82% of Bloggers Made MORE Money Last Year Than Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]


Last month, WWD made waves by talking about how bloggers are making millions, and most likely as RewardStyle's Amber Venz says, “Not who you think they are.”

Sure, yeah, there are SOME bloggers who are making millions, and by all means that's great for them! But what about the rest of the spectrum of blogging? Are ALL the opportunities reserved for those few, for the blogging world's 1%? I spoke with Style Coalition founder, Yuli Ziv over the phone today and talked about what professional blogging looks like today.

“Brands are asking for more, a blog is simply not enough.” says Yuli Ziv

“Today, people are running their blogs more as a business,” says, Ziv. People are treating their blogs as an extension of their personal brands. As Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. have become established media channels, it's no longer enough just to run a blog. “Brands are asking for more, a blog is simply not enough.” So are we bloggers anymore if we must cultivate influence across multiple channels? The answer is sort of. On one hand, the term has evolved, bloggers influential across several channels are now referred to as “Power Influencers” But, on the other hand, at the end of the day, an opportunity always come down to the actual blog. So don't just chuck your blog and live on Instagram just yet.

You might be seeing on Twitter bloggers frustrated by brands who do not understand how things work, but, generally speaking, the brands who do have the budgets are actually becoming more sophisticated and more structure as to how they work with bloggers. What's more, is that they're allocating more budget to working with bloggers than in years past. Where blogger campaigns used to be one-offs, now they're more commonplace and have allocated budgets. RFPs (Request for Proposals for media buys) are including blogs as a media channel, and allotting specific sections for branded content (i.e., sponsored posts). For bloggers, this means; content is by all means a commodity in the advertising world. Yes, blog content.

…Ziv puts it, “[Brands] realized they can use bloggers to create [branded] content that is more organic and authentic. They then started reaching out to bloggers to their story in [the blogger's] own voice. It's win/win, get great content and own that content, and use it across social channels.”

Branded content is appealing to companies as they constantly need new, fresh content to disburse among their own media channels. Why don't they just create their own? They could, but it's expensive, and as Yuli Ziv puts it, “[Brands] realized they can use bloggers to create [branded] content that is more organic and authentic. They then started reaching out to bloggers to their story in [the blogger's] own voice. It's win/win, get great content and own that content, and use it across social channels.”

Brands want to take a look at your blog and social media channels and in “5 seconds, they want to be able to know who your audience is.”

How do you know if your content is going to be appealing to brands? Ziv says that brands want to take a look at your blog and social media channels and in “5 seconds, they want to be able to know who your audience is.” So be thoughtful in how you cultivate your audience, who you want them to be, as well how you position yourself. Your niche may or may not be appealing to brands, so consider what your blog is about, along with your readers. Make it easy for brands to be able to visualize working with you.

If you needed more proof that there is a lot of opportunity out there check out this infographic which shows that 82% of professional bloggers had an increase in revenue over the past year.

That's good news, for everyone.


Image credits: Style Coalition & Shutterstock.com

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  1. Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Wow! That’s a great look at the blogging world. My blog is still young, but I can certainly see that you get what out of it, what you put into it. I love that blogging has become a true business, and I’m glad there are powerful stats like this to back it up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. TlvBirdie

    This is a truly inspiring article, and I definitely want my blog to be a part of these stats one day,
    but if 248,000 page views monthly are average…it is more depressing than inspiring, as I feel like HOW?!?!? (or is it average for those who blog full-time for the past 6 years+?)

    Olya from TLV Birdie Blog

    • Jennine Jacob

      248K monthly pv is certainly a lot, but it’s attainable. that said, it’s merely an average.

      traffic does tend to build over time, notice how most the bloggers have been at it for YEARS. so don’t get down quite yet!

      • iheartheels

        I’ve had my blog for over six years now and will never, ever reach 200k. Honestly is there some secret because I’m puzzled. I’ve had Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Kristin Cavallari and Brooke Burke on it this year alone and yet page views will never be that high. In fact, my numbers are quite low. When will brands recognize good content that just hasn’t been clicked on by 200k people. That’s always been my question. I don’t have money or time for a professional advertising campaign. Ya know?

      • BikePretty

        To clarify, the 248,000 average monthly page views only apply to the top 250 influencers that were surveyed.

        This was not a survey of the entire industry. It only applies to these extreme cases. In fact, this data is so skewed that it is nearly useless for the average fashion blogger.

        Don’t despair, everybody! Keep posting. Get Google Analytics. And just try out a few affiliate platforms and see what works best for you.

  3. Chantal McCulligh

    Bang on! You nailed it. If there was one thing to take out of this, you need to invest the time to creating a branded blog, and take it seriously in order to make it a business and collect revenue.

    Time is money, but that money will come back. It is the smartest investment within the blogging industry!

  4. Chanoa Chen

    What a wonderful read! While my new blog’s monthly pageviews are certainly far away from those numbers (and maybe thus my current blog income), this screams great news to me. I work on the premise of quality over quantity and my modest start has garnered me attention from quality sources. Even without making millions from my blog I truly enjoy it but now I believe this could end up going even farther for me than I’d once thought.

  5. Aniqa

    This is a very good article. I am a new blogger and I love it. I am constantly looking for more information about this topic and this website is just what I was looking for 🙂

  6. Carla

    I’ve only just started my blog but would love to get it to this level, wow. All it takes is dedication and some business savvy I think. I’m inspired to try.

