15 Things to do Instead of What You’re Already Doing


It's July! We're half way through the year, how are you on goals for your blog? Maybe it's time to try something different? Here are 15 new things to try if you're looking for ideas – it's always helpful to go outside your comfort zone, and summer is a good time, since its quieter and more “relaxed.”

Go Outside!

Take photos outside.  Take a walk. Get away from your desk.

Allow 24 hours between writing a post and publishing it.

Give yourself some time to reflect on what you wrote. Edit the post again. Spend a lot of time on quality posts instead of more posts.

Take a social media vacation.

Take a break from the internet. It'll be here when you get back. Spend some time with your real-life.

Take a REAL vacation.

Blog about it, or don't blog, but do something different. When you get back, you'll be refreshed and ready to try new things.


4-4-4 – instead of piddling around on Pinterest or Facebook, or getting stuck down the rabbit hole of the internet, sit still and breathe. I've been trying the four-breaths in, four-breaths out for four minutes thing every day (or as often as I remember) and it really helps to get clarity back.

Call your PR or brand contacts.

How often do we just “hide” or become comfortable with email as the only way to communicate? A 5 minute phone call, or even a message on voice mail goes a long way towards creating a closer and more productive relationship. Email is still good for quick questions, but a phone call is great for follow-up and just to say “hi.”

Record a video review.

If you don't do those already. Just try it, maybe it's not something you'll do all the time, but it might be an interesting way to see if you can attract new readers or engage existing ones with a new type of content.

Try a giveaway.

If you've never done one, a giveaway can be a fun way to engage readers, getting them to comment when they otherwise don't, or at least making them feel like part of a community. If you don't have a sponsor, find one, or buy the prize yourself. Keep it simple and ask them to leave comments to enter to win – make it fun and interesting and a way for your readers to interact with each other and you.

Make a collage or outfit post.

Whatever, as long as its a different type of post than what you normally do.

Publish every day.

If you normally publish 3x a week or less, try to create a post every day for a while and see what difference it makes to your traffic and engagement.

Ask a question at the end of your posts.

This suggestion gets a lot of flack, but if it's relevant, asking a question, or saying “what do you think?” at the end of a post goes a long way towards engaging readers with your content.

Value your time.

Think about how much work you're doing and what you earn from it, then calculate what your time is worth. Focus more on producing quality content that will earn more in the long run. Don't work for free.

Work in a different location.

Notice how your inspirations change when you work someplace different.

Narrow your niche.

I always say the smaller the niche, the better – talk about what you're most passionate about and readers will follow. Don't just keep your blog wide open, discussing fashion, or lifestyle, make it vintage fashion, online shopping, or 40-something style. The more specialized you are, the more easily others will identify with you.

Expand your niche.

Once you've narrowed down your niche, widen it a little! There's no ONE right way, or the perfect formula for success. If your niche is too narrow, make it bigger; talk about a few things you might not normally and see what happens with traffic and engagement.

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21 Responses

  1. Kyryl D

    I always get refreshing ideas whenever I return home from a vacation.. It is truly a great way to spend time with yourself and see places that inspire you.
    And the ‘giveaway’ seems like a very good idea.

    Check out my menswear blog

  2. Kyryl

    I always get refreshing ideas whenever I return home from a vacation. It is a great opportunity to spend time with yourself and see places that inspire you.
    And having a ‘giveaway’ seems like a very good idea. Thanks for the tips.

    Checkout my menswear blog

  3. Selbe

    These are awesome tips! I definitely want to try to narrow down my niche and try something different.

    Thanks for these!


  4. Janelle Hawes

    These are some very helpful tips on how to change what we’re currently doing and make it better. Some of the ideas I know I want to incorporate more of include:
    •Allow 24 hours between writing a post and publishing it-because it’s hard to edit while the ideas are flowing!

    •Make a collage or outfit post-for the purposes of my blog, these are more lighthearted and fun and give a break from the instructional-type post I usually write.

    •Publish every day-this is a great way to develop discipline both as a writer and a blogger, which I’m very interested in excelling at both.

    •Value your time-this is helping me to figure out what works, what doesn’t and clearing the clutter!

    •Work in a different location-yes, a change of scene usually helps me become excited about blogging all over again, especially if I’ve only been blogging from my office.

    Great tips:)


  5. Denonita

    Great tips. I have been trying to do a video but get nervous. I have been trying to post regularly but getting burnt down with so much stuff and at the moment my blog doesn’t monetise.

  6. Anastasia

    Right now I’m working on two things from this list – on narrowing down my niche and 24-hours between writing and publishing the post, since I opted from the beginning to create one quality post instead of just many posts.


  7. Chelsey

    Right now I’m trying the posting every day thing (or at least working up to it) because I do notice a significant increase in traffic when I post 5x a week versus 2-3x a week. I also always have 24hrs minimum between writing and publishing. I do this with photo editing as well, because sometimes it can be blinding sitting in front of a computer editing pictures. Having a break to go back and look at the changes really helps clarify if the picture was over-edited or not.

  8. Raquel

    Very nice! It has been my current project to get ready to try to post every day for a bit. It is my current goal to come in full force next month as I have a lot planned. I have found that it is all about trying something new! xo


  9. style me curvy

    Some great points there especially finding inspiration outdoors xxx

  10. KC Parker

    Hello, I recently created a fashion blog, but I did not launch it yet. I’m still in the process of working on it, but it’s coming along. Reading your blog has helped me create ideas and really think out side the box. ^^