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While we embrace the digital world with gusto, why are we still so strongly attracted to the print one? I find the duality of the blogger in the online and print world fascinating, with an increasing number of blogger peers expanding their reach beyond the blog. Some of my blogger buddies have penned books that offer up some of the existing blog content in book format (What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style), while others do a more in-depth exploration of the categories already covered (Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom's Guide to Almost Having it All), some take an educational approach to blogging (Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to The Front Row; So You Want to Be a Fashion Blogger?), or even evolve a topic that's been well-researched, is fashion-related, but isn't the blog's main focus (Vintage Black Glamour).

As blogging further develops and we spend more time investing in our sites and branding, it only makes sense that other forms of publication are explored. Plus, I've got to admit that the addition of “author” to the title of blogger certainly offers a tremendous appeal, presenting an assumption of further credibility and authority in the subject at hand.
The transition to a book format in itself proves to be an interesting juxtaposition to blog writing, as we are so used to creating shorter bursts of writing, compared to lengthy compositions that could comprise a book.

I think that there's also the reinforcement of writing, and good, well-edited writing at that, which becomes even more important when moving into a book format.

In an environment such as the digital space that moves at record speed with the benefit of correcting mistakes and adding content at the drop of a hat, a book offers up a solid permanence that is unusual to the daily functioning of a blog. In this sense, content may need to be even more carefully considered and adjusted to have a prolonged shelf life beyond a year or two.

It's vital to consider in tandem with the book's material what the reader will want and expect from a book written by a blogger.

Since most are so used to getting free, readily available content on blogs, what would be a strong incentive for these readers to buy a book, and would it be a different reader altogether who buys the book versus who reads the blog?

As we constantly envision what the future holds for the evolution of blogging, the process of book writing, publishing, and reading continues to make tremendous strides in adapting to an online-obsessed world, in which DIY/self-publishing continues to grow and establishes itself as a valid source. Reading platforms for a book, be it downloadable directly from a blog or to Kindle, or found on a mobile reading subscription service like Scribd, links the two seemingly different forms of blogging and books closer together.

Which blogger-authored books have you read? Have they met or exceeded your expectations?
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3 Responses

  1. Asia Mays

    With other books like Blogging Your Way To The Front Row, it is truly a blogger “textbook” in a sense that the information listed there will ALWAYS be valuable in most or part depending on the shift of the blogosphere.

    However, you have a great point Julia when it comes to deciding what will make a book standout and thrive outside of an existing blog. I believe that to be a challenge for myself and this post proves itself timely in where I would like to push my writing skills in the future.
    Great post!

  2. Anastasia

    I think the strong incentive for others to buy a book like this will be a strong attachment and even admiration to the blogger-writer personality. But I guess the amount of the books written by the popular bloggers will just be growing and growing.