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Striking the right balance between producing a beautiful product (your blog) and monetizing it, is hard work. A new product just released by helps you to do both without sacrificing the design of your blog. Progrids is only opening their program to 200 more fashion bloggers in this phase but anyone mentioning Independent Fashion Bloggers will be allowed in!

So what is ProGrids? Check out the post example below:


What is ProGrids?

ProGrids is the first native advertising platform designed exclusively for the Fashion Industry. We connect fashion bloggers and website owners who produce great content with Top Brand Fashion advertisers who are looking to get their message out with a seamless shopping widget. ProGrids is like a tiny curated fashion boutique in every one of your posts.


Key Features:

Great Matches: The ProGrids Fashion Widget automatically matches the content of each of your blog posts with related Fashion Products from our advertisers, like NastyGal, Forever 21, ShopBop, Nordstrom and many others. The widget is completely native to your website, meaning that the look and styling matches your blog.

Get Paid For Every Click: Unlike most Fashion Networks that only pay when a sale happens, (CPA), we pay by Cost Per Click (CPC).  CPC is (1) easier for you to track, (2) more transparent and (3) generally higher earning. Working on CPC also allows us to optimize the products on your website to earn you better commissions over time.

Earn More Money Without More Banner Ads:  The ProGrids widget is good content that your readers will like, not plain and distracting advertising. Even if you already work with an affiliate network, blog network or display ad company, you can add the ProGrids Shopping Widget at the bottom of your post to earn additional income without worrying that you are cluttering up your site.

Receive Detailed Reporting: offers real time reporting on your widget earnings, impressions, clicks/conversions, and more.

Easy to Implement: Using our easy one time set-up, once you customize the layout and size of your widget using our simple widget builder and insert the code (or WordPress plugin) onto your site, the widget will do the rest. It pulls design information from your site’s styling and automatically incorporates it into the widget’s own design, making it look like a piece of your own content.


Who is Using ProGrids?

We’re glad you asked!  We have over 200 publishers in our program, and are always looking to add great fashion focused bloggers such as yourself.  Here are a couple of bloggers that we work with:

ProGrids Fashion Bloggers:



How do I Sign up for ProGrids, and get your widget on my blog?

It's Easy!

  • Sign up here
  • Build your customized widget
  • Copy the widget’s code (or download our WordPress Plugin
  • Insert the code into your site’s HTML where you want the widget to appear.

If you have any questions at all, please email Paul, at [email protected].  If you say you were referred by Independent Fashion Bloggers, we have a cool gift for you!

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6 Responses

  1. Kajol

    This sounds interesting! I’ve just signed up for it and created my widgets! The installation was super easy and quick. The widgets blend really well with the design of my website. So far so good! 🙂

    xx Kajol

  2. cindrella

    It’s interesting to see that no one from the listed bloggers do not have this affiliate… 😉