7 Essentials for Marketing Your Blog on Instagram

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With Instagram quickly gaining on Twitter in registered users and daily active users, it’s safe to say that the photo-sharing site is social media of choice for the visually-inclined. Fashion bloggers have built substantial audiences on the mobile platform, adding that much more fuel to the fire in making names for themselves and for standing out to brands for potential partnerships. In the ever-changing landscape of blogging and social media, Instagram has even paved the way for a new set of bloggers – who start a blog after having amassed a following of their Insta-#OOTDs.

Whether Instagram’s introduced you to the fashion blogging game, or you’re adding the site to your overall blog strategy – here are a few essentials to think about in the way you look at marketing your blog and personal brand on Instagram. Some of these might be small and tactical; others might be much more complex. They’re all important to brands when it comes to finding and deciding whether or not to work with bloggers like you and I!


Is it easy for your blog readers to find you on Instagram? This might be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people name their blog something totally different from each of their social media sites. You don’t have to have the same handle on every site (and sometimes you don’t have a choice, because someone else already claimed it!), but be consistent enough that you are easy to find. If your actual name doesn’t work, try your blog name, then go from there.


Hashtags and people tags are standard features in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like – and they’re the easiest way to make sure a brand notices you. Mentioning brand usernames in your caption is good, but always use the ‘Tag People’ feature to denote which brand corresponds with each piece in your outfit posts! That way, it shows up in their profile under tagged photos, where the brand (and their fans) can always see it. Be smart with your hashtags. Use the most relevant ones to your photo, and try to keep it between 3-5 tags at most.


Just like you’d take time and care in responding to (meaningful) comments on your blog, Twitter or Facebook page, your Instagram comments are no different. You’re a lot more appealing and likely to gain a follower from someone who leaves you a comment and gets a reply back from you – and brands can see that you’re engaging with your audience too. Remember to support your fellow bloggers by leaving comments on their Instagrams as well!


You’re already including affiliate links in your blog posts – why not your Instagram outfit posts too? Services like LikeToKnow.It (a product of rewardStyle) have popped up solely to help bloggers and other fashion fans connect affiliate links to their Instagram photos. Affiliate networks are also paying bloggers for sponsored social media posts, including Instagrams. Almost every sponsored post I’ve done through the networks I’m signed with have included an Instagram or two in my contract. (More on affiliate networks here.)


If you’re posting regularly to Instagram, there’s a good chance you’re also posting on Twitter and a Facebook page to promote your blog as well. Give your readers a reason to follow you on Instagram (and these other sites) by keeping some content exclusive to Instagram only. It’s tempting to post ten photos of the same outfit in one blog post – but why not save a few to post just to Instagram, and others just to Facebook? I’ll take a moment to think about whether or not my Facebook page fans or Twitter followers would like to see an Instagram, and while I try to Instagram at least once daily, I know it’s not always fun to see the same thing on every social media site. Not every Instagram will make it on those sites.


The fun thing about instant photo-sharing is that you can give your blog readers more insight into your everyday life. Take full advantage of that! Instagram your outfits, closets and shopping hauls, yes – but mix in equally awesome shots of your city/town, what books you’re reading, your favorite people or pets, and the other things that light up your life beyond fashion. A diversity in the type of Instagrams you post will help attract new followers (and potential readers of your blog!)


We might not all have photographer boyfriends who can make us look like angels and unicorns, but we do have fun smartphone apps that can help with editing and filtering our photos. Just like with hashtags, though – don’t overdo it! I like VSCOcam, Camera+ and PicFrame for cropping and editing photos for Instagram. Here are other IFB favorites. (Full disclosure: I haven’t played around too much with Instagram’s recent filter and edit updates. They were so bad for so long, I’d just gotten used to using these other apps to edit my photos before Instagramming them!)

Anything you’d add to your blogger Instagram strategy? Let us know!

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45 Responses

  1. April

    This is great! Good point about sharing different photos or things on the various social media sites. It’s kind of annoying to see the same exact thing on someone’s Facebook, Insta, Twitter, etc…

    This reminds me that I need to find you on Instagram!!

    • Jess Estrada

      Thanks for reading April! Yeah, I’ve learned my lesson with people (I know) who’ve unfollowed me on Instagram, likely because they know they’d see the same thing on my Facebook. I try to have a lot more discretion in what I post and where – and switching things up as much as possible! Sometimes I’ll post the same photo on Instagram, but on Twitter will have a different caption.

