5 Tips For Blogging on Vacation


As I write this, I'm sitting at my dad's house in Florida looking out at the sunrise over the lake. Everyone else is asleep and I've been up for almost two hours working. Unless I go out of the country, I'm never really “on vacation”, but I definitely spend less time working on my blogs, and enjoying being with family. You can do both, if you want to; it's all about finding balance.

I'm certainly not saying that you can never just take time off from your blog completely – I think that's important too – but what if the timing isn't right? Or you WANT to blog on vacation? Here's how I've done it:

Use Instagram

I take more pictures using Instagram while I'm traveling or enjoying down time, and a lot of the time, I use those pictures in posts on my blog. They're easier than taking full-on outfit pictures sometimes, and more “interesting” to your readers. It also reminds them to follow you there if they're interested in seeing more.

Find Inspiration

I was inspired to write a post while observing my dad's neighbors outside; you can find inspiration anywhere, especially when you're out of your normal environment. Use this opportunity to write down ideas or posts, for now, and save some for later when you're less inspired.

Slow Down

If you normally write long, thoughtful posts, maybe now's a good time to get some shorter, easier, simpler ones in. Make a quick post of what you found on sale this week, or a quick thought on an article you read. Take it easy, and experiment with different things while you don't have the time you normally spend on a post.

Schedule Time

Even when I'm on “vacation” I get up around 6 AM, which is a lot earlier than the rest of my family gets up, so I have a good 3-4 hours to work before our day gets started. Maybe for you that productive time is when everyone's gone to sleep, or in the middle of the day after a lot of activity in the morning. If you NEED to work while you're on vacation, the only way you'll be able to do it is if you schedule time for yourself, then set expectations for everyone else around you that this is when you need to work.

Don't Beat Yourself up

If you can't get a post in that day, or you're just not feeling it, then no big deal – but don't beat yourself up about it. I usually set the expectation on my blog that I'm going to be out of town for a certain number of days, so my readers are generally aware that I won't be as responsive as I usually am.

You can also schedule posts for when you're gone, or line up guest posts but I've never done either method, mostly because I'm not organized enough, but also because I've built my blog/brand around being me, and writing what inspires me that day, so advanced planning doesn't work so well. It's a method that others use successfully though, so you could try it if you think it will help you.

What have you done to keep blogging while you're on vacation?

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13 Responses

    • Staci

      I completely agree! Part of the excitement about going away is new scenery which always turns into inspiration and results in a post! it’s funny how that works out. I’m actually posting from my South Florida vacation now! wish me luck! xo

      • Felicia Audrey

        All the best of luck dear 🙂 x

        Yes! Inspirations comes from anywhere, i love the idea of having a vacation as my runaway with my blog and then you realize how ‘the’ inspiration comes easily as you are not in your usual zone. Aww, cheers !

  1. Amanda

    I am also the same way. I can work while on vacation as long as I am traveling within my country (Canada) or even sometimes to the states (pending on where I go).

    I have a large task ahead of me though, I am going on vacation to Brasil for 3 weeks in July and I know there will be no opportunity for blogging. Lots of inspiration but no blogging and if I am lucky I may be able to Instagram from there.

    My plan is to have my best friend post my drafts for me when I am gone. I need someone I trust that will to be able to keep the blog alive while I am gone. It won’t be as steady as when I am around, but I figure 2 posts a week while I am away will still keep the traffic flowing. (Right now, that is the plan- we will see how it will work)

    Great tips though, I will certainly use them.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Franzi

    I wish I could get away this summer, but it’s just not in the cards. These are some great ideas to keep in mind for the future though. Until then I might try and explore my home town from a touristy perspective as a fun alternative.

  3. Bianca

    I think that blogging on vacation is genius! A lot of readers are looking for that inspiration or those neat little stories that we have when we go on vacation. I’m actually going to be visiting Miami for a couple days in a few weeks and I’m not quite sure if I’ll schedule posts or just be active while I’m there but this article was definitely useful.


  4. Anastasia

    I always aware my readers that I will be gone for a few days/weeks and promise to get back with lots of interesting material. Recently I went to one of the most impressing place on Earth – to Atacama desert in Chile. Which meant almost two weeks of dead silence on my blog. But now I have so many interesting things and pictures to post ( my blog is dedicated both for fashion and travel) that I hope it can serve as some kind of compensation for my readers:D))))


  5. Hayfa

    Great tips! I need them because I am going on a vacation soon and I am worried that I won’t be able to catch up on posts. maybe I’ll post Instagram photos which is much easier.