How to be Ready for Success


I was listening to an interview between Deepak Chopra and Mike D on the radio yesterday and something he said really jumped out at me. Mike D was talking about the beginning of the Beastie Boys saying over and over again that they (and Adam & Adam) were just focused on the music; they HAD to create. They weren't focused on being rich, or popular, or successful in the eyes of others when they met Russel Simmons, but it made sense to reach out, and do what they loved for other people. And the rest is history (I'm paraphrasing, of course, based on memory).

What struck me the most about this was that it's the same thing nearly every successful person says: first, you must do it because you love it. Loving what you do, and simply HAVING to do it everyday has to be enough FIRST, then you might become “successful” in the traditional financial sense. But success for you needs to first be just doing what you love.

What seemed to happen with the Beastie Boys is that “success” found them. They weren't thinking about producing records and touring necessarily, but when the opportunity presented itself, they said “of course.” This is what happened to me also, on a much smaller scale of course, and countless other bloggers and entrepreneurs in every industry and niche.

I realize that if you're reading IFB, chances are you're actively looking for ways to make your blog more successful, and not so much sitting around waiting for something to happen, but what if you just take a step back for a moment? And focus again on why you started and ultimately what it means for you to be successful.

I've said before, that the key to blogging success is that it has to be enough that you blog because you love it, and you have to, but you also must be ready to be successful.


Open yourself up

Position yourself to be open to opportunity. Plan for it, taking your blog and your brand seriously.

Consider all the options

When opportunity knocks, be thorough and make sure you've thought EVERYTHING through. What will you be paid? If you're not being paid, what do you get out of it? is it enough?

Think about the Future

Always be planning and thinking ahead. How will deciding to take advertising affect your blog in 2 years? How will deciding to be ad-free affect your blog? Will taking on a big project impact your ability to continue to produce quality content?

Be Professional

Always be professional when responding to emails and opportunities. Take care that your social media accounts reflect positively on your brand and have a consistent message. Try not to burn bridges…

Has “success” found you? how did you deal with it? How have you made yourself ready for success?

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  1. Jasmin

    Great read! Really valid points. You should always love and be passionate about what your doing. It shouldn’t feel like a job or something you have to do. If it’s genuine passion – it will show through in your work/posts or whatever you’re doing. Be 100% with yourself!

  2. Yvespink

    Wonderful post, i love the success ready tips, especially the tip on “thinking about the future” i believe one should not look at fashion blogging as a short term thing, but it should be viewed as a longterm investment towards the foreseeable future.

  3. Julz

    love this post! i think its really important to just be yourself. people who come off as the typical every other “blogger”, are not as different than the rest. some people think you have to be a certain way to be successful online or blogger type. but there is really no definition. so just being myself really has helped me grow and learn some new things about myself too. (: no one wants to read the same personality over and over in every single blogger they follow. it just wouldnt make sense? it just gets boring and not very unique.

    dont really know why i shared this but thought it might helped considering success finds you if you are a real genuine person whose passionate bout your hobby or “thing” you love doing that makes you, you (:

  4. Anastasia

    It’s a very important subject! And it can be actually applied to all life aspects. If you are not ready, how will you use the opportunity when it shows up? Besides being ready means to maintain your thoughts, business\pr\e.t plans and strategies in action and always be focused on your aims!

  5. Madeliene Rose

    Honestly, to wake up every morning excited to work, and spending your nights dreaming what you’re going to do the next day is success. It’s not common for people to actually love what they so I agree, that success is loving what you do not chasing after popularity!

  6. Heather RJ Fletcher

    OMG, Gretchen, I completely needed to read this post! Thank you!

  7. Onianwah

    I am just recovering from a long lull in my blogging and seriously, it feels like coming home. For a while there, I was overwhelmed by the successes I had achieved with loads of writing and digital marketing gigs coming my way. I wasn’t ready for them though and they pretty much overwhelmed me.
    Now, I am going back to the starting position, keeping in mind that my blog should always come first and every other thing follow. I do the others for profit, I blog for love.
    Now, I believe I am ready for success.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  8. Jessica Luxe

    Great post. I get some pretty questionable emails that can be pretty insulting given what they’re asking for and willing to give in return, but replying politely under all circumstances is the best way I’ve found success because it can help people to realize a) I’m not an amateur and b) sometimes they understand and even agree to my terms. It always wins to be professional.