10 Revealing Post Ideas Using Other People’s “Secrets” as Inspiration

Sometimes the best things to talk about on  your blog is the stuff that no one actually talks about. We're talking Secrets. I recently found this app, Secret, which is an anonymous secret sharing app, that upon making more friends, engaging more, you find more information about the person who told the secret.


While, I reallyyy don't believe in sharing other people's actual secrets, especially if they are actual secrets that could affect their lives if shared with the public. I did find that using a secret as a source of inspiration led me to some pretty interesting post topics, and angles. Sometimes you need to see what people think in order to relate an experience you've had. Besides, becoming more candid with your posts is a great way to connect with your readers.


“10 Movies I Wouldn't Mind If They Were Actually My Life”

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Come on, everyone imagines being transported into a film's universe. Which movies did you love so much, you kind of wish that was your actual life? Why? Share that with your readers for a super fun post (bonus points if they are on Netflix, lord knows we're always looking for a good Netflix fix.)


“10 Secret Things I Do”

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Everyone has secret things they do. Getting Botox every now and then. Or that they have a mustache. Or that they love to wear sweatpants and Crocs. Share a few funny secrets, like this person who tries to look like a player but is really just a gamer.


Create an Craigslist Ad and Share it With Your Readers

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Craigslist is now all over the world, but really, here in San Francisco, people use Craigslist for EVERYTHING. If you get into it, there's a lot of crazy things you can post. Maybe create an ad for a Shopping Crawl of a neighborhood or city? It might actually be a great opportunity for you to market your blog.


Get Real About Your Finances on Your Blog

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Where are you with your shopping habits? Are they under control. Was there ever a time where they weren't in control? How did you get out of it. Ashley Robison once wrote a post about her finances and blogging, and really opened up a huge discussion within the blogosphere.


“How To Manage Your Laundry”

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For all you clothes horses out there… just HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH ALL YOUR CLOTHES? How? I feel like I'm always doing laundry. So, any tips on how to keep on top of your laundry, laundry tips, how to wash your sweaters, or how to keep dry cleaning bills down. All great fodder for fashion blog posts.


5 Things I Wanted to Be “When I Grew Up.”

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Everyone wants to be something when they “grow up.” Sometimes we become that thing, other times we find out that it wasn't what we really wanted. Sometimes we get bored and move on. Whatever it is, do you have an interesting resume of different random careers? Share it with your readers!

“5 Places I Secretly Hate/Love Going To That Everyone Loves/Hates Going To”

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Do you hate going to clubs? Brunch not your jam? Or to flip this post, what places do you LOVE going to that everyone hates? Do you love the post office? Why?


Share a Time You “Failed” to Achieve a Goal

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We all hear stories about how people succeeded at something. But what about all those times that it didn't work out? What happened?  How did you come to terms with not achieving your goal? There is a success in every failure, and a story in every attempt to try something new. Share this with your readers, and maybe open a discussion about failure.


“10 Insanely Addictive TV Series You've Never Heard Of” photo 2

I don't know anyone who doesn't like a good TV bender every now and then. And always looking for a new show that we haven't heard of to get hooked on.


“10 Reasons Why Living in Another Era Would Be Great/Terrible”

photo 1

Now, I couldn't share everyone else's secrets and not share my own. One of my many nerd thoughts is about what I would do if I were transported in time. How would I survive? What would I wear? Would I try to fit in, or stick to my Post-Millennial way of being? Would it even be cool to live in another time? What would I miss about today? It could be a fun post, if you do it right!

What “secrets” would you share?



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13 Responses

  1. Kristen

    What great ideas! And you’re totally right, people love honesty. I found out recently when I admitted that I got fired. It was the most-read and most-commented post ever in the 4-years I’ve had my blog.

  2. Anastasia

    Probably, it can be secrets even about blogging, about fashion tips or taking best pictures for Instagram… The word secret itself sounds so promising!!


  3. Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    I love this! It’s so true that people enjoy relating to each other’s strangeness and feeling like they are sharing in other people’s secrets at the same time. Great topics! I just may use one … and of course top five and top ten lists are always popular on the blog!

  4. NS

    Excellent tips. Funny too! I have realized that people like reading blogs of real people. People who fail, do funny things, have secrets and have their share of awkward moments. Its good to show some honesty on the blog

  5. Jennifer Josleyn

    These are all excellent ideas for ways to get inspired! !

  6. Linda

    This is such a great way to start a discussion with your readers. You can get to know yourself some more from digging deep and you can enlighten you readers to do the same! What a great idea! <3

  7. Linda

    This is such a great way to start a discussion with your readers. You can get to know yourself some more from digging deep and you can enlighten you readers to do the same! What a great idea! <3