  2. Difti

    Thanks for the tips! From my experience instagram can be difficult to get a handle of. This is where you want the help of family and friends to follow you!

    All in all consistency is key here!

    Mine is @doitfortheirony <3


    • Jess Estrada

      Thanks for reading, Difti! Friends and family are a great place to start finding people to follow. From there I’d find my favorite bloggers and brands, and let that lead me to other cool people to follow. Consistency is definitely key!

  3. Inga Beretta

    I’m thinking of Instagram as a place where you can show the “backstage” of your blog. You express my point in saying that exclusivity of content (on every media) is absolutely important.

    • Jess Estrada

      Exactly! Love seeing “behind the scenes” of my favorite bloggers, brands and even friends and family’s every day lives. Thanks for reading, Inga!

  4. Iman

    I didn’t know how the whole “get paid for your Instagram posts” trend worked concretely. Great tip, I’ll check this out right now !

    • Jess Estrada

      Thanks for reading, Iman! I have to admit, I haven’t signed up for LikeToKnowIt yet either even though I’m on rewardStyle. Let me know how it goes!

  5. Kari Herrera

    Great advice! As a blogger, and ANDROID user, I’d like to share a few of the apps I rely on for Instagram posts: Pixlr Express for editing, Giant Square, when cropping a photo just won’t do, and Vidstich for combining photos and video in one post. All are free, btw!

    • Jess Estrada

      Thanks for reading! I don’t want bloggers to feel pressured into posting on social media if they don’t want to – but try it out. It could be a great marketing or networking tool for you!

  6. Olivia

    Instagram’s new features are amazing. It’s like having Lightroom in your pocket, but with the convenience of a single app. Such a treat!

    • Jess Estrada

      Thanks for reading! I tried Instagram’s new features after writing this, and found them to be really similar if not identical to VSCOcam’s features. I guess now it’s just a matter of breaking that habit of working in VSCO before posting to IG. 🙂

  7. Sarah's Real Life

    I need to remember to tag brands more often I guess – do you really think it makes a difference? I never look at the photos a brand was tagged in…I don’t even look at photos my friends are tagged in! But I guess some people do?
    I’m still waiting for the Instagram update that lets you put links in the captions. I feel like that’s the main barrier between IG and a blog: you have to tell people to go to your profile or type in the address yourself. Most people don’t do that 🙁

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

    • Jess Estrada

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for reading! It definitely does make a difference, at least from my experience. I recently posted an #OOTD Instagram and tagged Vans, Nike Women, RCVA and 80sPurple. All of the brands liked it, and 80sPurple reposted it (and also sent that Instagram to their Twitter.) I got a ton of new follows after that, and over 500 likes on 80sPurple’s repost!

      Waiting for that link update too. Will definitely be a gamechanger!

  8. Serena

    This post is exactly what I needed, am going to open an instagram account soon and had no idea what I could put on it to make it interesting and different from my blog or twitter. The diversity bit had really brilliant ideas that I will use. Thank you for posting.

    • Jess Estrada

      Welcome to blogging, and have fun with your Instagram! Thanks for reading.

  9. Anastasia

    That’s strange, but for me it was always a bit weird to post the same content from blog to Insta. And as a result my content on the blog http://fashionpeekaboo.com is very different from the one on Instagram. But recently I decided to change this approach and now after publishing a post I try to share some pics on Instagram. But still. It’s kind of weird))))))

    • Jess Estrada

      Most people either post the same thing to all social media sites, or switch them up completely so everything is separate! I think a good balance of posting (some to all sites, some to just Instagram, or Twitter, etc.) is a healthy way to show some consistency and help people ‘connect the dots’ between your blog and your social media sites. It all helps paint a more complete picture of who you are. Thanks for reading!

  10. Joelle

    OMG, VSCO is a lifesaver app for instagram photos! The filters are much more visually appealing then those of instagram, and the fact that you can control how much of the filter to apply is genius!

    I have to admit, I often slap on 10-15 hashtags to every instagram photo. I fully understand how irritating and sloppy it looks, but honestly those hashtags are how I generated about 40% of my followers. Once I have a sizeable following, I hope to cool it on the hashtags.


