It’s Okay to Be Lucky: Let’s Talk About Luck and Fashion Blogging


Lately, there's been a bit of a backlash on the role of luck in a fashion blogger's career. I've run across several articles from successful fashion bloggers who've vehemently stated “luck has nothing to do” with their success and furthermore, any reference to luck automatically undermines all their hard work.

On the one hand I empathize. Being a successful fashion blogger, even a mildly successful blogger, takes a ton of work…a lot of which happens behind the scenes. No one sees the time you spend tweaking your SEO, developing an editorial calendar, or researching a blog post. Instead, they see only the final product – your name on the first page of Google, an acclaimed article series, or that time your post was picked up by a major website. It's easy, when you're on the outside looking in, to attribute all of it luck.

…it's just as dangerous to pretend that luck has nothing to do with success. Every blogger has had factors outside their direct and immediate control make a difference in their blogging.

However, it's just as dangerous to pretend that luck has nothing to do with success. Every blogger has had factors outside their direct and immediate control make a difference in their blogging. Sometimes those factors are negative. Sometimes they're positive. But they still exist.

I was lucky to have started my blog, The Lingerie Addict, when there were five lingerie blogs online. My niche is still relatively small, especially compared to the larger fashion blogging world, but being one of the first was a lucky accident. I was lucky to wear a bra size that's easy to find and that most every lingerie company makes. There was no hard work involved, and I didn't choose that. It just was. I was lucky to have supportive friends and family who, though they didn't entirely understand what a blog was, still supported me and believed in what I was doing.

And here's the thing: it's okay to acknowledge the positive influence all those factors had on my site. None of that invalidates what my blog has become. None of that makes my hard work meaningless. It's just a handful of things among the many that helped to make my site a success. If you have significant amounts of free time, disposable income, the resources to access the internet at will, and the freedom to write about whatever you want without repercussions, you are lucky. And that's fine. You can also be a hard worker. You can also be smart and talented and resourceful and all those other things. It's not an “either/or” situation. Luck and hard work can complement each other.

Happy coincidences happen for everyone. Sometimes for you and sometimes for others. The trick is making sure you're ready to take advantage of good luck when it strikes.

The reason I'm writing about this is because I feel it's important to be honest about how random chance can help people get ahead. There are occasions when you are just in the right place at the right time. Knowing that there are other factors at play can help with frustration and managing expectations. Sometimes, the issue isn't that you didn't work hard enough or write often enough or dress well enough. Sometimes, it's just you were here, and the opportunity was over there. Happy coincidences happen for everyone. Sometimes for you and sometimes for others. The trick is making sure you're ready to take advantage of good luck when it strikes.

What do you think about the role of luck in successful fashion blogging? Does luck have anything to do with it? Is it insulting to be called lucky? How have you been lucky with your blog? Let's talk in the comments!


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  1. Onianwah

    Well, yeah. I don’t believe in luck though but I would agree that some things just are and there is no need to deny their existence and addition to making your work a success.
    I think those who do are unappreciative of God who put those things in place to favour them.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Jemma

    Very true! There is always a combination of hard work (which one would hope takes up the majority) and luck – which is something we may have without even realising. After all, how many of us fail to appreciate the blessed country we live in? Eating three meals or more per day? It’s the same here. Many people who have had luck in their blogging, whether it be via ‘cruisey’ circumstances, connections with influential people or being read by the right person at the right time, fail to recognise it. In saying this, I do believe blogging is all about hard work and no ones work should be undermined by the concept that luck is everything. Great post xxx

  3. India

    I wholeheartedly agree, and I think this applies to everything too. I think chance and luck definitely exists. You meet a useful contact, someone finds you etc. But I also think that luck can be invisible to some, because, as you said, if your not prepared and ready to seize the opportunities that are brought forward, then they’ll fly by you without you even noticing. I guess that’s maybe where the saying “you make your own luck” sort of comes from. I think if you put the work in and a lucky opportunity comes along, and you grab it then it’ll all be worth it!

  4. Fii

    Ahh, I really like this post! I believe in ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’ mentality. I also believe that the more positive a light you see things in, the more opportunities you find. But there’s no point in hiding the fact that sometimes it’s just a question of being in the right place at the right time that can get you that one big break that sets the ball rolling faster than ever ahah

  5. Noemi

    I really believe in luck, in being in the right place at the right time. There’re people who work hard and are not successful and other who are very lucky whatever they do.
    I like this quote by J. Conrad “It is a mark of an inexperienced man not to believe in luck”. So true.
    By the way, luck is important for everybody, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work hard.

  6. Anastasia

    First of all I’m 100% agree that it’s soooo important to be ready to take advantage of good luck when it strikes – whatever it comes to, it can be applied to all aspects of life!
    And talking of luck….I don’t believe in it honestly. All kind of success has strong reasons to be and normally it was a well-planned way to the top. Though being smart, good-looking, in good financial situation (let’s face it – half of the top bloggers could have count on good income before their launched blogs), with supportive family, friends and bf willing to take outfit pictures – all this can be taken for good luck in my point of view.

  7. Kali

    I am not one of those people that wins contests or raffles or always seems to stumble upon rent controlled apartments. My fate has been more of what my dad always told me, “Luck is opportunity meets preparedness”.

    I do think that majorly successful bloggers (and actors and musicians and other creatives) seem to benefit from a little bit of luck. (But that is almost always backed by talent and hard work.)

    Rumi Neely recently did a podcast, and Ester, her interviewer, kept trying to ask her questions about what she did to get to where she is today. She kept giving answers like, “I don’t know, it just happened, I’m lucky, everything just kept falling into place.” I have to be honest and say that really annoyed me.


  8. Raivyn dK

    I personally do not believe in luck, other than the fact that ‘you make your own luck’. You put yourself in the right situation to make things happen. You ‘show up’ every day- writing posts, answering emails, networking, etc. In doing so, you are opening yourself to new opportunities, where if you hadn’t put in the effort, having a spot of ‘good luck’ would never happen.

  9. Adrian

    I never looked at it that way. What a great way to look at luck. Most people see luck as something that diminishes their handwork but it can be positive. There are things we can’t control that propel us forward some call it luck,and others like to call it something else, but at the end of the day it’s something magical. Thanks for sharing this article.

  10. Rachie

    Yes, totally agreed!

    For my own opinion, luck is like miracle that will only happen when you do something to it.

    So being lucky means you made it to happen.

    As for my blog, I am working on Asian market whereby we believe that luck is also a factor to be consider.

    But working hard like SEO and original content is equally important before luck arrives!

    Do leave comments on my blog too~