Four Ways New Bloggers Can Stand Out


What makes a blog compelling? And how can you capture that when there's so much to do and learn when you're just starting out as a new blogger?

It's certainly a challenging scenario, to come on board with a blog, and be expected to know what to do, and execute it all perfectly, gathering a vast amount of followers and readers along the way.

Looking through the comments on my post “Is Blogging As We Know It …Generational?” some new bloggers were expressing their concerns about how hard it is to stand out in a sea of bloggers, and although I can't offer you a formula that guarantees 500 new readers a day, I certainly can offer some advice on what to consider and apply in order to work toward your goals of growing and possessing a memorable blog.

Determine Your Focus/Unique Positioning Right Away

I know it can pose a challenge to figure out what kind of content you will feature and what you want to zero in on and specialize in, create categories of content, and even know how often you plan to post when you are just starting out. Consider it to be more like selecting your major when entering college; early on you are just taking the core requirements and getting them out of the way, and there's time to still change your major if need be (but hopefully not too many times).

The sooner you can figure out what your blog is about (and hence, writing your mission statement and “about” page), the better it will be for readers to know what you'll be covering and give them an incentive to come back and recommend your blog to others.

Be Professional From Day 1

Even if you don't have goals of becoming a full time blogger or  aren't sure if you like it or not, your blog is still linked to your name, and represents one facet of who you are on the internet. A good rule of thumb is to assume that it's something that can be easily located if your name is searched for online, and if you would include your blog on a resume, is it something you would be proud of, wanting a perspective future employer to see? Professionalism doesn't only come through the content that you create, but also your visual presentation of the images you upload and the layout you select.

There are so many free, good ones to choose from that starting out, you can customize and tweak it to really reflect your personality in a killer template. As corny as it sounds, visual impressions leave a lasting impression, especially when it comes to trust, and you'll want your readers to trust your taste, judgement, and written words from the beginning, so set a good tone with a carefully selected visual layout alongside the content.

Understand How to Look at Your Analytics – and Apply What You Lean

I know this is another thing that you'll have to learn how to do and decide which one(s) to use and what to look for, but as soon as you build it into your routine, it will be a breeze! I constantly forget to click into my Google Analytics account, so I use a plugin called StatCounter to deliver my daily report from the previous week every Monday. From there, I look at the numbers and go over my content, and then make a list of what did the best and the worst, keeping my own list of the specific content that ran on those days. From there I can decide what is working and what isn't, and do more posts like the most successful ones!

It's important to not only analyze your blog content and see where traffic is coming and why, but also to look at what does best on social media too. You can sign up for accounts, both free and for a fee to analyze it for you, but you can of course peruse your content yourself and see what solicits the most likes and comments. The Wall Street Journal article,”How Estée Lauder Creates Effective Photos for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram” is a great example of how to think about it.

Be Proactive With Making New Contacts

If you want to grow your blog and work with new brands and form relationships with PR firms, don't be passive and cross your fingers that they will find you. Use the tools that make sense to reach out to them on if you feature a brand on your site; tag them on Instagram or tweet to the official Twitter handle and let them know in a polite and creative way that you gave them a shout out, or look for a contact name and/or address and send her/him an email letting the person know they've been featured on your blog. The more you interact with the brands, designers, and products that you feature and most likely love, the more you will begin to build a relationship with them and establish yourself as a credible blogger. Usually if a PR firm represents one brand you love, the chances are that someone there will introduce you to a bunch more in the portfolio that could be a great fit for your blog.

What pointers would you like to add?

