Well, Duh! 6 Signs Your Blog Post is Too Obvious


While browsing through Facebook, I came across a link, “The One Dress Every Woman Should Own, According to Karl Lagerfeld.” You know how I am for falling for link bait, but seriously, I HAD to know. WHAT DOES KARL THINK I SHOULD HAVE??

Anyway, and here comes a spoiler alert: The Little Black Dress.

Yes, Karl thinks we all should have that one dress that everyone, everywhere has been telling us to own for decades. Of course, I SHOULD have known that the head of the house that invented the “little black dress,” Chanel, would recommend that particular little number. Clicking on that link made me feel stupid. The post itself was alright, but inevitably, it was completely obvious. Other than being mad at myself for falling for obvious click baits that lead me to obvious posts that ultimately rot my brain. I thought it was time to address this plague that is taking hold of the internet.


How do you know your post is way, way, way, too obvious? Right here, let me tell you.


The post tells you how to do something that everyone has already done.

Would you write a post on how to tie a shoe?  If your post is about something that everyone has done before then try to make it exciting by adding a twist to it, so it's not what everyone has already done. A post like, “10 Ways to Tie a Shoe” that included some really interesting nautical knots, or interesting ways to lace your shoes could be something special.

The post describes in detail how to do something that any reasonably intelligent person can figure out by looking at it.

What would you think about a post, “How to Turn Your Coat Into a Cape.” And it was just a tutorial of someone putting a coat over their shoulders like a cape. Queue eye rolls. Anyone can figure that out just by looking at the damn picture. No one likes their intelligence insulted.

No one likes their intelligence insulted.

The post is about something that everyone already knows.

Once I saw somewhere a post about comfortable alternatives to high heels, when I clicked on the link, it was one of those slideshow posts of sneakers worn with dresses. So, am I crazy for thinking everyone already knows that sneakers are more comfortable than high heels?


SHOCKING NEWS! These shoes are more comfortable than high heels.

You can already find a bajillion examples of the post topic through a quick search on Google.

If the post is about something that's been around forever and already talked about to no end, like say Birkenstocks, or peplums, or pattern mixing, then for the love of Anna Wintour, please, please, please find a truly interesting angle for it. Instead of just writing about how Birkenstocks are back in fashion, maybe do a history of the iconic shoe, or even a timeline for the most recent trend.

The post doesn't reveal anything new or unique.

This is an elaboration on the post above, but I can't tell you how many times I've seen a post on Breakfast at Tiffany's and an “OH MY GOD, I LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN. SHE IS SO STYLISH.” Ok, we all know that Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly is beautiful and stylish. Maybe it would be interesting to see someone look deeper into her character, or perhaps did a comparison and contrast to the original Holly Golightly in the book.

It's ok to tackle topics that have been done to death, but the key to making it interesting is to find an angle that no one has explored.

You wouldn't be “wowed” by that post if someone else wrote it.

At the end of the day, if your post topic doesn't impress even you, then why write it? Maybe sit with the topic for a while and see if you can find another angle. There is no shortage of interesting things to find on the internet, so maybe just put your ordinary topic on hold until you get that bolt of inspiration that makes your post extraordinary.


What are your thoughts on “obvious” posts? Is there a place for them? 

[Image credits: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Bazaar, Dust Jacket Attic]


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19 Responses

  1. Lesia

    I doubt I would even open a post like this to read. Obvious posts seem to be the sickness of the new bloggers. I don’t know why everybody has to write about Marylin or Audrey instead of digging deeper and finding some forgotten trendsetter and retro-star.
    Maybe I should consider rediscovering history, that always makes fun posts!


  2. Joanne

    I feel pretty mixed about this topic. Yes, they’re repetitive and overdone and they’re seen literally everywhere. A bit of originality is definitely needed, and putting your own twist on a popular topic is essential. However at the same time, despite the lack of originality, people still click onto the post and read it! Most of the time it’s in the hope there is something original, but regardless it still receives traffic. So if in terms of new bloggers, I can see how it would help to draw traffic and get their site ‘out there’, so these repetitive posts can sometimes be beneficial. As long as there is a good mix of original and repetitive content, I don’t mind it too much.

    Joanne | http://www.fashion-oh.blogspot.com

  3. Kim and Proper

    Thank you for this post! I struggle with this topic as it’s hard to do original well. That’s why someone who writes, creates or does something in an original way stands out. Duh 🙂
    Thank you for an interesting article!

  4. Dixie Jos

    I’m new to blogging but I have to say your comments bare fruit.. With sites like Tumblr and WeHeartIt it’s hard not to duplicate. Great read. You made me smile at my own stupidity for the click ploy

  5. Anastasia

    Right, right, right.

    If the blog post doesn’t bring some exclusivity or something of use for readers – why write it? Whatever we right this day has surely been written before us – if we talk of “10 ways to wear X” or so. But thanks for reminder!

  6. Roxanne

    I love this post. It’s really tiring how post titles can be misleading. Also the most obvious things are mentioned at times and it not only makes the reader feel stupid, but also the writer seem stupid as well.
    I’ve clicked on links that have said something like ‘5 ways to wear white’ and then looked at 5 pictures of a blogger wearing the same outfit posing differently.
    Also I personally feel spinning your post and writing around your own individual style is very much required as compared to doing what everyone else is.


  7. Michael

    100% true, I would add one sign – if blog post does not have any comment. People comment something that’s useful.

    Custom Blog Designers – http://bkings.org

  8. Peppi

    Ha ha, love this article! It’s so easy to fall for the generic “how to…” posts… 100% agree with everything written!

    xoxo, Peppi

  9. Chelsey

    It’s very hard not to fall prey to those link bait titles, especially while scrolling through my timeline. I’m all for the attention grabbing titles as long as they provide me with something I hadn’t known prior to clicking the link. I have quite a few potential blog posts in my blog bank right now that I haven’t started on because I have to ask myself, “What can I do to make this post different from the rest?” before tackling one of the common topics.

  10. heather

    As something so obvious to you can be not be so obvious to someone else. Like DUH sneakers are more comfortable then heels but woman who are NOT fashion bloggers and looking up inspiration on how to WEAR sneakers with a dress, that part isn’t so obvious to them. But even major publishing sites like Who What Wear does “obvious” post like what 3 items to splurge on. DUH Shoes and Handbags..they tossed in a watch which I disagree with. But yes as a woman who loves fashion this is obvious maybe for someone who is just starting out in the workforce and hasn’t had the the luxury yet to find out why a designer shoe or handbag is worth it. The problem is you just can’t state it the obvious or just give pictures. I think you need to make reasons for it and really prove the point, or take a special twist on it.


  11. Annrita

    Wow..after reading this post, I have realised that creativity and being original defines a blogger. These will surely help me. Thank you.