Don’t Publish a Single Blog Post Until You Use Grammarly


Most bloggers have to be their own copy editors. Most bloggers do not have the luxury or the time to have someone double check their work. In the fashion blogging space, many bloggers become bloggers, not for the love of writing, but the love of fashion. In other words, many fashion bloggers become writers by circumstance. You know, because blogs mostly come in written form.

I personally have been criticized for my lack of proper grammar, and, I try, but I always find it difficult to copy edit my own work. I'll catch some things, but some things my brain will not see for some reason or another. Like looking for sunglasses when they are on my head. That kind of thing. It can be embarrassing at times, and at times I just want someone to cut me some slack. It is hard churning out content day after day by myself.

It is even harder proofreading writing I've been staring at for hours.

Check Your Grammar in Seconds

That's why when I found Grammarly, I knew this tool would not only be helpful to me, but to other bloggers out there. Grammarly is a cloud-based software that helps correct your grammar (and checks for plagiarism, just in case). Just copy and paste your text into the editor, and in seconds it will run more than 250 grammar checks, highlight your grammatical errors and give you suggestions on how to improve the text. Grammarly even has settings for various types of writing; academic and business writing, creative writing, and even personal writing.

Grammarly Screen Shot

Grammarly is such a powerful software that even universities make it available to their students. Which ones? cited the University of California Davis, the University of South Carolina, George Mason University, Arizona State University, and the University of South Florida (not to mention all of Virginia’s community colleges) were using Grammarly as of 2013.

So if Grammarly is good enough for colleges, it should be good enough for me to use on my little blogs.

However, there is a catch with Grammarly. The software does cost money, $29.95/month or $139.95/year. If you have written something that needs solid proofreading, Grammarly does offer a proofreading service where you can have a human copy edit your work for an additional fee based on turn around time and length of the text.

I personally believe that the software is worth investing in to give your blog a more polished feel. Hey, if you put your effort in producing excellent photos, why not put a little effort in having great grammar?

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  1. Marlena

    I totally agree, it is so important to have perfect grammar and spelling on your blog. If there are many errors, it puts you off reading which is sad but true 🙁
    Might be worth an investment for these of us who would need such help. Thanks for an interesting article.


  2. Onianwah

    Well said Jenine, well said.
    I still caught a typo in a post I wrote last friday and on Sunday skipped half of an entire bible verse cos my brain just refused to believe that it was there and thoroughly skipped it so I do understand about needing a third party to proof read. I am already checking it out.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  3. Liza Sheehy

    Thanks for the tip!, you know our pain. I think it is a definite as you want to be professional, and accurate

  4. Jess Zimlich

    I’m definitely guilty of reading something in my head the way I think it should read and then coming back to it later to see a huge error!

  5. Lix

    This does look cool! If anyone needs a proofreader, though – a human one – feel free to reach out to me. I’ve got years of experience editing stories.

  6. Matilde

    I’m studying psychology, but im planning to become a writer at some point. Usually my mates praise how i write , but it took me sweat, blood and tears to be able to have a good writing style (also, you should know english is my second language). In my humble opinion, if you wanna be -or you are already- a blogger, you should take a SERIOUS effort to learn how to write. If you do this only for fun using an app is certainly a great idea, but if you plan to make this for a living using apps is totally unnaceptable. I assume you wanna be taken seriously and THIS kind of tricks won’t help you to reach that. I cannot EVEN imagine Karl Lagerfeld trying to use shortcuts to become a designer, a photographer, or even a film director (i think he’s going to make a film about Coco Chanel, as far as i’m concerned) I understand that we live in a time of instant gratification, but if you really wanna stand out in YOUR area of work, using stuff like this certainly won’t make you look good. Being a writer is not about using nice apps, it ACTUALLY requires years of work, study and effort, so when i see programs like this working i find myself thinking they are a really, REALLY sad joke. And refusing to make an effort to write properly won´t help you, for sure.

    • Ashley

      Matilde, I find your comment kind of close-minded, to say the least! As someone who has a degree in writing, I agree that grammar and writing are important. I also agree that doing them well comes from years of experience, practice, and as you put it “blood, sweat, and tears.”

      But at a certain point in our lives, we don’t have the educational support and safety net of school, professors and teachers, or editors to help us. Bloggers are a one-man machine. If grammar and writing isn’t someone’s strong point, this tool can be very educational. I don’t think a blogger should put their content in, and copy what comes out. But if they look at the suggested changes, see where they went wrong… well, isn’t that part of the educational experience? Isn’t that part of learning and growth as a writer?

      If an app can help someone find confidence in their writing, or successfully teach them in a way that others couldn’t… well, more power to them!

      And honestly, I actually DO imagine Karl Lagerfeld takes quite a few shortcuts when branching out into new areas. Filmmaking and Photography are areas that require immense experience and knowledge to do successfully. Hiring a team of experienced people to help make his film come true? That’s a shortcut. It’s him using another person’s knowledge and experience instead of gaining his own.