  7. Epp

    That 200k+ can be such a frightening number. Ever since I started blogging, my goal has been providing inspiration, confidence and of course … making blogging open doors for my life. It doesn’t come that easy, I can say, and those people who’ve made it through the “wall” are definitely worth those income numbers. It requires so much work that right now I honestly couldn’t see myself doing it 100% of my time and as a work commitment. Then again, I couldn’t live without it 🙂 So – it definitely stays by me 🙂



  8. Collectively Team

    Great information, we’re happy to see more transparency in the industry. These numbers really help tell the story that for some influencers, blogs aren’t just hobbies anymore. Many of them have put in lots of work to build an audience and credibility–now that work is paying off in the form of brand revenue and opportunities. We recently polled the Collectively community on the business of blogging and some of our results were very similar–you can check it out here! http://bit.ly/1nptCPf

  9. Chelsey

    This is an extremely helpful article, particularly the infographic. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. ahhhsoneo

    I’m nowhere near those numbers, but I’ve only been at it for two years. These numbers will come, I find it inspiring and frightening. But if your goals don’t scare you then you aren’t dreaming big enough! I totally believe that if bloggers are getting these types of numbers and followers then they 100% deserve the money – honestly, how many paper magazines have these kind of subscription lists these days!?

  11. Anastasia

    The number of average visitors is really astonishing for those of us, who started recently)))
    And talking of the case, I understand very well why brands tend to invest more and more money/time/afforts in working with bloggers and spreading their influence. Because it’s a real way to reach the audience and to see REAL numbers to calculate the brand’s ROI. As a ex-editor of a huge glossy mag, I can say that each page cost a lot for brands, while you will never ever know the effect that the advertisement caused on readers and how many of them after seeing the adv. spread go to the shop and buy the product. Besides we all know that people know hardly believe to what their read in the magazines, their advises and reviews – and that’t absolutely right!!!! Almost each image of a product in a magazine or its mentioning is paid – directly or as a part of PR-support. So with bloggers brands get a loyal audience who trust the blogger’s recommendation and taste – though I think some of the top-bloggers tend to act just like magazines when they star being paid well…..On the whole, my opinion is that in time collaborations with bloggers will be the first priority for many brands, especially middle and low-costed.

  12. Kristen Conahan

    Great piece! It’s absolutely a business and that’s the smartest thing that we can do as bloggers, treat it that way. I love it but it requires the hard work, the way any business does to be successful. Content is key but networking and building relationships are much needed as well.


  13. Vestido do dia

    I’ve worked with internet for more than a decade now, I saw the first boom of blogging world, and saw it fades away. And its really great to see how it reborn greater than ever. Greater in importance, at least.

    Journalism are changing, the internet are changing, and blogs have a main hole in the middle of those transactions. Maybe because they feed us with real time information. In any topic we can find as much content as we want, any time.

    Helô, from Vestido do dia

  14. Eunice Carter

    I am a believer of this article because the advantage of infographics is that they offer quick measurable results such as social shares, backlinks, citations and traffic. These results allow SEOs to create a comprehensive ROI report for their clients. It’s much harder on the other hand to measure the results of dozens of individual visual elements and justify the content spend.

  15. Ro Little

    Ahhh … I LOVE seeing the proof in numbers!! Thanks so much for posting this!! I’m THRILLED to be a part of the blogging industry and helping so many of my wonderful blogging friends get their blogs set up properly … ready to work with brands and companies .. and to become POWER INFLUENCERS! WooHoo! Let’s ROCK!
    Ro Little
    Owner & Head Designer,

  16. Travel with Pedro

    Great article, and very reassuring! I’ve been blogging for only two years and I can see the blog growing slowly but surely. Yes, 248K page views per month is a lot, but as they point out, it’s an average, probably pushed up by the figures of those who blog full time and post 16 times per week. Nevertheless, it helps us keep our hopes up. 🙂

  17. Lesia

    I am quite impressed by these statistics. What I like the most is the level of success is going up when you blog a longer time, this gives a lot of hope and confidence.
    I’ll try to work on my audience! You’re all welcome to check my blog, of course: http://taleofthegreat.com

  18. Michael

    This is good info for all bloggers. Who doesn’t want to earn decent money blogging ?


    Seriously custom blog designers – http://bkings.org

  19. Rachel

    I think that these stats are awesome! I am a fairly new blogger, and still finding my niche, but this gives me hope that I can be successful. I truly love blogging, and I think that is the key.

  20. Scarlett Roger

    This was an awesome article and I am new to blogging as well. I have three blogs, a fashion blog, life coaching blog and recreational cheer blog. Is that spreading myself too thin?

  21. Fatima

    I love this post! It definitely gives bloggers hope to continue on their journey. I’m so happy to see these stats and I’m excited that most of the bloggers who commented on this post are optimistic as well.

  22. Elise Xavier

    This was such an encouraging article to me at the time I was first starting my blog that I ended up bookmarking it so I could take a look at those stats again later.

    Now that I’m one of those bloggers who’s making plenty more this year than last, and enough to most definitely call myself a full time blogger, I’ve returned to say thank-you for the encouragement 😉