iPhone Shopping Apps You’ll Want to Download ASAP


I wish I knew enough about technology to create an app, but luckily, there are plenty of fashion and tech savvy entrepreneurs who have been paving the way with a bevy of uber cool apps that serve the fashion blogging community well. Here are a few, that for the most part, are relatively new, and I think you will find handy for inspiration, research, and blogging purposes, if not, downright enjoyable for general personal use!


House Account
Available for: iPhone and iPad
What it Does: The app tracks your location to provide boutiques in your area that you can “follow,” as well as scroll through their current merchandise in a Pinterest/Instagram-like format, that you can then proceed to follow, like, comment on, share, buy or chat with a sales rep, or even call the store. It's a great way to discover new boutiques, and just by doing a search in my area (I'm in midtown, Manhattan), shops large and small popped up. It's an innovative mode to discover new stores and items, interacting with product and customer service in a whole new way. I can see it being quite helpful when traveling, or even discovering new places to shop at across the country from the convenience of…wherever you roam or reside.


Available for: iPhone, iPad
What it Does: Similar to House Account, Snapette has the ability to search stores in your area, offering up the latest products alongside sale information, exclusive offers, and in-store events. Set notifications to be alerted to the shopping news and deals, or peruse the app when it's convenient. A unique feature is the ability to follow celebrities and style influentials to see what they are buying and where they are shopping.


Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android
What it Does: Although it isn't brand new, the Net-A-Porter app has recently gotten a makeover and grown to include more app options and features, with more ways to shop and use the site and app to your liking. Of course it has its traditional trend round ups that group products together and a “what's new” section that exactly mimics the website's, but most interesting to me is the interaction between platforms. There is an option to scan the PORTER magazine, which is a bi-monthly print magazine that is brought to life to become shoppable by using the app (also available in a digital format) . If you've ever been frustrated by trying to track down and purchase a product you saw in a magazine, this will certainly present itself as extremely advantageous. With the aid of icons, you'll know when and where to scan, and what kind of info and content to expect as well, i.e. videos, that you'll be going to a third party website to view the merchandise, or when to tap to view a list of products.


PS Dept.
Available for: iPhone, iPad
What it Does: This app zeroes in on the customer service side of shopping, providing a direct portal to sales staff at the stores that work with PS Dept.  Select a store and scroll through offerings, or directly ask a sales associate for help locating what you need. You can also check out/purchase items directly through the app.  Most of the stores featured that I found were high end, such as Barneys New York and Fleur du Mal, however, a great incentive to shop through the app is the free shipping and returns offer.

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