It IS all about your numbers. Sort of.


Even though we tell you over and over again that quality is more important than quantity, and numbers don’t matter, it’s not true. We all want it to be true, because in an ideal world, the quality of your content would be more important than how many followers/readers you have, but it’s not.

Your numbers are your first impression, and many times they’re the first interaction that a PR firm or brand marketer will have with your blog. Sometimes it is the other way around; they’ll visit your blog and see the content, photographs, and layout first, and then do some research on your numbers, but I’ve found that most of the time, the opposite is true.

What this means is that under most circumstances if your numbers don’t reach a pre-determined threshold, you’ll be ignored. This happens (to me) all.the.time.

So what do you do if you don’t have the numbers you want to get the attention of the big brands? How do you make up for that to get more attention from brands and PR companies?

Be Realistic

First, be realistic about the amount of traffic/followers you should expect based on how long you’ve been blogging and how hard you work at it. If you’ve only just started your blog, then maybe you won’t have 10,000 unique visitors a day, or 20,000 twitter followers. Also consider your niche and potential reach. If you write about a very niche subject, your appeal won’t be as wide as a blogger who has a more general reach.

If you’ve only just started, then slog on and focus on your content rather than your numbers. Once you’ve had enough time to really understand how you’re growing and get a feel for your niche and audience, then you can concentrate on increasing your numbers. Because even though numbers are important, you won’t get them without also having quality content.

Be pro-active

Reach out to brands and companies you want to work with and send them your media kit with some ideas on how you can work together. Focus on what you can bring to the table OTHER than loads of impressions and eyeballs. Get yourself OUT there in front of as many people as possible. Be visible, establish yourself as an expert and don’t be shy about what you DO have to offer.

Focus on the positive

Bring more attention to your photos and content on your media kit than your numbers. I’ve re-done my media kit in pdf format using images and not so much text, which gives me an opportunity to focus on what I bring to the table OTHER than a lot of traffic or Facebook likes.

Also, really hone in on what makes you different – and accentuate the positive. Maybe you have a high conversion rate for affiliate sales, or CTR on google ads, or you’ve had great advertiser relationships; those should be your main focus in your media kit, not your unique visitors, or impressions if those are relatively lower. Display the stats that might not be so good in a smaller font, put them at the bottom, whatever it takes to highlight your more positive aspects.

Certain numbers have to be there, but you don’t have to bring more attention to them than necessary!

Also, on your site bring attention to collaborations you’ve done, articles you’ve written, where you’ve been featured, and anything you’re proud of at the top of your sidebar. This is also a great place for a photo and an “about” blurb.

Omit things

I don’t have a lot of Pinterest followers, so I don’t mention them in my media kit or in discussions with brands. I do have quite a few twitter followers, so I always mention those. You should ALWAYS include your unique visitors, page views, and time on site in your media kit, but you don’t have to include all the social media platforms, especially if you focus more on some than others.

Overall, focusing on being the BEST you can at whatever you decide to do is the only way to achieve success. I'm honestly not sure HOW you can get your numbers (page views, unique visitors, etc.,) on par with some of the big bloggers because I think a lot of it is luck (being at the right place at the right time, being exactly what people want RIGHT NOW), and knowing the right people (how to get linked and featured). Quality content is a given, but beyond that, it's hard work and hustling.

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  1. Mimi

    Thank you for this. I am in this category – I don’t have the numbers I want to share but yet I am now being asked for media Kits by some agencies. I have just kept slogging away for quality and consistent content despite my numbers. I will definitely use your tips for my upcoming media Kit. X Mimi

  2. Noemi

    I really would like to have more visits and more comments on my blog and this is holding me back from contacting brands I would like to work with. But another thing is preventing me from doing this is that I still don’t want to put my face on my blog. I’m not a personal style blogger and even if I write about beauty products I do it without photos of myself. Even if I try to follow your advice to gain comments… for me it doesn’t work. I mean I go and visit other blogs and leave sincere comments and almost nobody comes to mine to do the same. I visited some blogs with literally no comments, left a few ad then these bloggers didn’t comment on mine and didn’t even answered to my comments. I know I’m going off the main topic but is there anyone else like me?

    • Ahhhsoneo

      hi Noemi
      I’m afraid I was the same way. A beauty blogger who was anxious about putting my face on my blog. I recently overcame that fear though, after encouragement from Jessie of style and pepper. I’ve only put my picture up a few times but I can notice the difference in traffic sense then. Blogs are really about personality, and when you cannot put a face to a blog, it makes it harder for the personality to show. Does that make sense. She advised me that blogs are really about making connections so if your readers don’t get a clear sense of who you are, it’s hard for them to make that connection. As to leaving comments on blogs, you just have to keep at it. I don’t blame some of the big bloggers for not responding, especially if they get hundreds of comments a day, but keep going. People will find you. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself!

