Do You Have Blog-Related Sartorial Regrets?


We've all got wardrobe regrets, however the unfortunate thing about this is that they are usually recognized in hindsight. When I look at my early personal style photos or older, random pics that have ended up in my Google images search, I oftentimes wonder, “what the heck was I thinking?” The ironic part, of course, is that I know exactly what I was thinking, which I believe, went along the lines of “Dang girl, you look FINE!”

I never would allow myself to be photographed, nor publish an image in which I don't think I look my best, however with the passing of time, certain styles worn can look downright silly and dated.

I've also found issue with pieces that can easily be pin pointed to a specific, super popular collection or trend, for example the Missoni for Target collection that everybody and their mother seemed to purchase, or the origami skirt from Zara during the summer of 2013 that every pretty young thing possessed. I'm sure if you think about it, there's an item or two that you own that may fit into a particular genre, trend, or era. If you do personal style blogging, you generally want your pieces and/or your styling to be original. As lots of readers turn to personal style bloggers for inspirational and aspirational reasons, it assumes that the looks conveyed aren't  items that everyone is wearing and styling in the same way.

Personal styling is just that, and it relies upon one's individuality to make a distinct sartorial imprint that is somehow unlike all of the others.

Without knowing it, I bought two skirts this summer that I absolutely loved, but while wearing them, learned that they were easily identifiable, and, lo and behold, lots of other people had already bought them too. It really stung to feel like these pieces no longer felt so unique to my personal taste and style, and reminded me of why I used to shop vintage ad nauseum, and make my own clothing. The reality is that I continue to wear what I like and what is within my budget, which means there's a good chance that other fashionable gals out there are doing the same thing and shopping from the same or similar retailers.

When I further analyze consumerism and this situation, if a particular piece gains popularity and strikes a chord with many people, it doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing after all. I can't guarantee if you'll have sartorial regrets later on with a popular piece or not, but I can tell you that by making your piece as “you” and to use a journalism term, as evergreen as possible, I think it can lower your chances of regret.

What can you do or pair it with to lend it a timeless quality? Other classic pieces? What have you had in your closet since the beginning of time that you can style with it?

Even though ___ is a store-bought piece, can you wear it in a way that conveys your essence, and make it defined as intrinsically you?  There's a chance your readers may want to buy exactly what you are wearing anyways, so by wearing pieces that are readily available for purchase has an upside; it can seamlessly move them toward acquiring a piece that they would very much like to own.

As bloggers, there's a certain assumption of being creative, interesting, engaging, and exuding a unique positioning, and I think no matter what label or piece you wear, as long as in the end it upholds your authenticity and aesthetic blog mission, you are a-okay.

Have you worn something featured on your blog that you later regret? 

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4 Responses

  1. NS

    Oh yes! I am hanging on to a lot of old wardrobe pieces. I am a hoarder / collector and emotional about non-living things too. I do realize that they look completely out of place in the current year and I must get rid of them!

  2. Deborah A

    I can definitely relate to this and have come to make peace with some of my old blogposts where like you, I ask myself ” what the heck was I thinking?”. But it helps to go back and see how my still has evolved since I started blogging. Great post!