How to Change Your Blog’s Content Without Totally Losing It


People change, and so does blog content. We can't help by being influenced by new phases of life, or even boredom from doing things the same way. As bloggers, it's natural to crave new ways of showcasing our voice, writing style, visuals, and overall presence.

Drawing from my personal experience of shifting my blog in a new direction, I wanted to make some suggestions on how you can prepare yourself and your readers for the changes, and what to expect from implementing them.

Inform Your Readers of the Change

Do it in a mode that seems best for your readership, be it through a post or social media or both, but most likely you should remind your readers several times of the impending changes. Remind your readers again once changes occur. Don't just tell them what will be happening, but also explain why; most likely they've invested time in your blog and feel like they know you. Treat them as you would a friend, so that they can feel more invested in the change as well.

I found that I was procrastinating on writing certain kinds of posts, but felt the passion and the oomph without any hesitation to get it done when I was talking about accessories. Personally, it was what I cared about, and thought that the readers would appreciate more of a focused view on this aspect of fashion, so I took a leap of faith and went for it.

While notifying your readers of a change, it's not a bad idea to also pose a visual reminder of the new blog direction. Do something fun, like a new logo, tagline, or even sidebar reminder to connote the new direction you are going. Don't forget to update your “about” section as well.

Gradually or Cold Turkey- You Decide

Consider if it would be in you reader's best interest to gradually introduce the new content and slowly gauge their attention to it, or to just switch over to the new content completely.

For me, I decided that I wanted my blog to be more accessories-focused. To do that, I made room for it by scaling back the “breaking, of-the-moment fashion news” type content. After phasing out the “news,” ever so slowly increasing accessories specific coverage from one day a week and three times a week over the course of six months.

Accept that Your Traffic May Fluctuate

As good as it may be for you emotionally and professionally to move your blog in a new editorial direction, accept that you may lose some readers along the way. Your traffic may take a dip for a while until you can find a new audience. Use this as an opportunity to experiment with your SEO and social media to pump up your readership. Continue to make new contacts that relate to your new content, both on the PR side of things as well as among fellow bloggers.

Whatever the reason that compels you to take your blog in a new direction, having a plan will make it easier to succeed.

Have you ever changed your blog's direction?

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7 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    I understand bloggers wanting to change direction and this is good advice.
    One frustration I have as a reader is when bloggers I follow get pregnant. It seems like at least half of the blog gets devoted to baby, which I understand. I’ve had a child and I know how all consuming it is, but I don’t want to read about a dozen pregnant journeys. You know?

  2. Onianwah

    What I did was to incorporate new types of content into my blog. These types of content had already been introduced to my personal brand via social media so it wasn’t too much of a digression when I started including it in the blog.
    I do get the part of asking my readers what they think about a particular type of post but there are some I am really passionate about. I just go right ahead and include them anyways.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  3. Anastasia

    I wouldn’t say I change the blog’s direction radically, but it has been transformed. Now I have much more travel type of content on the blog, I decided to skip all the “news” ( there are bigger sites that do it better and faster, right?), and now I’m about to implement art content too…..It seems challenging to jungle all the elements in one, by the way!


  4. Rachel

    I started writing a fashion blog, and now it is a fully on food blog. I did not plan the change, it just happened as the site grew up with me, so it was a very gradual introduction of food content into the fashion, than gradually phasing out the fashion. However, I was not aware of any of this. I was still hobby blogging, not business blogging at the time so I did not have an editorial calendar or anything, and the first I knew about the change was when I was asked in an interview when I’d made the decision to switch, and I realised it had happened naturally! One benefit I can point out, though, to doing it gradually like this is that I barely lost any of my ‘fashion’ followers, and they now read the food blog!

  5. Dai Bean

    I think this is hilarious because I’ve been a bit too busy to read this site and I log in today and you have this article up. I actually just posted my “Changing Niche” article not more than five minutes ago.

    It was hard for me to decide and I found myself not posting anything instead of just informing my readers of the content power battle that was going on on my blog.

    I’m glad I did today. I feel like it’s been very… cleansing for me to do so and I’m now more pumped than ever for the future of my blog.