The Value of Linking To Other Bloggers


You've heard that saying “karma is a bitch,” right? Well, it can be pretty awesome too. Although I prefer to rephrase it: you get what you give, and if you're sending link love out there to the blogosphere, it's likely you'll get it back. We talk a lot about commenting on other blogs as a way to grow your traffic and community, but what about linking to other blogs on your own blog?

Linking out to other bloggers you admire and are inspired by not only validates their work and message, but yours as well. It's a great tool you can use to grow your community, and generally will attract new readers when/if the linked blogger reciprocates. Use this tool wisely though, and be sure to “know” who you're linking to!

How to do it:

Weekly link roundups

To be honest, I haven't always been a fan of these, but I'm coming around! If they're done well (like here on IFB) and are a thoughtful roundup of interesting/inspiring links with some context, then they can provide great content for your readers, in addition to making yourself known to the bloggers you link to. They can also seem lazy though, if you link to the same bloggers all the time, and don't explain why you think your readers should click on the link. Already Pretty does a GREAT job of this every week, and as I've been lucky enough to be mentioned there a time or two, I know her readers click the links because there's context and thought behind each of them. The most important thing with using this tool is that you approach it as you would any other post: with passion and attention to detail & quality.

Inspiration for a post

This is what I do most often; link to a blog post or two that inspired my own, and incorporate my thoughts on it in the post. Sometimes I do this in addition to leaving a comment on the blog post, or instead of leaving a comment if there is already a long list of comments. It's a great way to expand the conversation started on another blog to your own, and maybe inspire your readers to continue it on their own blogs. Pay it forward!

Mention in a post

Maybe another blogger you read has the same top or dress as you and styled it differently, you love her outfit today, or something she said resonated with you – link to her! Quick mentions are just as useful, and can be as thoughtful as the “inspiration” links I talk about above.


This can be sort of cheesy, but creating your own blog awards, or badges can be a good way to honor bloggers you love, and create a community around similar bloggers.

Outfit roundups

Create a post where other bloggers share their outfits with your audience. Patti at Not Dead Yet style does a wonderful job at this nearly every week, with usually more than one hundred participants! And Jennine has a denim outfit roundup going on eat, sleep, denim. If you're going to do this, make it easy on yourself and use a tool like InLinkz. Also, I prefer when these have a theme, or some sort of inspiration behind them, rather than just compiling random outfits. Maybe prepare your readers in advance and tell them next week's roundup will feature all black outfits, or similar. Make them interesting and inspire your readers and other bloggers to think about what they're going to contribute next!

A quick note on linking etiquette:
It's very nice to say thank you to the blogger who linked to you, preferably by email, but you could RT or post her post on Facebook also. It's alright to reach out to the blogger you linked to in a post if you want, but don't do so with any expectation; anyway, she should get a trackback in her blog comments, so she'll know you linked to her. DO NOT expect anything in return when you link to a blogger. It's nice to receive a comment or link back, or acknowledgement of some sort, but link because you were inspired by a fellow blogger, NOT because you expect her to link back to you.

Have you done any of these things? Have you found them useful for growing your community?

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16 Responses

  1. Munachi

    This post is great! I link to other bloggers regularly in a variety of mediums. I have a monthly series that I compile a list of internet posts that i loved that month that usually center around a theme they all had. Sometimes they are twitter posts, outfit posts, or blog posts it just depends on the month and my mood. I also have a series where I “reinterpret” outfits I’ve seen. Sometimes I get the looks from magazines and store websites but a lot of times I get them from other bloggers. Linking to other bloggers is an important part of my blog and why I do what I do. I love to share the things that inspire me everyday and a lot of times that includes other blogs so why not share the love!


  2. Filipa

    I haven’t done anything similar, but I do like the idea. Maybe I’ll try it out as I do have a lot of bloggers who inspire me and this could be a great way not only to grow your traffic, but to find other blogs & meet the bloggers as well!


  3. Sous le Lit

    We just started a blog about all things related to women’s fashion and trends, and heard about linking to other sites/blogs to get more traffic, however we are still learning about how it works entirely. We have found that the biggest issue we’ve run into is time! There is never enough! 🙂 We love some of the ideas you’ve written here though and will definitely help to kick start our brainstorming. Thanks!

  4. Adrianna Kinal

    Great article, love all the recommendations. I like the idea of linking with other bloggers – however, if there are any bloggers in the LA or OC area that have a similar style to mine and would like to shoot some OOTD’s together, let me know! xx

  5. Winnie Odande

    I love the idea, I have just started doing it on my blog and intend to be doing it more. Plus, I’ve learnt different ways to go about it from this post.


    I have done most of what you are suggesting. The only thing is lately I am skeptical with the google restrictions about “do follow” links. Should we make these links “no follow”?

  7. styleduplex

    I always want to work with other bloggers from ifb but no one seems to be as friendly as i thought they would be.

  8. Amanda

    I agree 100% with this post. Last week I wrote a post on Age Expectations and comparisons that was inspired by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Although she brings in thousands upon thousands of views a day compared to my hundreds, I still linked back to her blog.

    It was a topic that I was trying to touch basis on for a while and the fact that she posted it before mine gave me some foundation to stand on. 🙂 I think it’s extremely important to share the love within the blogging community.

  9. Spery

    What in the blog I like are english but mine is written in another language? Do you think someone would consider my blog if they don’t understand the content?

  10. Becca

    I know I always like reading the weekly round-up of link type posts! I have a question about etiquette when it comes to this though. Should I contact the owners of the blogs I’m linking to before I publish? I wouldn’t want to post it if they feel uncomfortable with me sharing their content.