how to do that.

#7 – Mondays at 9pm ET is for you, Twitter and #blogtrends

#8 – Are you ready to take your blog to the next level but the idea of a full-on business plan makes you wish you were still six years old dreaming of unicorn bests? Download the one-page business plan editable PDF. And done.

#9 – I would be lost without these free Photoshop actions from The Pioneer Woman. Lost, I tell you!

#10 – Get up off the couch/blog/floor and MOVE! PopSugar Fitness has a host of YouTube workouts, most of which are less than 10 minutes. Lift, and lower! and then get back to work!

What free resources have you discovered lately?

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16 Responses

  1. Anna

    Resources for more “creative” writing would be also welcome! Any ideas?

  2. Naza Chukwumam

    I love these resources..using some of them already! but i would love to see more resources on creating compelling visuals, i think i have a problem in that area..any ideas

  3. Zuma Ayriyan

    Oh, you are so helpful! I’m learning so much from every post! I hope one day I can repay by helping others! Thank you!
    Meanwhile, I am submitting one of my links to Links a la Mode. xx

  4. choolee

    i am really trying so hard to be a better blogger and maybe to make it as my own business in some days. i really push myself every single day to keep great content on my blog to post nice pictures and so on but it seems like i am missing something but i dont know what so it would be great if you can check out my blog and give me some feedback 🙂

    cant wait to read from you 🙂

  5. Joelle

    Incredible, useful resources for us bloggers!

    One of the blogging resources that has been a huge help for me is http://www.picmonkey.com – a free photo editing site for those of us without photoshop.

    I’ve also found great success in googling ‘free Lightroom presets’ to assist my photo editing. Some may say that presets are cheating, and maybe they are – but they sure are an easy way to take your blog photos to the next level!

    Looking forward to reading more articles,


    • Anastasia

      I agree! I love it and have used GIMP for years, too! I just learned how to make image maps in it under the Filters menu. Do people still use image maps? I’ve been wondering if it’s worth the extra effort.

  6. Blonde Bias

    Love the Pinterest hover button! I think people can get a little lazy and not want to scroll back up and pick from their favs, so it is nice to have an option for right that moment! Also have been filling in the business plan before I officially launch my blog. I think it will be a good roadmap for my journey!