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I'm sure you've heard the saying “dance like no one is watching” as a way to say enjoy your life; it's too short to care what any one else is thinking, especially about your dancing! Well, it goes for blogging too, or anything you feel passionate about: do it, no matter if any one besides your mother is paying attention. I've said it before, but first, you must blog because you HAVE to, because it's your passion, not because you hope to make money from it.

Write for Yourself

and by extension, you're writing for your readers. If you write about what you love, what you're passionate about, your content will resonate with people like you. The moment you stop writing for yourself, your readers will know it…

Comments don't mean everything

Comments used to be (or so we thought), the ultimate measure of engagement on a blog. They're still important, I think, but they're not everything. Readers can interact with you on social media now, and take your content elsewhere. Just because you put a post up and no one comments, doesn't mean that no one's reading. Or that no one cares.

Traffic doesn't mean everything

Same goes for traffic. There's no magic number, and just because you're getting eyeballs, doesn't mean your content is resonating, or that those readers will come back. You can have less traffic, but more loyal and return readers, which is more important.

Connections are important

Who you connect with through your work/blog is more important than you may realize. Maybe a reader will send a link to your blog to someone who will end up advertising with you. As long as you're authentic, and stay focused on what's important and meaningful to you, you'll connect with similar people. And who knows what will come of that!

You never know who's reading

While you should write like no one's reading, you should also write like everyone you most admire is reading. Be sure to check your spelling/grammar and edit your post several times before publishing; you never know who's reading it! You may be surprised one day to find your post linked from one of your favorite bloggers, or get an inquiry for freelance writing. Always be professional, and blog from your most authentic self.

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28 Responses

  1. Maria

    This post had me stop and pull the breaks! I have been blogging for about three years and for some this may be a sign of longevity for others this may not be long. It is certainly a lot of work when you try to balance a full time job, family and a blog. It is however refreshing to read that its not always about the # of comments & stats. I have always called it a labor of love and I take it one day at a time…#onestyleatatime

  2. Jennifer

    Wow, super-inspiring post. I have posts to write this weekend and I’m going to look at them with a different eye. Thank you so much. These really are wise words.
    Who knows if you’ll ever make any money blogging so you’ve got to be in it for the passion. Otherwise, it’s a giant waste of time.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Anastasia

    This is super important – never stop writing for yourself!!!! Totally agree, one can ALWAYS feel when the blogger stopped writing for himself and do it for the sake of money!
    It can be difficult to stay passionate about the blog when you have little traffic, even if you love what you do….But that is a good challenge.

  4. Tiffany

    Ok but this doesn’t make any sense though. You mean to tell me that you can have very little traffic and still have people coming back to your blog and sharing your content and have your blog noticed for its efforts? Now I’m confused here.

  5. Tiffany

    Ok but this doesn’t make any sense though. You mean to tell me that you can have very little traffic and still have people coming back to your blog and sharing your content and have your blog noticed for its efforts? Now I’m confused here.

  6. Marlena

    Very good points, thank you! It is important to stay authentic and write what you are passionate about 🙂

  7. Milena

    Totally agree. However, it may be confusing or even frustrating when you try hard and can’t see any responses or any signs that anyone read your content.

  8. Adrian

    Great post! Super encouraging, being authentic is key. Getting obsessed with numbers can certainly take the fun out of blogging. These are great tips.

  9. Toya Berry

    Great advice – Not just for when you are starting out but as your blog begins to grow also. I’ve noticed that over the years some of my favourite bloggers have lost the unique style and tone of voice which drew me to their blogs in the first place. I think that as you become more successful as a blogger and are endorsed by brands, there is a pressure to mute your individual voice to please and retain readership.

  10. Onianwah

    My traffic recently dropped, not sure why though. But my social media engagements have spiked. People have mentioned my posts so I know they are reading and a colleague connected with my blog via SEO so I know that’s fine too. I love writing. I do it because I want to and need to. It’s like my best friend.
    I used to be bothered by comments and visits but now, I just shrug and move along while always writing from my most authentic self.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  11. Fiona McGier

    I’m always surprised at how the number of visits to my blog vacillates. I may be in the middle of a promotion thingie for a new book or something, and notice only a smaller spike. Then I’ll put up some quickie movie or book reviews without any fanfare and they’ll get a whole lotta views. Makes no sense and really discourages me from shelling out those promo dollars that I don’t have. So yes, I try to write stuff I’m interested in, and hope someone else wants to read it. Great topic!

  12. Yarina

    That has definitely been my strategy! AND it’s worked just fine 🙂
    DO NOT try, under any circumstance, to emulate or copy someone’s content, that is a recipe for failure!

  13. Zamri A.

    This is a good post! I think the first thing any blogger should do is that to blog for yourself first. If you’re happy with the content you’re writing and posting, it’s all that matters – with or without people reading it. Then all the ‘reward’ will come along. 🙂

  14. Zuma

    Grechen, thank you so much for this post! Not thinking about who is reading… or not… is very liberating. I stopped driving myself crazy thinking whether I should or should not write. Of course I should! Thank you!

  15. Marisa

    Thanks. Found this through a search on unread blogs. Though my blog is most likely unrelated on subject matter, these words encourage me to go on.:)

  16. Jennifer Nini

    Great article! Hits the nail on the head. While its important to ask your readers what they’d like to read more of or topics they’d like you to cover, it’s important to write with passion. While your blog shouldn’t really be a ‘Dear Diary’ (if it is, you may just want to keep an actual diary as writing on the web means communicating messages to the public) your unique original voice should shine through.

    Jennifer Nini