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37 Responses

  1. Anastasia

    Great post!
    Though my blog has already 1.5 year, I just recently began to dedicate my time and efforts to the blog on a daily basis. But since that my focus has changed a bit – I started the blog working as a fashion editor in a glossy magazine, so my main focus that time was to create a blog of an insider of “fashion industry”. Sharing pictures from the cover shooting, jewelry presentation and interview with designer was fine and I guess something pretty focused. But since then my life changes radically, now I moved with my husband to Chile, launched my own business (fashion one) and got much more interested in traveling. Of course, I still love fashion and feel passionate about the subject. But to be honest I feel a bit confused how to balance all this. So for all the “new-comers” I would advise to remain flexible and don’t change a niche which is too narrow or can’t be modified a bit later. Or at least take it into consideration.

  2. Silver

    Great tips!
    My main focus is fashion, I have so many occasions to meet people and I recently realized how much is necessary to make new contacts ! x


  3. Kali

    I installed Google Analytics from the get-go (thanks to IFB!) but also forget to check it often. It is a little overwhelming, but as they say, what gets measured gets done.

    One thing that has helped me is to determine which social media platform attracts the most visitors to my site. Facebook and Instagram are great, while I was surprised to learn that Pinterest and Twitter don’t do much for me at all.

    I will also check out the WSJ Estee Lauder article. Thanks!

  4. Monika Faulkner

    Thank you so much for these helpful hints, dear Julia!! I have yet to create my Google Analytics account…this was a great reminder to do so!! And yes, I agree – being professional right from day one should definitely be a priority; I might be a little shy about telling people that I have a personal style blog, but I’m certainly not embarrassed about any of it!!

  5. Stylingonyou

    WordPress is a great free platform to use for blogs. I really enjoy it because there is a built in stat page. I look at it every day to see what posts works and what wasn’t so hot. I also really pay attention to what my readers are into what the comment on and Repost the most on twitter and facebook.

  6. Shienaas

    This is sound advise. I have reached out to PR companies and this has made a huge impact on my blog.
    I would love if you could give bloggers some times of pros & cons on how to work effective with PR companies. There are times when I feel they just out to milk you.
    Much Love to the support you give to us bloggers x

  7. Anna

    Great advise, short and sweet.
    I started my blog in 2010 and I haven’t been proactive enough, I was confuse about my mission and what I wanted to share.
    I only started to be consistent like a month ago and I can see the changes already.

    Thanks a lot!
    Anna x

  8. Jocelyn James

    Thanks for the advice! I really need to start looking at my analytic’s more and figure out what posts are successful! I work full-time so it is difficult to post often, and I think this has really kept my blog from growing.


  9. Kali

    Remembering to check your Google Analytics is huge. The first few times I logged in I was totally overwhelmed, but it’s getting easier. What gets measured, gets done.

    I’m also really shy about reaching out to brands and companies. I kind of feel like since I’m still new to blogging, I don’t have the “right” to do so yet. But starting early is key to build lasting relationships.

    Thanks for the great advice!

  10. Onianwah

    Definitely a great article. Even those who have been blogging for a while could still use a couple of these tips. Just clicked on the Estee Lauder link cos I sure do need it, lol.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  11. Alexandra

    Thanks for sharing your tips. Especially the last one is something I will start to incooperate more in my tweets and grams.
    Alex – Funky Jungle

  12. Roxana

    I think I like the fourth one the best and I would add that it is important to comment on other people’s blogs. Even if it is not a related topic, sharing others blogs and commenting on them, starting a conversation as it were will keep your name out there. Just make sure to comment because you have something to add or ask, not just to leave a hello. I am making it part of my blogging routine to visit 10 new blogs a day and I am keeping a log of those blogs that I want to visit again. I don’t always comment on all of them, but I do share when they have something interesting to say. Great article.

  13. Ana Marino

    I loved this! I started my blog in January and have been a little all over the place figuring out this blogging thing!… <3

  14. Tara

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just found + joined this brilliant community of fashion followers and your tips on building my blog are much needed. I just started about a month ago and am struggling to generate an audience.

  15. LK

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the WordPress Stats vs Google Analytics? So far I’m only using my built in wordpress stats, and it seems enlightening enough for me. Does Google Analytics offer significantly more insight?