5 Simple Ways to Succeed With Self-Discipline


In all my reading about success and entrepreneurship, something that always stands out is that without question, the most successful, healthy, and productive people are usually the most disciplined. By that, I mean that they have a routine that they follow without fail. They eat the same things every day, they DO the same things every day. The idea is that taking as much uncertainty as possible out of things you have to do every day leaves you free to be creative instead of thinking about what to have for lunch. Sounds good, right?

Easier said than done most of the time – especially for me – but here are some ways you can bring more discipline to your blogging practice, and hopefully more success!

First, decide what you want to get out of your blog; what you want it to DO for you. Do you want it to be your full-time work some day? do you just want to have fun? Do you want it to be part of a larger business? Once you have your goals in place, you're ready to begin.

Create a Blog Posting Schedule

You can call this an editorial calendar if you want, but basically it's an idea of what you're going to post about and when. I always recommend posting every week day because it brings readers to your site more often, and provides consistency, but you don't have to if that doesn't work for you. What you must do, though, is set an expectation for your readers.

And if you tend to post about different types of things, maybe schedule them for the same days each week – like an outfit post on Monday, food on Wednesday and household on Friday.

This not only trains your readers what to expect during the week from your posts, but it leaves the guesswork out for YOU, in that you know when you sit down to write on Monday it'll be an outfit post, not a food post.

Create a Blogging Routine

Don't leave up to chance when you sit down to write, work it into your daily schedule. If you tend to concentrate better in the morning, get up earlier to write before you go to work. Maybe you're a night owl – it doesn't matter when you do it, just do it consistently, get in a habit and soon blogging/writing will become automatic, and you'll be much more productive.

Schedule your Social Media Time

As we are aware, social media can take over your life if you let it. Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but you can get sucked in if you're not careful, or disciplined about your use of social media. I've found it useful to schedule two chunks of time during the day for Facebook/twitter/Pinterest/Instagram: once in the morning and once before I'm done for the day.

Take Maintenance into account

Don't forget about site maintenance, responding to comments, plugin updates, backups, etc. Set a time every day or once a week to do all of these things together so you won't have to worry about whether they're done or not.

Just Do It

No matter what, get your butt in your chair at the same time every day. Create a routine and discipline for yourself so that you can achieve your blogging goals. We always rebel against discipline (or I do anyway…) because we think it stifles our creativity, or it's not “fun.” But the reality is that discipline & routine is essential for success in work & life. And the great thing is that once you've settled into your routine and become disciplined about your day and your blogging habit, you will start to see that you actually have MORE time, now that your time is more organized. More time for blogging…more time for life.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

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13 Responses

  1. Kierra

    This is so true! The worst for me is social media! Between keeping up with the twitter chats and posting at optimal times on instagram you can go insane. Not to mention the countless hours I can spend on pinterest! Its not only important to consistentaly do your blogging but a schedule also helps keep you from feeling overwhelmed!

    • Lesia

      I totally agree. Social media completely suck me in, I keep thinking about the best hours to post, and what’s the best way to do it… it’s so overwhelming sometimes!


  2. Emma

    Great advice! I especially like the designated social media times. I could probably accomplish everything I do on social media within two scheduled times as you suggest, and it would relieve me of a lot of the “loitering” (aka time-wasting!) I do on social media throughout the day. Thanks!

  3. Stephanie

    These tips are super helpful—just as I’m telling myself I can’t get lured in by the ease of summer! I’ve taken to writing post ideas on sticky notes and placing them on my monthly calendar so I can move them around, and it works really well. Now, to schedule time to write instead of flying by the seat of my pants!

  4. Aida

    Self discipline is the thing I really lack! I definitely need to get a routine going. I don’t think I could ever have a very strict schedule, I think it would take the fun out of it for me, but something like ‘blog min. twice a week’ would be good. Thanks for the great advice!



  5. Onianwah

    I tried a blog schedule but then erratic internet connection and changing jobs totally made that a thing of the past. Trying to get back on the ‘blogging regularly train’ hoping I can figure out a routine again pretty soon.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  6. I'esha GaptoothDiva

    I totally agree with you. I used to be so disciplined when my blog first started. However, once I started getting into the business side of it, worrying about monetizing, and products… ironically, I fell off. It should definitely be the other way around. I used to do things as if I was going to hear someone whine “Where were you, where is the new post?”. I lost that excitement that I once had for my blog for a while because I lacked discipline. Now, I’m getting back to that routine that I once loved. Needless to say, discipline and consistency makes all the difference creatively and financial for me.

    Great post!

  7. Kierra

    I literally use all of these, especially the blogging schedule thing. I even use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets. I also have an awesome Lily Pulitzer Agenda that I use to keep track of everything! If you dont have a routine it can all become overwhelming.

  8. Eliza

    This is something I realllly need to get in the habit of doing! I figured out my blogging schedule last wk, and I’ll start this wk with it! 😀 My problem is not being consistent, and I know having a schedule will keep me on track, and not be all over the place! 🙂