How to Come Back To Fashion Blogging After a Long Break


At the tail end of March, I re-launched my dormant style blog, The Coveted. I hadn't posted regularly in over TWO YEARS. I had fallen out of blogging about my personal style, for several reasons, focusing more on growing IFB, then having a baby, then taking care of the baby, everything seemed to take a priority over sharing my personal style. Even though I never closed the blog, not posting made me feel a bit sad. Like something was missing out of my life. Sure, I tried to justify why I didn't want to post on my blog anymore, but the truth was, it was very much a creative outlet for me, and I loved it.

So much has changed in two years, that I couldn't just pick up where I left off. Sure, I could ‘share my style' but what made me different from everyone else doing the same thing? Before re-launching, this is what I did.

Identify Why You Ran Out of Inspiration

There was a reason why I stopped. I felt overwhelmed with the abundance of outfit blogs, all of which were fabulous, but I kind of lost the point of why I needed to share my own style with so much wonderful content out there. Not having a mission beyond “expressing myself” became a huge stumbling block for me. What was the point?

Everyone has a different reason for running out of steam. Plateauing, losing the plot, not growing fast enough, lifestyle change, whatever. What made you stop blogging? And more importantly, what do you need to change so it doesn't happen again?

Create a New Mission

With everything you learned from your experience from a blog that “failed” you can use that knowledge to create a new mission for your blog that has more staying power. Chances are, you've monitored the blogosphere while you were not posting, what has staying power? What blogs to you continue to read year after year? What holes in exist in your niche? Do you feel passionate enough about that kind of content to fill that hole?  When I decided to come back to my blog, I looked at what led me astray. I had veered away from content that was personally meaningful. I had shied away from sharing my experiences and relating them to my readers, and to the world outside. I also noticed that there were not so many personal style blogs from women in my niche, older women with young babies, even though I know a lot of us personally, I do know that women in my demographic want to remain stylish, but also like rich content. I felt in relaunching The Coveted, I would cater to that niche in providing posts about life and fashion along with my personal style.

Set Goals for Your Relaunched Blog

Whether it be a goal like, “Post four times a week.” or “Get X amount of traffic by X date.” or “Earn X amount of dollars by X date.” Even if you have a new blog, setting goals can help you keep your eye on the prize. The goals will help you maintain focus and keep you from falling back out into your hiatus.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Created an editorial calendar by writing out what posts you want to deliver to your audience. Your old readers will be excited you're back! So make sure you have a well-thought out stream of excellent content to win them back to being regular readers. It's also a great habit to get into as you get your stride back.

Redesign Your Blog

Nothing sets your blog anew like giving it a makeover. If you've been out of commission for a while, chances are there have been loads of new developments in blog design, and you don't want your blog to look outdated even if you've never taken a break. Make your reentry to the blogosphere an event with a new blog design.

Let Your Old Readers Know

This is something that I'm working on, but letting your old readers know you've come back is the best way to get the momentum back. They probably miss you, and your most dedicated readers will probably share with their friends as well.

What else do you suggest for relaunching your blog after a long break?

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12 Responses

  1. Elena

    This post is exactly what I needed! After having a baby I stated making excuses about posted on a daily basis and it was hard to come back. What helped me to find a new inspiration and motivation is: redesigning the blog, finding new blogger friends and signing up to blogging conferences

  2. Lizbeth Kariuki

    This is a great post! Especially since we mostly run our blogs on our own; there’s no one else who’ll post for us when we take a break. This is will be a guide to making that comeback with a bang!

  3. Lani Nguyen

    Great post! So relatable! I was literally just going through these exact steps this past weekend. Glad to hear I’m on the right path. 😉

  4. abl

    Great article! I’m in the same boat Jennine! Now that he’s almost a year old and I’m more well rested (most of the time), I’m getting back into regular blogging. What really helped me was setting small achievable goals. First it was 1 post a week, now I’m up to 2, but most weeks I do more.

    Trying to juggle a full time job, a baby (and a 12 year old) and blogging isn’t easy, but I don’t beat myself up if one night i’m too exhausted to work on my site. The key is just to never give up.

  5. Shug Avery

    Since I started working, it has been hard on me blogging while I am really loving it. I kept on announcing my readers I was back by writing some articles but it was never as regular as before. Now that one month has passed without me posting anything I feel sadder than ever, probably because one of my goal was to have great conversations with my readers, I feel like not posting anymore made me miss such great exchanges and encounters… Some of them even wrote to me to get some news about me AND the blog which I found amazing. Blogging links you to people in a way I just find extraordinary, each time I receive a mail from a reader I just want to immediately go back blogging (which I will do for sure!).
    Thank you for such an article Jennine! It will surely be helpful!

    Shug Avery

  6. Hey Mishka

    Thanks for sharing, Jennine — this is definitely relateable. I made the conscious decision to stop blogging around October last year, picked it up again during the early spring, but am now losing steam once more. My reasons were really content-based and to do with time restrictions, but that feeling that your life is missing something is exactly what tipped me off to knowing I had to find a way to relaunch and make blogging a sustainable part of my life again. Time to do some brainstorming and planning!


  7. spery

    After your post I’ve completely redesign the blog (which I own since 2002 but left alone 1-2 years ago) and refocus on the kind of content I would like to write about. In this moment of my life I really need to write, express myself, meet new people and have something to take my mind occupied. So thank you once more for your practical and very inspiring advice, and good look for your comeback!

  8. LamaHQ

    The idea to create an editorial calendar was exactly what I needed. Seeing all my planned posts actually helped me generate new content.

    Brilliant post!