3 Simple Ways to Find Out What Your Readers Want


Part of growing your blog is the savviness of understanding your readers. When you’re just starting out, starting again or in a regular blogging groove, it’s natural to post about any and everything related to fashion that catches your attention. Yes, your blog is your space to talk about what you want, but it’s crucial to know what your readers respond to in order to grow your traffic – how to attract new visitors and how to keep your current readers coming back for more. So how do you figure out what they want to see on your blog? Here are three ways:


If you needed one more reason to check your blog’s analytics regularly, here’s another. Besides tracking unique visitors, bounce rates and page views, take the time to study landing pages and keyword analytics as well. Which posts (landing pages) are visitors spending the most time on? Is there a theme or a specific topic within those posts that readers respond best to? Consider making posts with that specific topic or theme a regular occurrence on your blog. DesignLoveFest’s “Favorite Pins” is a perfect example – she posts her favorite Pinterest finds in a roundup at least weekly. The keywords your readers use to find your blog is a gold mine of post inspiration and insight. I write about a variety of topics, but “Katniss” remains one of my top keywords because of a few Hunger Games outfit inspiration posts I’ve done since the first movie came out.

Social media

Social media’s the quickest way to gauge what your readers like (or don’t like.) Most likely, you’re using at least one social media channel to promote your blog. Facebook likes; shares or comments; Twitter favorites, replies or retweets; Pinterest likes or repins; Instagram/YouTube/Google+ likes or comments – those are all strong and easy indicators of which posts your readers are inclined to read and engage. While you may not necessarily see comments directly in a blog post, they might be open to leaving comments on a Facebook page or Instagram. These metrics are obviously helpful in growing your social media followings, but they’re just as useful to you in growing your blog’s traffic too.


Just as simple but probably the most overlooked way to find out what your readers want to see on your blog is to ask them directly! Some bloggers will send out a quick, 1-3 question survey in a blog post or newsletter, and others will post questions to their social media channels to ask their readers directly what they’d like to see. I’ll include it occasionally in blog posts if it fits into the rest of the post, but even then I don’t feel like I do it enough. Ask what they’ve enjoyed reading so far. Ask what they’d like to see. You’ll never know unless you put it out there.

Understanding your community is the key not just to growing your traffic, but in providing inspiration for future blog posts, establishing yourself as an influencer and ultimately appealing to brands. It always helps to have a focus, and to let your readers help guide that focus!

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10 Responses

  1. Onianwah

    I do this a lot and recently figured out what A LOT of my fans and readers wanted to know about – Natural Hair; Unfortunately, my job and time has not permitted or enabled me to do a proper post on natural hair asides the regular Instagram updates which everyone loves.
    Posted about getting rid of my hair yesterday and everyone was in a panic.
    How does one deal with having an audience who want the very thing you are almost unable to provide them with?
    Thanks Jess.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Vestido do dia

    I did a lot of research before started the blog that i participate. Before you have people visiting your site, navegating through your content, leaving comments and liking/sharing what they enjoyed, there’s a limited things you can do to have an idea about whats hot or not.
    Keyword research and keyword variations are essencial, and have a good value even after you are being found and are interacting with your audience.

    But your tips are very important and helpful! Great article!

    Helô, from Vestidos curtos

  3. Nyah

    I usually just use my stats to see what people like the most on my site. I often find that one post gets viewed everyday but, when I made a sequel it is not as popular. Sometimes the original posts are just the best you can make them:(
    I also found that the more posts that are made to help the readers the better. They rarely want to hear about you until you have a large following.


  4. Anastasia

    I personally pay a lot of attention to the comments on the blog – it’s a good indicator. If they are thoughtful and long enough, personal and wit, than the post probably was interesting for readers. If the comments are quick and random it’s another sign….

  5. Michael

    Comments, pageviews, social media – these are the best ways to find out what readers really want

  6. Dems-blog

    Through practice I have realised social media and analytics are important in terms of understanding your audience, but I have never considered asking them directly! It makes sense, I missed one of the most obvious ways to find out what my readers want, I look forward to trying it out!

  7. Mahsa (the Crushworthy)

    Hi there! I just stumbled across this site and so glad I did–what an excellent resource, especially for those of us just starting out! I’m wondering if this site has forums where we can ask questions and get to know other bloggers. Or if not, if someone can recommend a couple sites I can check out. I’m relatively new to this and would love to build a relationship with like minded bloggers. Thanks!

  8. Rosi Quintero

    Hi everyone!
    I started my blog just a month ago, people on the street regularly ask me where do I get my clothes or complement them; then, my priority was to show how to dress well with affordable pieces and some splurge ones. I noticed that on my pinterest people started following one of my boards more than the others, does it mean that is only about that topic my blog should be related? But I want to keep it versatile because that’s just who I am.

  9. Arvind

    I believe in be honest about my thinking and my writing, rather than thinking about what’s reader want. Great writer never ask what reader like or dislike, they always write from their core of thier heart and reader eventually like them.