5 Unexpected Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life


There are so many clear milestones in blogging to celebrate: your very first post, the first time a brand notices your blog, your first complete outfit shoot, your first comment. What about all those other amazing changes that happen over time? Some might call them “soft skills,” but to me there’s nothing soft about the ways in which blogging can shape not just your closet and style, but your character and personality. It almost seems like one day you’re overwhelmed trying to “learn the ropes” of blogging, and the next you’re a professional! Growing a blog involves a lot of blood, sweat & tears – all your own, because in most cases, you’re building your blog all by yourself. The more committed you are to blogging, the less you can ignore its impact on your personal growth. Here are just a few of the things blogging has changed my life in just over six years:


Whenever you’re having a bad day or need some inspiration, you don’t have to look much further than your own blog! That’s right, your blog can be the perfect confidence boost in more ways than one. In addition to nice words left in comments or on social media, commend yourself for all the writing, photo-editing, website design, and marketing you’ve done for your blog as well. Every time you do any of these things is like working out – those skills are strengthened over time. If you’re ever feeling frustrated, taking a look at what you’ve done on your blog already can give you the motivation you need to move forward.

Proactive problem-solving

Anyone whose blog has gone down unexpectedly or whose pictures won’t seem to format right knows what I’m talking about! Whenever something goes wrong on your blog, it’s up to you to solve that issue or find the right resource to help you get it done. Troubleshooting my blog has sharpened my sense not just to solve the problem as quickly as possible, but to be proactive and learn why it happened and/or how to prevent it from happening again.

More willing to take risks

Becoming a personal style blogger naturally opens your world up to the digital universe. Opening myself up in this way has made me much more willing to take risks I wouldn’t normally take. That could mean anything from trying new styles or trends I’d never try before; sharing things about myself I normally wouldn’t have without a blog; voicing my opinions and taking a stand on things I’m passionate about (regardless of the reaction) or working with a brand I don’t know much about but who’s made a good impression on me.

Better time management

Maintaining a blog will often eat up the hours you’d normally have for free time – after work, sandwiched between classes, etc. We might not always be good at it, but managing our time so that we can get posts done, outfits styled right and blog posts promoted is a skill we can’t help but pick up over time.

Building crucial job skills

Raise your hand if all of these skills (and more) have not only improved your blogging and changed who you are, but have improved your job too? Every job I’ve had since I started blogging has involved using the skills I’ve sharpened over my years as a blogger. Don’t mentally separate blogging from your professional career. Your work can be enhanced by everything you’re learning as a blogger – and who knows, might even lead you to full-time blogging!

Any other ways blogging has changed your life?


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17 Responses

  1. Bridget

    Yes to all, especially more willing to take risks & job skills! For me, it’s helped with writing and critical thinking. It’s also helped me better express myself on all sorts of different levels.

  2. Kelsey E. Benedict

    Holla’ at the self-confidence! & definitely for re-inspiration – if you’ve got your style posted, it’s hard to forget things you love!

  3. Loma

    I totally relate, specially when it comes do self confidence!
    My blog is my biggest passion and if there’s something I will never give up on thats it! It helped me in many ways and even got me a job in social media! 😉
    Love this post!

  4. India Summers

    I agree with this 100%! I’m a street style blogger and I’m super shy. My blog helps me break out of my shell and get out and talk to people and network! Even if your blog doesn’t become a huge success, you get so much out of it!

  5. Felicia Audrey

    Agree with the “web design”. Although mostly people rather purchase their design instead design it by their self, but highly salut to those who design their blog by their own hands, mind and eyes ! You know how hard is to be a beginner and don’t know anything about hmtl 5 and others for the first time you tried to messed up !! Anyway, great articles ! 😉

  6. Kyryl

    Blogging has really improved my self confidence. Growing up with low self esteem I always find myself hiding but with my passion for styling and writing, it has helped me show who i really am. Every time I look at my blog (even tho it’s new) I am always geared up to figure out the next post. Always a feeling of motivation!


  7. Brooke

    Don’t forget friendship! All of my friends were co-workers before and when I came home to be with my children, I lost all of those friends. Since starting to blog, I found my “tribe” of women that I can’t imagine my life without.

  8. Kellie The Shoe Diva

    You are so right about all of these. I never really sat down to weigh the impact of blogging but for sure you hit many changes dead on the head. I started off as a “shoe blogger” that has transformed into people actually caring about what I’m wearing above my feet. My closet is overflowing & every time a major brand tags me in something or mentions me, I am so excited because I realize it was because of so much hard work that is still ongoing. The other thing I will add to the list is a true appreciation for something other than pay. Let’s face it, those small victories (i.e. your first comment) caused a lot of excitement but had no monetary value. Blogging let me know just how truly passionate I was about something that initially had no value but caused me to work countless hours because I just loved it. Thanks for showing me the other things I hadn’t taken the time to realize.

  9. Cheese

    It’s amazing how accurate this is. I was literally sitting down thinking about this the other day. I just started my blog and it’s going 2 weeks strong. It’s already changed me soo much I’ve learned so much about blogging and the internet and design and myself! It’s a lot of hard work but it’s worth it and in such a short time I’m already partnered with a fashion app. It’s insane!

  10. Lesia

    This article is right on the money. I’ve been blogging for a year now and I’ve learned so much already, it’s kinda cool!
    Tackling issues and problems really happens often and takes a lot of time and resources too.