    • Tenisha Jonece

      Wow! I think your comment is WAY off. I studied English as my major in college. I have a degree in it! I’ve been told by several professors that my writing style is entertaining and makes the reader feel engaged (and this was before I started using Grammarly). I’ve grown as a writer since then, and I still use it. No, the program does not find many errors, but it’s simply not an “App”. It is an editing GOD! Not only does it check for spelling, it checks the content to make sure it reads well. When journalist submit articles to a publication, there are editors. Well, this is my editor, and for you to spit on it makes me pity you for judging something you know nothing about. I advise you to try it before you call it or its users a “joke”.

  7. Manuela

    This is a great tip especially for those people who write in english even if they are not native like me!

    • Kierra

      Idk how I feel about spending $30 for someone to correct my grammer, buttttt I think once my blog starts turning profit that it will be a smart purchase. Has anyone tried any other subscriptions like these??

  8. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Thank you thank you for bringing that up. Don’t want to come across as a Fuddy Duddy but sometimes its just so hard to read what someone is saying because of their grammar. I love English. I teach English although not a native speaker. Just yesterday my (adult) students were looking at me sort of funny because I told them to use ” If I were” instead of “If I was” for conditionals. I think it sounds way more elegant. And being a fashion blogger this is what I support Elegance is an attitude:) Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  9. Sara

    I couldn’t imagine paying a service to correct my grammar. Perhaps because the cost is high or because I studied English language and creative writing in university so constructing words should be my forte. Also as a librarian all I do is interpret what is around me and in all my jobs I copywrite for my superiors. However…I know everyone is not me. I also know that a majority of people monetise their blog and survive from it and for it to be imperfect harms their livelihood!

    It is quite interesting but if you are using an app as a crutch to replace what you should already know (if you are scanning your native language) I worry you are just being lazy. I know my mother would be ashamed of me if I ever resorted to such an application!

    (But we are all different…..)

    • Jennine Jacob

      I know a lot of professional writers that always have a copy editors to correct their grammar. Would you call a copy editor be a “crutch”? That role has been in the publishing industry for a very long time!

  10. Alexandra

    This article is in dire need of copy editing – excessive use of the comma in the first two paragraphs for example – so if you used Grammarly before publishing the article it doesn’t work well and you’ve wasted your money.

  11. Victoria Antoine

    I don’t want to waste my money in order to check my grammar. I want to find a grammar software that is free and it’s willing to correct my grammar. I would like to hire someone to check my grammar, spellings, and punctions when ever I write a press releases but I don’t have the money.



  12. Demsblog

    This is such an amazing idea! This will help me avoid the occasional grammatical error, I am going to use it straight away.

  13. Tenisha Jonece

    I use grammarly as well. I started to use it slightly after I graduated from UOPX (University of Phoenix). This program is available for free if you attend or have graduated. Best resource I have for blogging. EVER!

  14. Katrina Doran (@Sugahgal)

    For bloggers who do it for fun this is a bit pricey. I wonder are there any more cost effective options out there. I wouldn’t mind paying say $5 a month but $30 is a lot. I’d guess you’d also get better over a few months as the app spots your regular mistakes. Might be worth the investment for a few months?

    Would love to hear if anyone has come across something similar for less fee.

  15. Amanda Michelle

    Wow, awesome find! Can’t wait to try this out, thank you!

  16. Bua

    So, imagine this grammar concern with a non-English speaking blogger, like me:) I have an email saying that I should polish my blog because my grammar wasn’t correct. It took me longer to blog one post than average native English speakers. I’m still going for it! not giving up. Thanks for sharing this important topic.

  17. Sirita

    Now THIS is useful software. I loved your review of it. It would certainly help bloggers like myself get more enlightened on proper grammar use and its easy to use. The annual price is fair even if you only blog once per week IMO.


  18. Katya

    I agree with Anastasia that grammar is very important for non-native speakers. Thank you, Anastasia, for a helpful link. I believe that I will use this website for some time and then, perhaps, try Grammarly ($149/year is just $11.66 per month).
    Grammar check websites are less expensive than hiring a professional proof-reader but on the other side such websites do not check if your sentences really make sense. From this point of view, I consider Paperrater and Grammarly only as a temporary solution.

  19. Secret Closet

    OMG Jennie!

    this is fantastic! ….. please don’t judge my grammar i will need to purchase Grammarly 🙂 This will help me so much more when it comes to my blog. The first time i wrote mine i was like …. whoops spelling mistake there … and again, feeling like a fool lol.

    thankyou x

  20. War Julian

    I actually use grammarly. But not all the time. It’s good but not perfect. You can’t rely it on it too much coz sometimes I find it offers some grammar correction that doesn’t really make any sense (robotic)! LOL Very easy user interface though. I’d still recommend it for new writers/bloggers as ‘trainer wheels’.

  21. tomoko

    Great tips! Especially English is my second language, I will probably need it… but at first, I have to hit a goal!

  22. Sharon Reynolds

    Hey Jennine,

    This is great advice! I actually came across this article (months too late, I’m afraid) because this article is right up my alley. I wear two hats as the Marketing Director for an online fashion, art, and culture publication called Velvet Dust ( as well as a Content Producer for a new company called Knowingly.

    Knowingly has launched a new grammar tool called Correctica that finds errors most grammar checkers miss, like misused words, phrases, idioms, and homonyms. The cool thing about Correctica is that it can scan an entire site to retroactively find errors. Here’s the link for a free scan if you want to try it out:

    Anyways, thought you may be interested!


    Sharon Reynolds