Spring Clean your Blog + Try Something New


It's spring! Finally!! Maybe you're cleaning out your closet or your home, ready for the warmer weather and something NEW. Don't stop there though – take the momentum to your blog.

Here are some things you can do to make the back end of your blog leaner, meaner & more efficient for spring – and going forward (and it doesn't take very long):


Check through spam and see if it missed any “real” comments
Empty spam comments
Respond to comments


Back up your database (here's a good article on IFB on how to do that)
Back up your files
Install plugins to do this automatically


Update your plugins
Delete plugins you're no longer using


Delete outdated blog links on your sidebar
Check your affiliate links, product links in content (the broken link checker plugin is great for this)


Make sure you have the latest version of your theme
Backup any files you may have changed


Make sure it's updated to the latest version for security reasons

Now, are you ready to shake it up a little bit?? Try something new? Break out of your comfort zone? Whether you did it for the new year or not, spring is a great time to try something different on your blog. Perhaps you were thinking of trying out a new theme, or switching to a magazine style instead of a blog style layout. Maybe you'd like to write more, or get more personal with your readers. Go ahead, do it.

Chances are your readers are also feeling an itch for something new and different in their own lives, inspire them to do a new thing or two by doing it yourself.

Getting out of your Blogging Bubble (then write about it!)
Bring some gratitude to your blog
Taking your blog to the next level
Choosing a new blog theme

What is something new you want to try on your blog? Have you done your spring cleaning yet?

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16 Responses

  1. Sharon

    I am currently doing this. I, for some reason, had too many plugins. I would take this a step further . . . which I have and am doing . . . organizing my whole social media presence. I am making sure everything is cohesive among all my blog’s profiles/pages. That my personal profiles also represent me and the brand I want to put forth. And that my blog, brand, and personal being are ready for the next step.

  2. Carmen

    So true! Spring cleaning applies to everything haha I need to whip my blog up to shape again haha


  3. Kotryna Bass

    you’re so right! blogs can feel a bit down after winter time, these small steps would really help out a lot.

    if you guys need any help with your blog themes or are looking for a complete new one- take a loook at my shop, I would love to help: http://kotrynabassdesign.etsy.com

  4. Chelsea Pearl

    Great tips! I recently did a major overhaul of all my installed widgets and tracking codes, since something I couldn’t 100% pinpoint was slowing my site down. After 20 minutes of updating widgets with latest and greatest code available, the problem was fixed and the code was much more simplified. I recommend this as a good blog spring cleaning task to consider. You’ll probably be able to clean up a lot of unnecessary code.