Why Do You Share Your Personal Style?

As personal style blogging has become quite a burgeoning category,  there's certainly room to contemplate why it's an increasingly popular genre of blogging. Do those of us who do it because we suffer on a sliding scale of egomania? Are we helping our readers truly become inspired and educated on how to wear and pair garments? Are we selling a lifestyle? Has personal style blogging developed into a “me too” culture, or feels like a mandatory category all fashion-related bloggers have to at least dabble in a bit (or it's assumed that we all do it)?

In a world rife with selfies, it seems more and more natural to post photos of oneself on any and every digital platform, however, with more people doing this, the challenge comes down to making them catered to the individual and his/her mission as a blogger, instead of feeling cookie-cutter and same-old that everyone else is doing it and pretty much wearing the same trends and garments.

So why is it so important to share your personal style, and why do you do it? What do you get out of it?

For me, I feel quite sheepish and never 100% comfortable being in front of the camera, yet I do it week after week since my readers seem to really respond the most positively to it. It definitely takes more work than just writing up a post, and putting yourself out there can always pose a bit of a risk from a criticism standpoint. After the post is live, however, I always feel a tremendous sense of pride that I brought all of these elements together to make it happen, and in many cases, am in the rare position of being model, photographer, artistic director, editor, and writer wrapped up into one.

I do have to admit that when it's done very well, I can become mesmerized by great personal style photos, and like to forgot about all of the super hard work that can go into capturing the shots. Wearing something is the best kind of endorsement for it, and I'd rather take photos of myself wearing something and thus making the object come alive, then throw up some shots of just the objects themselves against a bleak backdrop. The answer still feels quite elusive, however, as to why I do it, especially when it's hardly my favorite aspect of being a blogger.

 What are you looking to derive from personal style photos, and what do you professionally and personally get out of  doing it?

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Blogging at her site Fashion Pulse Daily since 2008 and working on fashion's editorial side since 2003 has lent Julia the acumen to think creatively and endure in the colliding worlds of blogging, fashion and beauty. New York City is her backdrop for inspiration (and many a outfit photo), where she is often found on her couch, feverishly typing away at her latest post, with her trusty feline at her side. Follow her on Instagram , Twitter, and Pinterest.

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21 Responses

  1. Zuma

    Hmm, good point! And so true! I blog because I love it. But posing for photos makes me feel awkward. However, I do think that it’s necessary to model my clothes because it makes what I write relatable – just like most women, I am not a model, and my readers want to see the clothes on a real person, so they can decide if it is for them or not. As beautiful photos in Vogue are, they are expressions of art, not reality. Fashion blogs are about the real world and real wardrobe. So the posing, whether we like it or not, comes with the job. Great post Julia!

  2. Anneke Forbes

    I think one of the main reasons people follow blogs as opposed to traditional forms of fashion media is because of the personality behind it. People crave human connection and it’s only so long before they start to wonder; who are you?

    It’s likely that your readers are pumped to make a personal connection to you through your outfit posts, but if you’re uncomfortable being a “model”, consider other ways to show your face and make that visual connection. One of my favourite blogs just started creating a “Casual Friday” feature, that gives their readers a behind the scenes look at their week in an honest, unpretentious way.

    Best of luck!

  3. Joelle

    I was surprised by how quickly I would latch onto the ‘personal style’ component of my blog – it has quickly transformed from a lifestyle blog to almost exclusively one that explores my personal style.

    I truly enjoy creating a personal style post. Not only do I love and appreciate the feedback I get from the post, but I also like the sense of accountability the whole thing gives me. I now, more than ever, put much more thought and effort into my outfits and feel much more confident because of it 🙂


  4. Courtney

    I do it out of fear that if I don’t I will wear a great outfit and nobody significant will see it…just kidding. Thats a really hard thing to answer, and I almost feel like my personal style has gotten more defined since I started blogging…hm.


  5. Amy

    I love reading posts like this because it really reminds me to put that extra step of thought in when I take outfit photos. I choose to do personal style posts mostly because I love photography and have never had a friend group who’s willing to be infront of the camera. I watched photographers like the Clothes Horse and Delightfully Tacky practice their talents all on their own and just recently had the courage to get out there and join them.
    But life always gets in the way of ideals, so I need the reminder to think beyond just dress, pose, snap.

    • Julia

      This is awesome- so nice to hear Amy, and for all of us to remember to think beyond “dress, pose, snap.” – love that!

  6. Fashionur

    Fashion blogs started creating a “Casual Friday” feature, that gives their readers a behind the scenes look at their week in an honest, unpretentious way. I think one of the main reasons people follow blogs as opposed to traditional forms of fashion media is because of the personality behind it.

  7. Fashion

    Thanks for Julia.
    Chaque blog est un blogueur réflexion intérieure. Un blog doit refléter le caractère du blogueur. J’apprécie vraiment la création d’un poste de style personnel.