    • Jess Estrada

      I think Camera+ is worth it. VSCOcam is great (and still my go-to), but the new Instagram update has most of the editing features that VSCO has. You’re welcome & thank you for reading!

  11. Onianwah

    Love, love, love. I am finally getting the hang of proper Instagram content and loving it a lot. For me, I find the key is knowing when to go ahead and post and when to leave it for just a little bit later.

    Lagos, Nigeria

    • Jess Estrada

      Thanks, Onianwah! Yeah, I feel like some days I have nothing to post, then other days I have several to post (sometimes at once!) I try to post one Instagram daily, and 2-3 daily if I have a lot going on that day that I want to share (or if I’m doing a sponsored brand campaign that requires me to post some Instagrams.)

  12. Bonita Samuels

    Defo agree with everything in this post Instagram is my least source of traffic for my blog but if I put done of these tips to use then hopefully I’ll get more followers on insta and more traffic from them. Defo didn’t know about the paid thingy.. Brilliant post thanks.

    Bonitarochelle.co.uk xo

  13. Elli

    Hi Jess,
    you’re right about the need for every social network’s exclusivity. I was just wondering – it might not always be possible to post original content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+…
    How much shared content do you consider acceptable?

    • Jess Estrada

      Hi Elli. Your audience will show you what it wants to hear. Every time you post something, see how many likes/favorites, retweets/shares, and comments it gets. Over time, you’ll get an idea of which pieces of content work for all of your sites, and which are best kept to one or two. Hope this helps!

  14. Kali

    Excellent post, thank you!
    Is there a scientific/specific reason for why you should only use 3-5 hashtags? i.e. can it negatively effect how you show up in searches, etc? (I read Instagram’s tips for making hashtags relevant and specific.) When I first started using Instagram I never used more than 5 hashtags because anything more felt really spammy. But a successful food blogger friend told me to start using more. I did, and it’s made a huge difference in gaining likes/follows from people outside my personal contact list. Just curious if I’m getting negative karma points for doing so. Thanks!

    • Jess Estrada

      Hi Kali! If lots of hashtags work for you, keep doing it! I think it’s pretty subjective, and I’ve always been advised to keep it under 5. Why change when you’ve got a good thing going? Great job!

      • Kali

        Thanks, Jess! Good to hear I’m not breaking any rules. 🙂

    • BikePretty

      This! It’s like, if I use less than 10 hashtags, it means I don’t really care if anyone sees my post. And if I don’t care that anyone sees it, why am I posting at all?

  15. Nelson

    Wow this post is so helpful! I’m just starting my own style blog and this will really help out when I’m able to buy more outfits and create original content rather than reblogging and reposting stuff I see on the internet! Finding the right name for my blog was definitely the most difficult part…Now on to finding my niche!

    Thanks again!!
    IG: sgvbound

  16. BikePretty

    I have two quibbles with this advice, based on my blog’s experience on Instagram.

    First, hashtags. Once I started using lots of hashtags (like 10+), a lot more people found my account. Right now, I average about 8 new followers per post. Not bad!
    think it works because I often use extremely targeted hashtags that appeal to a niche audience.

    Second, diversity. I have found the opposite to be true. My followers really only want to see things that are in my niche. Anything that strays even a little bit outside of that gets about half the number of likes.

    Also, I never ever ever post more than once a day. Spamming the feed is the worst. Don’t do it!

  17. Maddy B

    To me a lot of these tips are no-brainers but it’s a great reminder to think before you post. To be strategic and get the most out of social media.

  18. Pamela Romo

    I was searching in google for ways to make my blog more successful and find your website! It has great articles and with awesome tips! My major problem is to organize my time and to know how much posts would be appropriate to post in a week! So keep posting because I think there a lot of people like me who have all the creativity but no the best knowledge to make it successful! 🙂

    Also if you could check my blog! I would love to hear your opinion!


    Thank you!!

  19. Jasmine McKee

    Great tips! A few were actually a few things I’ve thought about but I didn’t know if they’d help or not. Social media marketing is not my forte; I suck at Instagram. I try to post a variety, like you recommended. My feed usually goes: iPhone pic of next week’s blog post, something not fashion related, some scenery, and a professional photo of my recent blog post (But like I said: I suck and I am inconsistent). My main problem is not having anything to post, but I would like to be active for my followers. Any tips on that?