Forget tripods! Use Gooey to Make Videos, Take Selfies, etc. from Your Smartphone


You know how awkward it is to take your own outfit shot in the mirror, or that “view from above” shot of your outfit. I can never get it right! You COULD just buy a tripod for your phone, but who does that? No one.

Enter Gooey, it's a skin that you put on your smartphone or tablet that temporarily sticks to glass (mirrors, windows, any smooth flat surface) without being sticky, when you're not sticking it to the mirror. As the video below suggests, you can stick your smartphone to a variety of surfaces for a variety of reasons. Cooking in the kitchen, watching videos on the train, Skyping with your friends, etc. But as fashion bloggers, I saw this as a great solution to taking outfit shots, or making videos either on the go or even at home.

I haven't personally tested this product (I just bought one, so it's coming this week) but the reviews on it look promising. Gooey uses 3M technology, a polyurethane epoxy, that allows it to stick to flat, glossy surfaces. The idea to make this came up when founder, Rachel Verghis, was trying to juggle holding up her smartphone, holding her kids, and keeping the phone out of reach while making FaceTime with her family. As a parent myself, I know that my kid will do anything to get in reach of my iPhone. So, there's an added use for this skin.

Gooey comes in a variety of colors and shapes to fit Apple and Samsung products.


Have you tried Gooey yet? Did it work?

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10 Responses

  1. Moe a.k.a. @biggirlblue

    OK, this looks awesome. I just finished trying the Selfie Ring and thought it made taking selfies easier but this THIS would be so perfect for blogging and in the kitchen. I know I always want my ipod higher than counter height. I’m curious what happens when you stick it into your purse. Does stuff stick to it? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. GlamethystJones

    It’s such a good idea. You for sure have to have a timer tho, or it’s pretty pointless I take it. I’ll sure to read the reviews. They sure are making these selfies easier and easier to take 🙂

  3. Onianwah

    O wow, this sounds great. I bet it is going to be a revolutionary product if it is as good as it looks. Will look out for it and see if it can be shipped to Nigeria.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  4. Nada Qamber

    I looks pretty cool. I’m considering, but I’m also thinking if it’ll be worth it….