      • Noemi

        Thank you for the reply. I don’t know why I don’t want to put my face on the blog, but I’m also quite shy. Maybe I’ll put some close-ups, to show an eyeshadow or a mascara. About comments, I know there’s the netiquette so when I visit big (or huge) blog I don’t expect anything, but when I visit a small blogger, much smaller than mine, I expect to be visited, too, or at least an answer. When I started blogging, almost 2 years ago, I didn’t answer to comments because I read that doing it proved that you were quite desperate… and that advice was totally wrong!!

  3. Wafaa

    I’m one of these new bloggers that you are talking about, I just started last month and I was a bit intimidated by the high numbers of followers I see on other fashion bloggers. Although I spend huge amount of time to create a great professional content but I have the same problem like many other new bloggers which is I feel that no one is reading what I write. This is really putting me down especially after the long hours I spent editing my photos. But I guess I have to be more patient and never give up, thanks for the amazing tips 🙂

  4. Eva Pal

    Thank you for the article! Me too like Wafaa I am one of those…and me too I am thinking that I am the only one reading my blog. But I love doing it so much that whenever that “down” comes (like when I visit hugely successful blogs and compare my 2 month old “babyblog” to them) I just have an idea and start working on a new post, completely loosing myself in it. So, who cares if nobody reads it, I have so much fun doing it!

  5. Julie

    It’s A LOT of work to gain the numbers that you want! Don’t expect to post something and leave it there overnight and expect visitors to find it.
    Lots and lots of online presence is a must if you even want to stand a chance with growing your numbers.

    I really love the tip about highlighting your strengths 🙂

  6. Carmen

    Such an amazing guideline! Thank you for this! I always thought that you had to include every little detail in your media kit but now I can feel relief in leaving my weaker points out of the equation hehe


  7. Hayfa

    Very insightful article! Before creating my own blog recently I had researched a lot about numbers, views and how to get marketing deals. I came to conclusion that luck plays an important role if you have significant views at the beginning only. However, luck will not help after if you have mediocre or boring content. You should really be consistent and try to present the best of what you have and most importantly BE patient. With patience and the right content, viewers will come eventually even if it takes a while. That is the consensus of bloggers who made it big.


  8. TlvBirdie

    Focus on the positive part is really great and I will definitely try to implement some of the ideas while discussing projects with brands. But, I have to say, several times new blogs (and here I am talking about mine as well) fall behind applying for brand’s collaboration where you can not be considered without standing by the default numbers they expect you to have. I am blogging about a year (with a big gaps though), but I still can’t reach like 500 followers on Bloglovin.. So, I think to get a chance be taken seriously with bigger brands, start with small ones first and numbers will come. That is what I am trying to do.
    I partly agree about luck, though the hard work is everything (idea, quality and network).

    Olya from TLV Birdie Blog

  9. Linda Dulani

    I have been at it for a year now and l’m still yet to acquire the numbers that l want. I have a blog twitter account with only 20 followers since last year and the account refuses to grow. However my blog visitors are increasing. In the beginning l would get 60 visitors per month now it’s increased to 1000 so now l understand that it takes time and hard work to get numbers.

  10. Sophie

    This is sad, but true. Even I am sometimes guilty of checking how many followers a blog has and making some kind of judgement (or comparing it to mine) before I even get a proper look at the content. I’ve had quite a lot of views and am slowly getting more comments but rarely get more followers. I’ve been blogging for over 3 years and working hard at it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! I try not to dwell on it though and just post about the things I love. With schoolwork and exams though, I rarely get time to network. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong.

  11. Anastasia

    Once I was reached by the brand with the offer to contribute to their project with bloggers. I was pleased but at the same time it looked a bit strange in terms that my traffic so far is fast from being “good-looking” for brands. You know what was their reason to do so? As the PR girl told me later, among well-known faces who would bring good numbers for them for sure, they needed also new, fresh blogger names but with the good potential for growing. And my humble numbers were was attracted them. Back to the article, from my editorial experience in magazines I can say for sure, that most important thing for PR in general is the good statistic, and only secondly comes the content. Sounds a bit sad for middle-sized bloggers, but true..



  12. Jennifer Coyle

    Great tip to accentuate the positives and leave the other ones out. It’s like resume writing back in the day… where if your GPA was below a certain point, they advise you to just casually leave it off.

  13. Maya

    This is so true! Especially for pr agencies, they always focus on the numbers first, quality often comes second (sadly). I see it all too well that they don’t take the effort to connect to newer blogs or even those who’ve been around long enough but still aren’t as big as the older blogs. Even when those latter don’t always blog genuinely about an event anymore

  14. Rachel

    Blogging is a whole new world to me and there is a lot of trial and error involved in getting the followers, hits and clicks. Finding some genuine clear advice is appreciated greatly. Thank you. Xx