8 Tips That REALLY Build Your Traffic (Seriously)


I re-launched my blog recently. After taking a two-year hiatus, I nearly killed all the traffic to my blog. Really, it had dwindled down to 1/10th the amount of traffic. Everyone said things are different now, but I had no idea just how different things had been since the last I had really truly maintained my personal blog.

There are good things today and there are difficult things today that make building traffic an entirely new skill. I'm here to tell you what I've observed over the past few months in order to get your traffic up and running. Granted, my traffic is still not what it used to be, but knowing what works, I'm on my way back… only different.

Use the “conversation test”

How do you know if people will care about your post topic? Test it out by having a conversation with your friends. One of my best and notable posts since my return was, “My Husband Hates Leopard Print.” That post came out of having several (separate) conversations with friends about how every time we wore leopard print our significant others would object. Upon not finding anything about this in the blogosphere, I decided to make those conversations a post.
Be quick with topical posts

The biggest traffic generator for my blog since my return was a topical post on a soppy Mother's Day commercial. I took the devil's advocate side because I really do believe that I've had harder jobs than being a mom. (though none as rewarding). Using my next point, I was able to take advantage of the conversations already happening about the topic because I was able to turn around the post very quickly.

Use hashtags (but not too many)

One of the things that's different now is how people use hastags in social media to discover content on specific topics. If you're posting something topical, or even an #OOTD (outfit of the day) might help a little (although my outfit posts have not been the most successful compared to my other posts). But be careful not to use too many hashtags that you can't even find the caption.

Headlines still matter

I've been a BIG advocate for creating great headlines. While I've changed some of my tactics, or they've evolved… whatever. Headlines DO matter. You want to create something snappy, funny, or straight to the point. Most of all, they need something catchy. Play around as much as you can with your headlines. Also, don't get too comfortable, because people adapt and they always want something new.
Deliver rich, but concise content

I like to be personal, and to tell little anecdotes with my posts, but one thing is for sure, my audience will not read 300 words waiting for me to get to the point. Get right to the point, and the posts have to have some kind of information that people care about. *see the first point about conversations.
Leverage your existing networks

If there is a post you want to push out, don't be afraid to leverage your friends, people who you think might be interested. They might be more apt to share (especially if you ask them) if you get in touch with them. One of the biggest things that helped my blogs when I stared was telling my friends about my blog. The people you know personally will be your best advocates, so don't be afraid to give them the scoop on what you're working on!

Don't settle for ordinary posts

Always be on the lookout for extraordinary content. If everyone is doing a particular kind of post… say DIY Cut Off Denim Shorts. Don't just do a DIY Denim Cut Off Short. You don't have to entirely reinvent the wheel, but you should find a new way to make it sound exciting. Is there a trendy embellishment? Like polkadots?

Post helpful things that people really care about

At the end of the day, people will only come back if you post things that they care about. Your job as a content creator is to figure out what it is that people love. Experiment, try new ways of finding things that no one has, or saying things in a way that no one can say them. Bring something not only new to the table, but something that people can relate to. That is pretty much the only thing you need to do to build an audience.

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  1. Leslie

    These are great tips! When I first started blogging several years ago, I didn’t tell anyone I knew, but now my friends and family are definitely the best when it comes to helping promote my posts or social media.

    • Leah Huang

      I agree! For the longest time I felt like keeping my little blogging world a secret but then realized how much support I was getting once I shared it with family and friends! It’s definitely good to leverage existing networks to get feedback and expand readership!

  2. Jess Zimlich

    Great tips! For awhile, I was so worried about how many times I was posting per week, opposed to WHAT I was posting. I’m coming up on my first year of blogging and I’ve still got SO much to learn. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Joanne

    Wow, great tips here! Definitely some points I’ve never considered before. This will be especially useful for newer bloggers like myself who are still trying to find their place in the blogging world. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


  4. Onianwah

    I left my blog for a couple of months due to work and other projects I was working on until I had people on Social Media ask me what was up with it and why I wasn’t updating it. I have lost a lot of traction but thankfully, my readers are still loyal and have just been waiting for me to get back. It is hard getting back into the grind but I made my first commission from blog sales and referrals recently and that has been a big push to get me back into it.
    Thanks for the traffic tips and I will definitely be incorporating some of them into getting my blog back in the race.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  5. Jocelyn James

    Such great advice! I feel like I will definitely think about these tips and make a few changes. Thank you!

  6. Raz

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!!!!


    Blog: razonrollz.com
    Instagram: @razonrollz
    Twitter: @razonrollz

  7. Mallory Brown

    These look perfect for me! I’ll have to try out that post on getting my friends’ opinions… I’ve been looking for something different to try!


  8. Fujiko Toyohashi

    Tips like these are always helpful and greatly appreciated.
    I’m also still quite new to blogging and my traffic has definitely lots of potential to grow, though I sometimes wonder, what really is “good” traffic? I seldom find any numbers to compare myself to or even thrive to get to.

  9. Vanessa Key

    Hi there 🙂
    Thank you for your tips…still I think I haven’t find the right way of blogging. There are too many fashion, lifestyle and nail art blogs..so I’ve just decided to write about smth that matter so me. Hope that will help to find readers 🙂
    Have an amazing day! Hugs!

  10. déjà pseu

    Thanks for this! I’ve noticed my traffic dropping off during the summer and am looking for ways to boost it.

    >>One question though: specifically where should one place hashtags in a blog post? In the title? photo captions? within text? All?

  11. Kierra

    Im noticing that although people love to maybe hear me ramble the thing they care about the most is what they can actually use. My most successful posts are “How To’s” or “Ways to wear”. And also intriguing titles. I just posted one titled ” You wont believe who I saw” and it drew alot of traffic to my blog!
    These tips are so true!

  12. Lesia

    As another girl commented, I’m also getting close to my 1st year of blogging and I realised how much I’ve been ignoring or just unaware of about posts, finding ways to gain a reader base… So I’ll consider the tips. Titles are a big headache for me 🙂

    Anyways, if you feel like visiting my blog, go right ahead: http://taleofthegreat.com

  13. Alexandra

    Very interesting post. I’ve not reached my first year yet and still on the experimental side when it comes to my voice and unique take etc.

    I am also guilty of not telling anyone who knows me “in real life” what I am doing. Fear of …?
    Alex from abfunkyjungle.blogspot.it

  14. Sabina Brauner

    So totally love your page and the usefulness and uniqe perspective you contribute every time I come here. Thanks Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  15. Jessica

    Just started blogging and am slowly figuring things out. Thank you so much for summarizing these items. They’ll certainly be taken into consideration on this end.


  16. JJ

    Thank you so much for these tips! I just started my blog (literally couple weeks ago) and I feel like an absolute newbie who’s screaming in the corner, “pay attention to me!!”

  17. Fanta

    Thank you so much for this information! I just started my blog over the weekend and I am not sure how to get my blog noticed and publicized. This is literally a godsend.


  18. Maria Camille Olaguivel

    this is really helpful especially on a newbie blogger just like me. thanks for the tips!
    M xx

  19. Hannah

    Great tips! I recently started a personal style blog and I’m still searching to find what I really want to say – really helpful 🙂 x