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The way in which we communicate, in particular through social media, is ever-evolving, so it makes sense that a blog's content is subject to change as well. After reading Jennine's feature on How Instagram Ruined My Blog and browsing through the comments, it's clear to see that there is still value ascribed to using either method, and it results in a personal choice of how quickly and how much text you want to share. Of course, keeping in mind your audience and numbers,  you may choose one channel over the other, or decide to release content on both (or multiple ones), slightly tweaking the content for each of those options.

For me personally, I'm always on a time crunch as I don't blog full time, so managing my site and social media can sometimes feel like more of a chore than pure fun. I've released myself from an extremely long list of writing “to-dos” by instead, taking exactly one to three minutes of sending out some of the info I wanted to share (and pics) via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. As a result, this has freed up my time to zero in and more fully curate my site to possess the absolute best content I can provide in my limited time.

I share what I like,  but don't have to take the time to write a substantial amount about it, yet at the end of the day feel accomplished enough to check the editorial task off of my list.

If I'm approached with items that may be somewhat of interest but do not exactly fit into what I do on my blog (for example, posting about a sample sale from one of my favorite designers or a giveaway), by sharing these items instead via one of my social media networks means I still participate in spreading the word, while staying on-brand with my blog. I've also made peace with attending events and using the hashtag and checking in on Foursquare, tweeting, and Instagramming to my heart's delight that day/night, and laying to rest that those are the only places that particular event/promotion/product will appear.

I've experienced some cool events and products over the years, but sometimes there's not much more to say about them than just a sentence or two anyways.

It took me a while to feel comfortable and satisfied with sending tweets or posting on Instagram instead of actual blog posts, but the more I started to do so, the more it felt natural and seamless. I'm also candid with publicists about where I will share the content in advance, which I think squashes any expectations of lengthy diatribes on the product or event at hand. About a year ago I decided to experiment with Tumblr by using the same name as my blog for it and dedicating it solely to a category that I'd like to grow on my site: accessories. Some of the content that goes right to it is from Instagram, while a small amount of it is original content. For me, it served the purpose of trying Tumblr, creating an extension of my blog,  and making a dedicated micro blog space for a topic that I'd like to expand upon.

I'm sure in the next year or two even more forms of microblogging and social media will pop up that will quickly be adapted and incorporated into a blogger's routine to reinforce the site and help distribute content.

I am excited to discover and use these new entities and deem them essential, so in the meanwhile, I will continue with my mix of content dedicated to homes beyond my blog's .com.

How have you used social media to compliment and/or differ from your blog's content?

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10 Responses

  1. Sarah Boyd

    Instagram in particular has driven a lot of traffic since we drive it all back to our site/blog. Photos are easy, the hardest is thinking of something clever that drives people to learn more. Also not going too heavy on the hashtags!

  2. Adrianna Kinal

    To capture readers attention, I generally share small portions of my blog on social media sites that direct back to the main post on my site. However, I also mix up my social media, with reposts of things I find interesting, behind the scenes or events which I don’t post about on my site. xx


  3. Maggie A

    Lately, I began incorporating Youtube videos into my blog content to elaborate on products or ideas that I know my readers would not be interested in reading about, but rather listening to detailed descriptions of. I find that I can fit more elaborate descriptions without loosing the reader’s interest when they have to read the content.

    Maggie A

  4. Shea L.

    This was sooo helpful, especially for us baby bloggers 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

    XoXo Shea L.

  5. The Hotjem Fashiobn Blog

    This was quite informative. Although I use the social media mentioned, I still dont enjoy using twitter as much as I dont seem to get people to pay attention to my posts. Whats the point of retweeting? It seems like it only works for those with tons of followers. I have 30K followers on my “THE HOTJEM” FB page and haven’t had time to invest time in posting frequently on Twitter or Instagram.

  6. Arianna Henderson

    I love using social media partly because I started off only posting YouTube videos. Now that I’ve moved up to blogging, I use my channel as well as my other social media platforms to drive traffic to my blog. Cute fashion finds on instagram or a tweet about my new favorite lip gloss seem to help push people to my blog and help build my audience. I’m new so I take all the help I can get! LoL!

  7. The Hotjem Fashion Blog

    I forgot to add that I have been very active on my Facebook Page at: and put mos to of my energy promoting it thus resulting in over 30, 000 followers there but I haven’t been as good with my twitter and istagram so my following isn’t high at all. That is my next goal to find ways to get my FB followers to also follow me all over. The demographics my blog targets unfortunately don’t seem to understand that they can also follow me everywhere else besides FB. This has been a challenge but I will work around it!