  8. Roxanne D'souza

    It took me 2 years before I ventured into the personal style category.
    I look at personal style (from other) as an inspiration to mix textures or colours or silhouettes, or a tiny guide on ‘how to wear THAT skirt if you have a slight tummy’ or a ‘4 different ways to wear that shirt’ sort of thing.
    Hence I try and create the same as well. I wouldn’t just put on a pair of denims and a cute blouse and call it an outfit post, I would generally try and push it forward to help inspire whoever may stumble upon my blog.
    The best part is, I’m not the skinnest person out there. Like could never be mistaken for a model, and that is what would make me relate-able.
    I recently won a ‘best fashion blogger in India’ title via a blogger platform in India, and of course I was ecstatic about it.. So when I shared it on Facebook from my personal account, a random male acquaintance said things like ‘who knew such things existed? Craziest way to be famous’ – to which of course I said ‘it is? I worked hard for it, didn’t come that easy to me’ and he replied back ‘I know…it takes a lot of effort and patience to keep changing clothes for pics’ an that’s when I truly realized what most people think about personal style bloggers!
    Hey but haters can hate. We’ll still dress up, pose and take pictures! 🙂
    (quite a ramble this went on to)


  9. Angie

    For me, it is more about the look I have created. It is not look at me, what I bought or how much it cost. I want my outfits to elicit an emotion. That is where personal style succeeds. The feeling is similar in interior design. It is not about the room, but what is in it. The pieces alone might not excite you, but together they sing.

    Plus it is ALWAYS important to see clothes on real people. Bonus if you can find a blogger with your same body type!!


  10. M

    I feature personal style as a tiny part of my blog, but I do feel I HAVE to do it otherwise it’d be just a big, faceless blog. People just respond more to those posts than any other. I struggle with that because for me it’s the lowest common dominator of blogging. Sure, it takes physical effort with changing clothes, setting up cameras or scouting locations, but little by way of brain power. Most personal style bloggers write very little justification in their style posts – what inspired them, why are they posting it etc – and that’s what makes it seem vacuous and very ‘me me me’ to those looking in. Many of the bloggers who do that nearly always have, or had, an account on LookBook.nu, which very much breeds that ‘look at me’ culture.

  11. Eva Pal

    Thank you for the article, it touches that vague feeling of uncomfortable about posting photos of self. I am new to blogging and my choice of posting selfies was kind of a decision of convenience. I wanted to share my vintage pieces in a weekly post and even though that I know many wonderful professionals because I work in the fashion industry, for me to find a photographer and a model every week available at the place and time I needed them seamed very improbable. Voila, my one-woman-show blog was born.

  12. debiparna

    I am a plus-sized blogger and I promote body positivity. It feels good when readers (thin or big) contact me and say I inspired them to experiment with a trend. I can either see this like I am influencing the consumer market, or as helping real people deal with their body image issues.

  13. Jeannie

    This is a very interesting article. I’m a personal style blogger and have been blogging for a little bit over a year. I agree that it is a lot of work becuase there are a lot of elements involved (clothing, shoes, accessories, camera, weather etc.) but at the end of a good photoshoot it’s somewhat rewarding. I do this out of hobby and it gives me an outlet other than just my 9-5 job.

  14. mc

    Great posts! Really reminds me to reflect upon what I do. I find inspiration in looking through personal style blogs, whether it’s a certain piece of clothing, ways to style a piece of clothing, or just different perspective on fashion and style. I blog because I want to inspire other people.


  15. Lara

    I am a sucker for clothes and accessories (especially alternative styles and vintage). Long time ago (in a galaxy far far away ;)), along with some other topics in my blog, I used to post pictures of my clothes and stuff thrown on the bed or hanging on the hangers but they looked pretty much blah that way – so I decided to take pics wearing them. The downside is that I have to slap on some make up in order to look presentable in the pics 😉 (Not a fan of headless shots ;))

  16. Hayfa

    I have always been a fashion and personal style lover. However, I have just recently started following non-celebrity blogs and I was amazed with how few of them can really be convincing with their personal style! As a hijabi, I always wanted to have a blog about a personal style presenting a nice mix between hijab and modern fashionable trends. I never found a blog that truly represented my style so I opened my own for others to get ideas since my outfit choices have always been praised by people around me and encouraged me to create a blog.


  17. Amy J. Frost

    I started my blog specifically to share my personal style. I have literally had people tell me they stalk me to see what I’m wearing. While I’m trendy “ish” I don’t necessarily style my outfits they way every magazine does or the way you would see a mannequin in a store. I like to pick pieces that I honestly like and wear them in a way that makes me feel good. Am I comfortable in front of the camera? Well, more so now than I was at the beginning, but let’s face it… I’m not a professional model. I’m learning as I go by deleting most of the photos I see of myself. I actually prefer seeing personal style blogs because they’re real people in real outfits — not models styled by a designer for a magazine. I think it’s what makes us all unique and special!

  18. Anastasia

    It ‘s kind of mix of things – I share my personal style, but I do so only with the most interesting outfits in my point of view, that can inspire my readers and when their are linked with some stories or analytic. Simple shirt with jeans usually is not the case. I also feel that as time goes on my personal style got more polished – thanks to the blog I became more demanding to the way I dress.




  19. Osy Osehie

    I am a personal style blogger but I plan to incorporate celebrity styles too because I have had some outfits that were inspired by a celebrity. I choose to share my personal style because it’s a form of learning and improving also. I get feedbacks on what I did right and what might also look good and it’s great to get these.